How does Texas compare to the nation?.

Please answer these Questions listed below in 250 words APA format, Graduate level writing, NO OPINIONS:

In the United States there are individuals and families who are uninsured/under-insured. How does Texas compare to the nation?.
Comment on how my role as a advanced practice nurse (family nurse practitioner) specialty will be utilized and funded in the proposed health care reform. What current policies are hindrances for ANPs practice (NPs and Nursing Administrators and some issues of imbursement of care provided)? What is role of Nursing/NP organizations in health care reform?

(Max 250 words)- does not include reference list
Graduate Level
Discussions should be scholarly and reflect synthesis and analysis of the required content. Avoid expressing opinions and cite your sources using APA format.
No opinions.

Response 1: Reply to the assigned question. *Posting reflects a scholarly and thoughtful idea that is relevant to the given topic. * Applies and analyzes relevant course concepts, theories, or materials. *Provides citation/reference in APA format as needed.

Attached is what another writer created… he did NOT answer the question of how does texas compare to the nation (uninsured/underinsured) he only addressed about nurse practitioners

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