Health Law and Policy Module Policy Reform

HSYP804 Health Law and Policy Module Policy Reform
HSYP804 Health Law and Policy Module Policy Reform Assessment Task

S1 2018

Urgent Assignment HelpThere are two components to assessment task: the written assessment plan (10%); and the written assessment (25%). Each of these components are very important to good performance in the module and should be taken seriously.

The Written Assessment Task has a strict word limit of 2000 words, excluding footnote references and Bibliography. You are required to include a Bibliography in this submission. The due date and time for this assessment task is 5th April 2018. Any work submitted after this time will be accounted as a late submission which will attract 5% marks deduction for every day of lateness.

Compliance with AGLC3 Referencing style guide is required for the Assessment Plan and and the Written Assessment Task. While you will not be penalized for referencing mistakes, adherence to the AGLC3 reference guide will likely earn you higher marks.

In addition, please note that the AGLC3 reference guide is a footnote style and not an in-text or endnote referencing style. Footnotes will not count towards the word-limit, but should generally be restricted to referencing primary and secondary sources. Discussion placed in footnotes that is unnecessary or that should have been placed in the body of your answer will lead to reduced marks. 1

HSYP804 Health Law and Policy Module Policy Reform Assessment Task S1 2018

The Health Law and Policy module of this unit has focused on the framework for public health governance at the international, regional and national levels using a number of countries as case studies. In doing so, we have engaged with laws, institutions and mechanisms at each of these levels to inform discussions of how public health problems can be addressed through law. With this in mind, your assignment is to:

Choose a country and examine any current public health issue in that country which you think will be suitable for law reform to bring about changes in the situation of public health. You are free to determine the scope of your paper. To this extent, you can choose to focus on the situation of public health in the entire country, or you can restrict your focus to a state or community in the country. You are also free to determine which aspect of public health governance (whether the international, regional and/or national level) is best suited to inform law reform in the context of your paper; and how best to engage with the laws, institutions and mechanisms for improved public health governance and outcomes.

In your answer, ensure you provide clear structure that identifies the health issues that create the need for law reform to improve public health outcomes; examine the current legal framework relevant to the health issues identified; discuss how the current legal framework can apply to the health problems identified by your paper; identify the institutional framework and legal mechanisms that can be deployed in the process of advocacy for reform; examine potential areas of shortcomings in the legal and institutional framework that may hinder the resolution of the health problems; and identify strategies that can be used to mitigate and/or address these shortcomings. 2

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