help the family resolve issues and improve functionality within their family unit and community

The family is in an enduring social institution, and today, many families are being impacted by the needs of the aging members. The family, as a unit, provides the link to understanding the intergenerational history and heritage, acknowledgment of the present and the hope for the future of the family. The family of today deals with various challenges including social, cultural, ethnic, environmental, economic and socioeconomic, psychosocial, community, and special issue concerns. Because families are unique and the development of the family depends on responses to common and uncommon experience shaping and molding the family environment, it is critical to understand all of the theoretical frameworks, multiple systems, and total processes of assessment and intervention options. This will help the family resolve issues and improve functionality within their family unit and community. Complete the following:

  • Create a fictional family with at least 3 generations, one of them aging, within the family.
  • Identify an older member of the family who may be either active or frail and elderly and may or may not live in the household.
  • Identify both the strengths and needs of the family.
  • Identify the problem that will be addressed.
  • Provide a theoretical perspective on aging by which this problem will be addressed.
  • Compare and contrast courses of action using appropriate counseling techniques.

The paper is to be at least 15 pages and requires a minimum of five resources. APA 6th edition formatting is required.

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