Example the Dairy Queenhas to order products from its supplier regularly since it sells an immense amount of products.


An Information system can be described as interrelated network systems that store, collect and disseminate information from an organizations internal and environmental operation to support organizations decisions making, coordination, functions, communication, visualization and analysis. Raw data is transformed through the information systems into useful information through three main activities namely; processing, input and output.

The three main types of information systems are management information systems, transaction processing systems and decision support systems. An (IS) information system processes, stores, disseminates and analyzes information for a specific objective. An information system like any other system includes instructions or inputs and reports, outputs or calculations. Through the use of technology like the PCs inputs can be processed and outputs can be produced that are sent to other systems or users through other networks electronically and mechanisms that control feedback monitor the operation. The information systems are further sub-divided into three main sub categories namely; management information, processing systems and decision support systems (Westmark, 2004).

On highlighting the daily application of the information system the article will use the Dairy Queens ice-cream shop as an example to highlight the different aspects of the information systems in its operations. Dairy Queens Initially started as a small restaurant selling their products to consumers and after careful implementation of the decision support system the business management was able to analyze the market and know the strategic places on where to expand their business making it eventually into a franchise. Through the implementation of the decision support system the business managed to pick between the many supports and choices and sifts through large amounts of data and through that they were able to make the right decision on their customer tastes, shifting demands and business investments based on the quality of the data they gathered. Considering the current technological world we live in, the shops management utilized wireless services to gather customer information for the business namely sales levels length of stay and customer use of the wireless networks. The decision by the Dairy Queen to add Wi-Fi network in their stores was as a result of implementing the support systems.

For an organization to function properly a (MIS) or management information system is necessary. Three main resources are involved with the management information systems namely people, technology and information ofthe threepeople, are considered the most important resource. The routine decisions are supported by the information people access. , the MIS implementation in Dairy Queen helped produce a daily list of employees hours, names, and expenses monthly. MIS in Dairy Queen is mainly for the provision of information and profitability to help staff and managers understand the business plan and performance to be able to project their future plan (Ismail, 2011).

Computer-basedprocessing can be substituted for manual procedures through the implementation of the TPS or Transaction Processing System. Millions of guests on a daily basis around the country visit Dairy Queen Restaurant. This makes the company in its daily transactions deal with a variety of proceduresto ensure it runs smoothly. It has to handle well-structured processes like applications involved with record keeping. Currently transaction processing occurs when two personnel collect data after making an exchange, so transaction processing is modifying, collecting, storing and retrieving an organizations transaction.to answer predictable questions a transaction system is significant, since it helps to conduct business such asemployee record keeping, payroll, or employee payment. It is important tokeep the transactions protected and safe because they often involve monetary exchanges that are vital to any business. Example the Dairy Queenhas to order products from its supplier regularly since it sells an immense amount of products. Each time Dairy Queen respectivelyplaces an order with its supplier the transaction processing system records and a transaction transpires and the relevant information such as the suppliers, address, name, purchased items quality and the invoice amount (Onifade, Thiéry, Osofisan&Duffing, 2010).


In order to sustain competitive advantage an organization needs to keep abreast of new technologies. Information technologies interactions is influenced by interceding issues and complexities that include operating procedures, structure of the organization, internal and external environment, politics, culture and manager’s decision making. With the understanding that within the organization life is changed by the information systems in that if the management cannot understand or implement an active information system it affects even the employees therefore choosing carefully and strategically implementing all areas of the system will be more advantageous.

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