How can you distribute leadership and accountability for the plan’s success?

IV. Community Nursing Diagnosis and Plan of Care

1. Make a critical analysis (2 pages) between the data presented and the specific problems in Paterson.
You will need to do this prior to presenting your nursing care plan in Part IV. Four issues: Population, Education, Health Statistics, and Social Problems

2. Synthesize all the data you have presented in the previous 3 sections of the Community Assessment Project in order to identify and prioritize 2 nursing diagnoses. Please present all data in charts.

3. These 2 community diagnoses are to be prioritized and identify the rationale and criteria you used in prioritizing the list. To help you prioritize these diagnoses refer to Nies & McEwen, pg. 101. Please explore the Healthy People 2020 website, specifically MAPIt to review innovative programs.

Once you have identified the priority nursing diagnoses, you are to develop a community nursing care plan for the two priority diagnoses. (review Nies and McEwen pg.101 for format of nursing diagnosis). Diagnosis of the community should identify the health needs and strengths of this community. You need to support these conclusions with assessment data found in the body of your project. Be sure, this community nursing care plan includes:

· desired goal and outcome objective for the each priority diagnosis

· feasible plan of action that includes nursing interventions appropriate for each problem identified. Review MAP ITT for ideas

· include the community organizations you would involve in these interventions.

· Identify current programs that are out there and their effectiveness

· develop a strategy for evaluating the effectiveness of your goals and objectives. What outcome measures would you use?

Text: Nies, M., & McEwen, M. (2014). Community and Public Health Nursing. 6th Edition: St. Louis, MO Elsevier Saunders pg. 100-101

Nursing Diagnosis:

1- Population

In completing this assignment, please use tables and some graphic organizers.

Using the following sources (district goals, school improvement plans, teacher needs, assessment

surveys, student

outcomes/achievement data, and teacher performance evaluation results) identify potential areas for


development focus in your school district. Create a sample professional development plan to be

included on the

website that addresses the following questions (5 pages max):

o How will the plan support one or more district goals?

o How can you distribute leadership and accountability for the plan’s success?

o Develop a budget for the professional development and identify a source of funding.

o What settings, learning formats, coaching and mentoring opportunities are available and stable to


the plan?

o What steps can be taken to encourage staff to develop greater commitment to the plan?

o Do the target participants have the background knowledge and skills necessary to build on

throughout this


How will the plan be evaluated?

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