Explain the role functions and limitations of and alternatives to the jailhouse lawyer

Rights of a prisoner.
Chapter 8
Fill-in-the blanks.
1. Inmates have a right to ____ counsel and act as their own ____.
2. An inmate ____ (can or cannot) discuss legal issues with a fellow inmate.
3. The United States Supreme Court has repeatedly affirmed that one of the fundamental rights within the due process clause of the 14th Amendment is the right of ____ to the ____.
4. Neither the 8th Amendment nor the ____ ___________ clause of the 14th Amendment requires states to appoint counsel for indigent death row inmates seeking post-conviction relief.
5. The United States Supreme Court case of ________ v. ___________ has had a profound effect upon the power of prison officials to regulate or prohibit an inmates right of access to the courts.
6. In _________ v. ___________ (case) the court held that prison discipline procedures must permit an inmate who is illiterate or who faces complex issues to have adequate assistance in lieu of counsel.
7. Courts have stressed the right asserted in ________v. _____________ was the right of an inmate to receive ______ __________ from a fellow inmate.
II. Essay Questions: (answer all)
1. Describe the effect of the courts ruling in Johnson v. Avery.
2. Explain the role functions and limitations of and alternatives to the jailhouse lawyer
Chapter 9
I. Fill-in-the blanks.
1. The disciplinary hearing serves as both the fact-finding process and the ____ process.
2. The term due process of law depends completely on ____ interpretation to give it relevant meaning.
3. ____ order and ____ are major concerns of the administrative staffs of correctional institutions.
4. The fact-finding process involves a determination of the ____ of the allegation that a specified ____ rule has been violated.
5. Before there can be federal court intervention in management of the prison systems there must first be a ____ of a ____ right.
6. A prison disciplinary proceeding in which the inmate is not informed of the nature of the accusation against him or her nor the evidence to be used against him does not comply with ____ requirements.
II. Essay Question:
1. Describe legal remedies and actions available to inmates relating to improper disciplinary processes within a prison.
2. What was not constitutionally required for inmates in the Wolff v. McDonnell case?
3. Explain the step by step process that must be taken to insure the rights of prisoners are protected during disciplinary hearings.

Race sociology
In what ways have you and your family been advantaged or disadvantaged by structural racism? Talk to your parents grandparents and/or other trusted older relatives (aunts uncles older siblings) about topics like applying for loans home ownership inheritance education labor market experiences segregation etc. After you have gathered this information from your family members think carefully about how your family members racial/ethnic background has affected their life trajectories. For instance do you think that your family has benefited from white privilege? How so? (For a refresher on white privilege you may refer to the Peggy McIntosh reading on Blackboard.)
The landlady Essay
Quotations about; How Billy is described
What literary devices or uses of figurative language are there?
What is the effect of the words?
What impression of Billy do you get? What sort of person is he?
Quotations or examples about; The Landlady that suggest she is good
Say what each quotation is suggesting about her.
What does Billy think about the Landlady?
Find some language devices used and say what the effect of them is?
Quotations or examples about; The Landlady that suggest she is bad
Say what each quotation is suggesting about her.
What is the reader thinking about the Landlady?
Find some language devices used and say what the effect of them is?
All of that needs to be 700 words.
Here is what Ive done for Lamb to the slaughter; http://prntscr.com/93avgr.
If someone could suggest how to improve it it would be great.
Here are the links for these two stories;
Lamb to the slaughter http://www.classicshorts.com/stories/lamb.html
The Landlady https://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/sites/teacheng/files/landlady_text.pdf
Assignment: Analyzing Leadership for Change through
Organizational Charts
In the same way that models can be used to express your views of leadership in
general models can also be used to express relationships with in a group or
organization. These models are based on organizational structure and are called
organizational charts. Assessing org. charts means critically comparing an
organizations structure and its function. Leadership and change occur best when those
two things are compatible.
In this assignment choose an organization chart
from a group or organization that you either
know about or have an interest in this can be
your university department or religious
community or place of work. You can use your
CBL site and use it in your report or create one
that represents an organization that you would
like to lead in the future that you could use in
your final paper.
Draw it out or design it on one sheet of paper.
There are even organizational chart programs
or web pages that can help you.
Describe this organizational chart in a way that
answers these questions:
1. How does this organizational chart reflect a hierarchy or a network/web
structure and how does that reflect the degree to which the
organization values stability versus change and certainty versus
2. What style of leadership do you think is promoted within this type of
3. Is this an organizational structure in which you would feel comfortable?
Notes on Grading:
Your grade will depend upon how clearly you design the organizational
chart and how you use concepts in class.
Make sure your organizational chart clearly shows roles or titles. If you
take this from one that you know you can also use names.
Draw lines clearly to show relationships (with arrows if necessary) and in
your description describe how they might show differences in
power/authority or lines of communication.
The description should be at least one and a half pages long double
spaced 12-point font etc.
Quiz #2
`Name________________________ Section No. _____________
1. A pollster selected 4 of 7 available people. How many different groups of 4 are possible?
2. Your firm has a contract to make 2000 staff uniforms for a fast food retailer. The heights of the staff are normally distributed with a mean of 70 inches and a standard deviation of 3 inches. What percentage of uniforms will have to fit staff shorter than 67inches? What percentage will have to be suitable for staff taller than 76 inches.?
a) 16% & 2.5%
b) 68% & 95%
c) 32% & 5%
3. The industry standards suggest that 20% of new vehicles require warranty service within the first year. A dealer sold 20 Nissans yesterday. Use equation for Binomial Probability for part a) and Table II for part b) & c). Show work!
a) What is the probability that none of these vehicles requires warranty service? Use the Binomial equation for P(X=0).
b) What is the probability that exactly one of these vehicles requires warranty service?
c) Determine the probability 3 or more of these vehicles require warranty service.
d) Compute the mean and std. dev. of this probability distribution.
4. Allen & Associates write weekend trip insurance at a very nominal charge. Records show that the probability a motorist will have an accident during the weekend and will file a claim is quite small (.0005). Suppose Alden wrote 400 policies for the forthcoming weekend. Compute the probability that exactly two claims will be filed using the equation
for Poisson Probability.
Note: The symbol ? is the mean (expected value) which we used as = np. So ? is nothing more than the mean number of occurrences (successes = np) in a particular interval.
Get the probability that the number of claims is at least 3 from Poisson Tables.
5. Given a standard normal distribution determine the following. Show Table Values used in each part.
a) P(Z<1.4) b) P(Z>1.4)

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