five discussion post 150 words each

W3.1 List three major educational changes over the past 100 years that have positively influenced students. Explain why these changes were influential.

W4.1 View the video “TEDTalks: Sir Ken Robinson—Do Schools Kill Creativity?” How would you reconcile the InTASC standards and the philosophy espoused by Sir Ken Robinson?

W4.2 Based on the readings and InTASC standards, how have your perceptions of what a teacher is and does changed?

W5.1 Using the Special Education Professional Ethical Principles and Practice Standards, the College’s Conceptual Framework, and the COE Professional Dispositions, describe three commonalities between these sources. Elaborate why these commonalities are important for teachers and students in the 21stcentury.

W5.2 Watch “The English Language Arts Standards: Key Changes and their Evidence” and “The Mathematics Standards: Key Changes and Their Evidence.”

Describe the purposes of the Common Core standards and instructional shifts described within the videos. Based on the readings in Chapter 3, which philosophy most closely aligns to the Common Core? Why?

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