Freedom of opinion and expression is a universal human right; suppression of this freedom is censorship. Censorship has been and continues to be one of the hottest topics in politics.  Thus, censorship is an appropriate topic for college essays, including persuasive essays, expository essays, history essays etc.  Essays about censorship are particularly relevant because of the recent censorship issue between China and Google.  Thus, essays about censorship can reflect global censorship issues or national censorship issues, or both.,The topic of censorship not only has global and national implications but it also has legal, political and social implications.  This means that the more familiar you are with the topic of censorship the better equipped you will be to write essays about censorship.  The best way to attain that familiarity is by finding and reading good sources about censorship and by reading examples of censorship essays.  Examples of censorship essays can also serve as excellent guides for writing your own essay on censorship.,As you write your essay on censorship, be aware that censorship is of particular concern to human rights groups, as freedom of expression is considered a basic human right.  Essays on censorship must look at the position of these groups as well as the positions that different governments take in regards to censorship.  For more in-depth coverage and to provide greater perspective, a historical look at censorship is also advised for essays on censorship.  The different degrees of censorship is also important to point out in essays on censorship because, ultimately, all countries, even the most democratic and free, must practice some form of censorship for security reasons.  This is the ‘slippery-slope’ aspect of censorship that many believe is its most dangerous aspect.

Essays on Censorship

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