Explain and apply control theory and control system approaches to mechanical systems Choose an item.

ENEM14015 Dynamic System Modelling
ENEM14015 Dynamic System Modelling

ENEM14015 Dynamic System ModellingSchool of Engineering and Technology

Individual Portfolio
This assessment accounts for 100% of your unit grade and relates to all unit learning outcomes.

Laboratory Workbook
Due:Tuesday 3rd Oct 2017

(but feel free to submit earlier to get earlier feedback)

Final Portfolio

Due: Tuesday17 Oct 2017

1 Introduction
100% of formal assessment for this unit is by submission of this Portfolio which should contain all of your individual work this term. Portfolio submissions allow you to choose the method that best demonstrates how you have attained the unit learning outcomes and to what level. This approach is consistent with project-base-learning units at CQUniversity and many other universities.

Your Portfolio must only contain work you individually produced during thisunit. This work will be used to demonstrate your personal attainment of the unit learning outcomes. It is highly recommended that you include all individual work completed in this unit as this enables you to easily hyperlink specific evidence of your learning achievements.

It is highly recommended that you work on your Portfolio every week so you capture all of your learning achievements. By the end of term your Portfolio should clearly show that by participating in all the team projects and individual activities you have attained at least a sound level of achievement for all unit learning outcomes.

Preparing your portfolio is a significant task which is explained by looking at the compulsory sections.

2 Portfolio Sections
There are eight possiblesections to your Portfolio:

Individual Grade Nomination and Learning Outcomes Evidence
Individual Workbook
Attempted Demonstration Problems and Tutorial Questions
Self and Peer Assessment Results
Individual Lab Book
Individual Reflective Journal
Appendix: Matlab/Simulink and other supporting electronic files
The following sections explain how to layout the different sections. You can use a different format but you should check with the teaching team. It is suggested you create the portfolio in Microsoft Word and then convert this to a single pdf document as this allows the use of hyperlinks to evidences.

2.1 Individual Grade Nomination
In this section students are required to nominate and justify their grade for this unit. Do not attempt to create your Individual Grade Nomination the week before your portfolio is due. It will be significantly easier if you routinely add to your Individual Grade Nomination throughout the term. In following this procedure, students will need to apply the “Portfolio Assessment Criteria” which is available on the Moodle Unit site and also in Appendix A.

2.1.1 Grade Nomination Table
Insert the following Table 1 with the evaluation of your level of achievement for each learning outcome (Acceptable, Good or Excellent).

Table 1: Grade Nomination

Learning outcome Level of Achievement
1. Design mathematical models that analyse and evaluate mechanical systems Choose an item.
2. Explain and apply control theory and control system approaches to mechanical systems Choose an item.
3. Explain the role of engineering assumptions in building mathematical models of mechanical systems Choose an item.
4. Relate theory to problems of introducing, operating and maintaining mechanical systems in the industrial context Choose an item.
5. Identify and evaluate engineering uncertainty and the limitations of mathematical models Choose an item.
6. Work collaboratively in a team to produce high quality outputs Choose an item.
7. Create professional documentation using mechanical systems terminology, symbols and diagrams Choose an item.
Proposed overall grade for the unit (see Table 2Grading Rubric) Choose an item.
Table 2: Grading Rubric

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