“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” is a short story penned by Washington

“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” is a short story penned by Washington Irving and published in 1820. The story is about a extremely superstitious school master named Icabod Crane who rivals Abraham “Brom Bones” Van Brunt for the love of 18th year old Katrina Van Tassel, the only daughter of Baltus Van Tassel, the village’s wealthiest farmer Book reviews of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” should discuss the story’s plot, background, characters and themes.,Book reviews of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” should start with a brief summary of the plot.

The significant events in the story should be highlighted in book reviews of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and the setting of the story should be described. Next, the major characters should be described and analyzed and their relationship with other characters in the story evaluated. Book reviews of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” should then identify and explain the prevailing themes in the story such as the themes about the power of man’s imagination, the abundance of resources and lack of class structure in America, human selfishness, revenge, and belief in superstitions. Book reviews of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” should also include a discussion about the literary styles employed by the author. In addition, biographical information about the author should be included in book reviews of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”.,Before writing book reviews of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, you should first consult reliable sources on “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” as well as read some examples of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” book reviews to get a better understanding of the story, which can help you write your paper. In addition, reading other book reviews, such as “Les Miserables” book reviews, “The Bell Curve” book reviewsand book reviews of “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber”, can help you better understand the important literary elements that should be included in book review, which can also help you in writing book reviews of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”.,Computer viruses are computer programs designed to replicate and infect a computer.

Viruses can cause the computer to slow down, they can erase data and in some cases they can destroy both software and hardware. Viruses should not be confused with malware or spyware. Research papers on computer viruses should discuss the origins of these viruses, how they infect computers and networks, and how to protect or secure your computer or network against them.,A good start for research papers on computer viruses would be a discussion on the history of computer viruses. Ironically, viruses started out as academic projects done by John Von Neumann who published his “Theory of Self-reproducing Automata” in 1979. Shortly after, in 1984, Fred Cohen of the University of Southern California explicitly used the term virus in his paper “Computer Viruses – Theory and Experiments”. Research papers on computer viruses should discuss the strategy and method of infection that instructs viruses to replicate. The computer virus usually resides in boot sectors of media such as floppy disks, flash disks or DVDs that normally carries legitimate programs. If a user attempts to execute on these programs, the virus simultaneously executes a code and replicates itself in the memory of the computer that accessed the program. Research papers on computer viruses should include the first generation of computer viruses such as the Creeper, Diablo, Elk Cloner and Pong. Research papers on computer viruses should also compare and contrast the characteristics of malware, spyware, worms and Trojan horses with computer viruses.

Companies such as Norton and MacAffee have created software to combat such viruses and antivirus software should also be discussed in research papers on computer viruses. Anti-virus programs are one of the best selling software on the market and this should also be pointed out in research papers on computer viruses.,Prior to starting your research papers on computer viruses, get as much information about the subject as you can by locating sources on computer viruses and through reading examples of essays on computer viruses.  The information you glean from these sources will help you write a more informed essay.,The decolonization of a country takes place when the status of a colonized country changes from being that of a colony of a colonizing country to that of an independent and free nation.  The process of decolonization can be violent or peaceful, depending on a number of factors. Essays on decolonization discuss the decolonization process, the reasons that countries go through this process and the effects of decolonization on both the once colonized country and the colonizing country.,In order to write an informative essays on decolonization, reliable sources on the topic and sufficient insight and knowledge on the topic are necessary.  Before writing essays on decolonization, make sure you find the sources on decolonization you will need to properly research your topic as well as review some examples of essays on decolonization for additional ideas about what to include in your essay.,A good way to begin essays on decolonization is by providing a definition of decolonization. Decolonization is a political process that often involves a great deal of violence and loss of life.  Colonization has a long history going back to the Persians and the Romans. This history should also be provided in essays on decolonization. More recently European countries, such as France, Spain, The United Kingdom, Netherlands and Portugal frequently colonized countries in Africa and India.   The experiences of particular countries that chose to fight for their independence and go through the decolonization process should be described in detail in essays on decolonization as well.  In addition, the status of these countries after decolonization should be examined as should the effect that the decolonization had on the colonizing country.  Finally, essays on decolonization should look at the internal and external factors that play a role in the decolonization of a country.,Born as Hilaire-Germain-Edgar De Gas on July 19, 1834 in Paris, France, Edgar Degas was to become one of the most famous impressionist painters. Although, Degas actually saw himself as a realist.

