Homelessness service

Introduction Client Demographic Service

Client Demographic Service a plan to implement a yoga group for young people participating in a homelessness transitional accommodation program. A significant proportion of them have experienced trauma. The innovative group has been developed to provide support for mental and physical health, opportunities for socialising, and recreation.

To begin, the client demographic will be discussed. Secondly, yoga and trauma theory will be presented. The logistics of the group will then be explained, and potential issues will be considered. An evaluation method is also included. Finally, a discussion of the possible social impacts of the group, in light of key social work themes, will be Client Demographic Service | Customer Demographics Examplesuggested.

This is a real-life group plan that will be offered in a youth homelessness service located in Sydney, Australia. The organisation has been de-identified to protect the privacy of the people involved. For the purpose of this paper, the organisation will be named, The Service.

The Service support young people aged 16-24 years old, who are experiencing, or are at risk of homelessness. They are provided with safe, stable accommodation for up to two years. Case management is provided alongside to support the young people to reach their goals and move towards independence. Furthermore, young people have access to living skills development, therapeutic and psychological support, education and employment opportunities, and recreational activities.

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