How Do You Make Leaders More Effective?

MBA 556 – Organizational Leadership
“How Do You Make Leaders More Effective? New Answers to an Old Puzzle”
Article Summaries (2-3 pages)
Articles summaries should be completed as follows and posted to the class by the
middle of each week – please post as pdf files. 1. Article Title, Author, Year of initial
publication. Format:
a. Article Abstract (a three to four sentence summary)
b. Major topics of article (these may be done in bullet format or paragraph
c. What you have learned from the article/how this will help you be a better
d. 3 potential discussion questions from the article.
Week #4
1. One article summary from Chapters 7 or 8
.0001pt=”” 0.5in;”=””>Textbooks: Leaders and the Leadership Process 6 5. th edition, Pierce and Newstrom, 6. McGraw-Hill Irwin, ISBN : 978-0-07-813710-5.0001pt=”” 0.5in;”=””>

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