Essays on Edgar Degas explore Degas’ early life, education, career, artistic style, themes found in his works and his famous works.,Before writing your essay, you might find it helpful to first locate and consult reliable sources on Edgar Degas as well as read examples of essays on Edgar Degas, can provide information that will help you understand the artist’s life and works better.  This greater understanding can then be applied to writing  essays on Edgar Degas. Also, by reading essays on other famous personalities, such as essays on Bruno Bettelheim, essays on Bertolt Brecht and essays on Amelia Earhart, you will see examples that can help you learn how to write about a famous personality.,Some biographical information on Edgar Degas can serve as a good introduction for essays on Edgar Degas. Edgar Degas was born to a wealth family; as a result, he received a quality education and he even graduated with a baccalaureate in literature in 1853.  This background information should be provided in essays on Edgar Degas. Essays on Edgar Degas should then discuss Degas’ early start in painting and how his career as a professional painter developed. His artistic styles, such as the portrayal of movement, cropping of subjects, using unusual viewpoints and color techniques should be discussed and explained next in essays on Edgar Degas. The themes found in his works such as the themes of motion, spontaneity, form and the shape of a woman and social class should be discussed in essays on Edgar Degas as well. Finally Degas’ famous works, which include paintings of Portrait of the Bellelli Family, Young Spartans Exercising, Ballet Rehearsal, Woman in the Bath as well as sculptures like The Spanish Dance and Little Dancer of Fourteen Years should be listed in essays on Edgar Degas.,Charles Dickens’ novel “David Copperfield” was published in 1850 and was originally a series of stories before being made into a novel.  The story has been adapted several times to film, television and theater. “David Copperfield” book reviews discuss the book’s plot, characters and themes.,Prior to writing “David Copperfield” book reviews, you should consider reading other book reviews such as book reviews of “Bread Givers”, book reviews of “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” and “Peter Pan book reviews to learn more about the different elements that should be examined in a book review.

In addition, consulting reliable sources on “David Copperfield” as well as reading examples of “David Copperfield” book reviews can help you gain a better understanding of the story.,“David Copperfield” is believed to be the most autobiographical of all Charles Dickens’ novels, which should be noted in “David Copperfield” book reviews. It should also be mentioned in “David Copperfield” book reviews that the novel was initially titled as “The Personal History, Adventures, Experience and Observation of David Copperfield the Younger of Blunderstone Rookery (Which He Never Meant to Publish on Any Account)”. A summary of the plot of the book should then be provided next in “David Copperfield” book reviews. Next, the major characters such as David Copperfield, Betsey Trotwood, Peggotty, Edward Murdstone, James Steerforth, and Agnes Wickfield  should be described and analyzed in “David Copperfield” book reviews. Lastly, “David Copperfield” book reviews should discuss the themes of exploitation, social inequality and self-cultivation found in the novel.,Creation myths have been around for a long time as part of religion, culture, tradition, and civilization. Creation myths are the narratives that attempt to explain how the world began and how people came into being.  Comparison essays on creation myths discuss and describe different creation myths and examine their similarities and differences.,Prior to writing comparison essays on creation myths, you should first locate reliable sources on creation myths so that can obtain the sort of in-depth understanding about creation myths that you will need to write your essay. Also, by reading examples of comparison essays on creation myths, you can learn even more about the different creation myths and gain inspiration for your own essay.,A brief explanation of what creation myths actually are can serve as a useful introduction for comparison essays on creation myths. Typical elements of creation myths include a plot and characters who are supernatural immortal beings like gods and goddesses, human-like figures, or animals.

These elements should be listed in comparison essays on creation myths. Next, comparison essays on creation myths should list some of the more famous creation myths such as the Catholic creation myth, Babylonian, Hebrew, and Greek creation myths, as well as ancient Egyptian creation myths and the creations myths of other ancient civilizations. The similarities and differences between these myths should then be presented in comparison essays on creation myths. Lastly, comparison essays on creation myths should explain some of the common meanings and symbols found in the myths that identify the myths as creation myths and not just simple mythology.,Che Guevara, born as Ernesto Guevara on June 14, 1928 in Argentina, is thought of by many as a hero and the symbol of rebellion despite the failures of the revolutionary movements he headed. Guevara was a legendary guerilla fighter, physician, author, diplomat and military theorist. Essays on Che Guevara explore Guevara’s early life, education, career, influences, leadership style, contributions, execution and impact on politics and Latin America.,A description of the early life, education and career of Che Guevara can serve as an informative introduction for essays on Che Guevara. Ernesto “Che” Guevara or Ernestito, as he was called when he was a child, grew up with a wide range of interests that later on labeled him as an intellectual. Essays on Che Guevara should then discuss that his political views were influenced by his family and was motivated early on in life to help the poor and oppressed. It should also be noted in essays on Che Guevara that Guevara’s experiences from a motorcycle journey, which he wrote about in a book entitled “The Motorcycle Diaries”, also motivated his decision to leave medicine and become more active in politics.

Essays on Che Guevara should then discuss and analyze Guevara’s leadership style. In addition, essays on Che Guevara should provide a list of his contributions to society such as his literary works, medical and political contributions. Finally, essays on Che Guevara should discuss Guevara’s execution and the impact it had on politics and Latin America.,It is beneficial to read other essays about famous public figures such as essays on Fidel Castro, essays on Osama bin Laden and essays on Thomas Jefferson to learn about the significant parts that should be discussed about a public figure. Most importantly, you should consult reliable sources on Che Guevara as well as read examples of essays on Che Guevara to gain more knowledge about his life and write quality essays on Che Guevara.,”I came, I saw, I conquered!” is one of the most famous quotes of Gauis Julius Caesar who is known as one of the most honored leaders and commanders in history. The quote simply, but accurately summarizes his leadership. It is Julius Caesar who is considered the father of the Roman Empire.

