Future outbreaks of influenza that would lead to the closing don of businesses

Flu shots have become dismal of protecting older people. They are becoming more vulnerable to flu than the younger population. The vaccine only proves to be nine percent effective to those 65 years of age and older says the Centres for disease control and prevention. This time it has become worse than it has been for the past few years. Flu is considered one of the nationals leading killer. Scientists have set a low standard for flu in childhood vaccines making it less effective.

An impact of this in the community has been the loss of the elderly in the nation. Most of the experienced people in the society. The young who need to learn from the old do not get that chance n end up not being quite competent in their production. This would lead to substandard production in the nation. The ones stronger will mostly spend most of their resources in medication and also most of their time taking care of the unwell.

This may lead to future outbreaks of influenza that would lead to the closing don of businesses and work places, both that provide goods and services to the people. For medical suppliers this would lead to slowing down of the delivery of drugs to chemists causing disruption too in effective medical care. If the number of those infected is large, constraints in the medical service, time and attention required is minimal since the population level exceeds the doctors and nurses.

Substandard vaccines could lead to pandemics which create bigger problems for the society, public gatherings are forced to be cancelled children are forced to stay out of school to prevent widespread of the disease. Disruption of education on and of leads to poor education, for the infected, they have to stay home, requiring home care which may lead to other people not going to work.

Flu also has its impacts in the health care of human beings ,decreased intestinal motility could occur as a result of primary or secondary causes such as dietary causes, infections, hormonal/ endocrine causes, neurological causes, medications/ drug side effect or due to primary or unknown reasons. Depression and stress may also develop to the patient.

Effective flu management requires holistic approach of everyone including; individuals, care providers, and larger organizational structure at large. Understanding how to minimize influenza needs sharing of responsibility and understanding the responsibility of every provider improve on their provision (Vollman, 2008). Scientists need to give more consideration to the vaccines they give and they should be of standard. Proper consideration and the fact that everyone has that right to proper health care, provision of vaccines and the development of quality and effective drugs to prevent the widespread of flu helps deal with the situation before it gets out of hand.

Ethics is the study of morality, the rightness or wrongness of something. Practitioners are encouraged to consider other members, professionals and the community in which they work. Through discussion based on dignity for all people solutions can be attained. Bioethics a relatively new area in medical biology is the systematic study of moral ways of the life sciences and healthcare, adding a variety of ethical methodologies in an interdisciplinary setting. If members of the society do follow what is required of them in maintenance of good health this would lead to less deaths in the society and would lead to the development of the nation both economically and good health care.

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