George Eastman is an inventor who founded the Eastman-Kodak Company in 1892. The company is well-known as a multinational corporation that carries products for imaging, photographic materials and equipment. Eastman-Kodak case studies discuss its history, founder, products and marketing strategies of this company.,Before writing Eastman-Kodak case studies, consider read some examples of other case studies such as Tesco case studies, Domino’s Pizza case studies and Dunkin’ Donuts case studies to learn about the important information that should be discussed in case studies. Also, make sure to locate reliable sources on Eastman-Kodak that can be cited in your essay as well as read some examples of Eastman-Kodak case studies for additional information about the company.,Eastman-Kodak case studies should begin with a brief history of the company, explaining both how the company began and what were its first products. George Eastman’s inventions and his role as founder of the company should also be addressed in Eastman-Kodak case studies . An interesting bit of trivia to include in Eastman-Kodak case studies is how Eastman and his mother, through an anagram set, came up with the name ‘Kodak’.  Next, the different products and services provided under the Kodak brand should be named and described in Eastman-Kodak case studies. These products and services include photo printing, digital picture frames, film cameras, instant cameras, digital cameras, document imaging, inkjet photo printers, ink cartridges and technical support. Also important to discuss in Eastman-Kodak case studies are the company’s marketing strategies. The company’s slogan, “You press the button, we do the rest” should be analyzed in particular. Finally, Eastman-Kodak case studies should examine some of Eastman-Kodak’s  innovations, its strong standing in the market, and trends for the future of the company.

Eastman-Kodak Case Studies

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