How do you consume music as you have grown older?

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Whether you are a casual consumer or an avid listener music plays a part in everyones life. For this assignment you will write a paper that details your personal cultural experiences with music. Think about the ways music has entered your life. The paper must include the following:
A short biography (Who are you? Where are you from? Where have you lived?
A detailed assessment of how music has figured into your life: Were you exposed to music as a child? Was music a part of your family community or school life? How do you consume music as you have grown older? What kinds of music do you like? What concerts have you seen? Do you play an instrument? What are your favourite albums?
An analysis of how you express yourself through music. What is it about the artists or styles of music that you listen to that draws you to them? How does your taste in music reflect your cultural values? What makes you dislike kinds of music that you choose not to listen to?

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