history world societies and ancient civilization

there are two parts to it: write in a critical analysis manner. the word length is up to you

part 1:

Read the ideas of Ptahhotep and the ideas presented in David Cooper’s Responsibility Statement.

After reading the Responsibility Statement and ideas from the ancient African scribe, Ptahhotep, comment comparing the ideas from both authors and (1) identify similarities from both documents and (2) what does it tell students about the direction that will take regarding its relevance to the goals of our class. Give specifics about how these ideas relate to the goals of this class and the tone/approach of this class to world history.

part 2:

Watch the power point presentation on Denotative/connotative meanings . Read what is written about Denotative and Connotative on the blackboard in the Course Information section. (the written part is posted below the question). Post your understanding of denotative and connotative meanings and give an example from your own life or as it relates to the class.

written part: In the document Information To Know were two words: DENOTATIVE AND CONNOTATIVE. There is a very critical reason why those words were chosen

You see, Denotative means the dictionary meaning of a word and CONNOTATIVE means the ideas, or interpretation a person puts behind the words that were said. This is a very critical distinction and, I believe, not highlighted at all in our classrooms.

For example, as a Prof, I am charged with helping students learn and become successful in the class. When there is a mistake, I can (1) not mention it and let the student continue the error and thus continue on the journey to failing the class or (2) I can point out the error and give advice to the student to do better next time; this will result in the student passing the class.

Now. The Denotative meaning is what I do (either tell the student or not tell the student…see details in the above paragraph) and the connotative meaning is what the student wants to think about it. I am not in control of the connotative meaning at all. I, as the professor, simply chose to give information or not give information and the student then puts their own meaning behind it.

This is the same pattern when we deal with people from other cultures. How do we harness these concepts to bring about peace and dignity on a global scale? Surely it starts in our own communities with the dignity of truth…

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