Essays on Julius Caesar explore Caesar’s early life, leadership style, influence, accomplishments and his assassination.,Before writing essays on Julius Caesar, you should make sure that you consult reliable  sources on Julius Caesar as well as read some examples of essays on Julius Caesar in order to obtain an in depth understanding about his life and ways as a leader. By reading essays of some of the great leaders in history as well, such as essays on Thomas Jefferson, essays on Sir Francis Bacon and essays on Alexis de Tocqueville, you can also learn about the important points to discuss about a leader that you can apply on your essay.,Julius Caesar was born into an elite family in ancient Rome on July 12, 100 BC. Biographicl information about his early life can serve as an interesting introduction for essays on Julius Caesar. Essays on Julius Caesar should then describe Caesar’s leadership style and cite events that led to him being given the title of “dictator in perpetuity”. The influences on Caesar as well as the influences he had on Rome should be discussed next in essays on Julius Caesar. The accomplishments of Caesar such as his conquests over the Gauls, Germans, Helvetians, Nervii and defeating Pompey should be listed as well in essays on Julius Caesar. Finally, essays on Julius Caesar should discuss the motivation and aftermath of Caesar’s assassination.,Bruno Bettelheim was an Austrian-born American child psychologist and writer. He was an internationally renowned Freudian psychoanalyst, and is likewise known for his work with emotionally disturbed children. Essays on Bruno Bettelheim should discuss Bettelheim’s early life, studies and work, the influence of Freud on his work and Bettelheim’s struggle with depression and his death by suicide.

Essays on repressed memory, essays on Alfred Adler, essays on Sigmund Freud are just a few essays that you might want to read before writing essays on Bruno Bettelheim, as these essays also discuss important concepts and personalities in psychology.,Before writing essays on Bruno Bettelheim, make sure you locate reliable sources on Bruno Bettelheim that you can cite in your essay as well as read some examples of essays on Bruno Bettelheim to obtain more knowledge about this psychologist.,A very good introduction is important when writing essays on Bruno Bettelheim. His education at the University of Vienna where he earned a degree in Philosophy was important to Bettelheim’s introduction to Psychology. Bettelheim also produced a dissertation on Immanuel Kant and on the history of arts.  In essays on Bruno Bettelheim, it is also important to discuss Bettelheim’s work with disturbed children and his successes in treating them. Essays on Bruno Bettelheim should also list Bettelheim’s published works in which he analyzed fairy tales and explained their symbolic and emotional importance for children using Freudian psychology. Another topic to discuss in essays on Bruno Bettelheim is Bettelheim’s involvement in several religious and political controversies. In addition, essays on Bruno Bettelheim should mention Bettelheim’s life-long battle with depression and his debilitating stroke that led him to commit suicide by putting a plastic bag over his head on March 13, 1990.,Yahoo!, Inc. is among the world’s first internet corporations and one of America’s biggest websites. It is famous for its services such as its search engine, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! News and Yahoo! Messenger.

Yahoo! was founded in January 1994 by Jerry Yang and David Filo and was formally incorporated as a corporation on January 13, 2009.  Yahoo!, Inc. case studies should discuss the origins of Yahoo! Inc., its boom in 2000 and the drastic plummet in the prices of its stock a year thereafter.,You can start your Yahoo!, Inc. case study with a brief overview of the company’s origin, its founders and its rise to popularity as the one of the world’s largest search engine and email service providers. Yahoo! was created by its founders who, at the time of its creation,  were  electrical engineering students at Stanford University. Yahoo!, Inc. case studies should also discuss how it started as a simple directory for other websites, but then grew rapidly during the 90’s into a dominating search engine among its competitors, maintaining market leadership until the advent of Goggle.com in 2000. Other important information to be listed in Yahoo!, Inc. case studies is the diversification of the company’s services to web hosting and web portals. Yahoo!, Inc. case studies should then mention the company’s high profile acquisitions of other Internet corporations such as Geocities, a popular web hosting provider, in 1999.  In addition, the skyrocketing prices of Yahoo! stocks during the dot-net bubble and its eventual burst in 2001 should be discussed. It should also be noted in Yahoo!, Inc. case studies that many of the services Yahoo! offered were closed down in 2009.

Finally, Yahoo!, Inc. case studies should discuss the effects of Google on Yahoo!’s popularity and the failed attempt of the Microsoft Corporation to acquire Yahoo! in 2008.,You might find it helpful to read examples of other business case studies such as IBM case studies, BMW case studies and Cisco Systems case studies before writing Yahoo!, Inc. case studies since you can gain more information about the important parts of a business that should be studied. Also, only through thorough research with the use of reliable sources on Yahoo!, Inc. and by reading examples of Yahoo!, Inc. case studies, will you gather the information you will need to write a quality case study.Book Reviews of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”,Research Papers on Computer Viruses,Essays on Decolonization,Essays on Edgar Degas,“David Copperfield” Book Reviews,Comparison essays on Creation Myths,Essays on Che Guevara,Essays on Julius Caesar,Essays on Bruno Bettelheim,Yahoo!, Inc. Case Studies