Explain how Acme and its executives

Hypothetical: Management of the Acme Corporation, a Georgia-based producer of consumer products, wants to publicly oppose legislative proposals to expand Medicaid in Georgia, an option for Georgia under the Affordable Care Act that Gov. Nathan Deal and many Republicans oppose. Acme also opposes the Senate candidacy of Michelle Whatshername, who supports extending Medicaid to Georgia. The company wants Whatshername to be defeated.
Explain how Acme and its executives—following the Citizens United decision—can oppose Medicaid expansion and Senate candidate Michelle Whatshername. What options are available for Acme and its executives to contribute to candidates, PACs, SuperPACs and other groups and to make independent expenditures to oppose Medicaid and Whatshername. What if Acme wanted to support the Libertarian candidate Amanda Swofford, but preferred that no Georgians know about that support?

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