List of Top and Creative Social Issues Topics for Essays

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Social issues are factors or conditions that damage society. Almost all societies around the world focus on how they can solve social issues. Even the school curriculum now comprises some social issues topics.

Although many concepts of social issues are suitable for classrooms, students won’t comprehend a few of them by merely hearing them in classes. Since all aspects of social issues are important, schools often ask students to write essays on the few aspects which are difficult to comprehend in classes.

Despite how interesting essays about social issues are, students find it difficult to get captivating topics to write about.

To help students overcome the challenge of topic selection, we have listed the best social problem essay topics below. All the social issues essay topics ideas that we listed here are unique. 

As you read on, you will come across these topics. Check them out and select the one that interests you the most. All the topics center on the popular social issues of contemporary time.

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Social Issues Topics – How to Write About Social Issues

Writing on topics related to social issues involves thorough research. It also requires sympathy and tact. Following this guide will help you not to step on anybody’s toes.

  1. Find out what exactly your instructor wants you to do:
    • Research papers call for an in-depth analysis. Make sure to reference several sources to back up your claims.
    • Essays revolve around your opinion. Here, good arguments are crucial.
  2. Pick the topic. It can be either contemporary or historical. It’s better to choose something you’re interested in. If nothing comes to mind right away, use a writing topic generator.
  3. Do research. Consult encyclopedias, find books on the topic. It will help you formulate ideas and outline the first draft.
  4. Consider your audience. How much do they know about your subject? How invested are they? Understanding your readers will help you be more considerate.
  5. Watch your attitude. When writing about sensitive issues, the right tone is essential.
    • Even if you have strong feelings about your subject, keep your tone neutral. Make sure not to condemn those who hold opposite views.
    • Highlight what you personally think is right. Remember that you can’t control how other people will react.
    • Be frank. Ask yourself: who am I? How do my experiences fit into my topic? Your honest answers will add unique insights to your paper.
  6. Double-check your paper. Does everything you wrote logically flow? Does your argumentative structure make sense? Does it support your thesis? If possible, let your assignment sit for a day. You can edit it later with a fresh perspective.

Social Issues of Today (2022)

As we are living through the times of global pandemic, natural disasters all over the world, conversion to safe energy sources, and COVID-19 challenges, the list of social issues that are relevant in 2022 has also undergone certain changes. Here are the top 12 social issues with relevant topics that you may consider for your essay:

  1. COVID-19 & Global Pandemic. Without a doubt, almost every sector of modern life has been affected by the global pandemic restrictions and the rules of social distancing. Even though several countries of the world seem to return to normal life, the matters of logistics and global trading are still vague. As an example of social topics dealing with this issue, you may consider writing about how the COVID-19 crisis has affected a particular company or the entire industry.
  2. Green Energy Conversion. This social issue is mostly related to environmental problems, yet the global conferences are dedicated to finding safe ways to convert all available energy to safe methods. You may consider writing about the latest innovations to the solar energy sector and talk about wind turbines if you are majoring in Electrical Engineering. At the same time, you can consider writing about school education and the importance of educating the youngsters about our environment.
  3. The Presence of the U.S. Military Troops in Afghanistan. It is a sensitive social issue in the United States as President Biden has announced about the troops leaving Afghanistan in 2021. This social topic is s quite important as it is not only a political issue but also a matter of national security.
  4. The Challenges of Remote Education. As we are making it through yet another year of distance learning with Skype and Zoom solutions for video conferences, the challenges of modern learning are evident. Consider writing about how the student habits and attitudes have changed in 2022 and think about what pros and cons of this issue you can explore.
  5. Arctic Pole Environmental Situation. The Arctic Pole Ice Shield is the social issue that became apparent in 2022 as explorers and scientists from all fields of science started to reveal updated information. Regardless of your college course, you can approach this social issue through the prism of environmental protection, political bias, economics, marketing, and even the logistics that are also present in this sector.
  6. Global Pandemic & Vaccination. The subject of vaccination might be among the most discussed social issues today, yet it does not make it to the lists of immediate issues because of the political games at play. For example, you can write about unequal distributions of vaccines to certain countries and the ways how politics manipulate this sensitive matter.
  7. Global Unemployment Peak. According to various statistics, the unemployment peak in April 2021 has reached over %12.7 in the United States. The same thing happens all over the world. You can write about the reasons for such a situation and discuss the presence of freelance specialists and people working remotely as an option.

Social Issues Topics – Top Social Issues Topics To Write About

Social Issues Topics – Current Social Issues Topics

Current social issues refer to the numerous modern-day problems that have hit conventional media as well as social media headlines. They include the following:

  1. The question of abortion
  2. Gay marriage
  3. Marital rape
  4. Government mandates
  5. The frequent power advertisement
  6. Obesity and social life
  7. Poverty and social life
  8. Materialism
  9. Social media propagating bad vices, especially among the youths
  10. Cyberbullying
  11. Social stratification
  12. Sex work also referred to as paid rape
  13. Beauty standards

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Social Issues Topics – Social Issues Topics in America

Considering the great diversity in America, there are issues with the following:

  1. An expensive educational system that does not meet the needs of society
  2. Inequality in terms of wealth and income
  3. Equality of standing, concerning race, sexual orientation, ethnicity or religion
  4. Accessible and affordable healthcare
  5. Unfair law enforcement and a lousy prison system
  6. The fight over the need for guns
  7. Unemployment
  8. Poverty
  9. Illegal migration
  10. Discrimination and racism
  11. Environment and climate change

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Social Issues Topics
Social Issues Topics

Social Issues Topics – Social Justice Essay Topics

  1. Is ageism similar to racism?
  2. What are the consequences of deprivation of health?
  3. Do convicts still get punished even after serving time?
  4. How fair are labor laws?
  5. What is society’s perception of domestic violence towards men?
  6. Is discrimination towards pregnant women on the rise?

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Social Issues Topics – Pornography Essay Topics

  1. Dealing with pornography addiction
  2. Children and pornography.
  3. Shaming of pornstars in society.
  4. Is suicide common in the porn industry?
  5. How a society treats pornstars who cross over to other industries
  6. Does pornography addiction affect family life?

Social Issues Topics – Migration and Immigration Topics:

  1. Refugees in the world
  2. What are the consequences of building a wall between Mexico and America?
  3. Living undocumented: the deportation of illegal immigrants
  4. What is the history of Australian immigration?

Social Issues Topics – Peace and War Topics:

  1. Impact of war on terrorism in society
  2. Is society keen on peace education?
  3. What role do women play in war?
  4. War crimes across the world.
  5. What role does the media play in wartime?

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Social Issues Topics
Social Issues Topics

Social Issues Topics – Discrimination and Prejudice Topics

  1. Stereotypes in the US.
  2. Racial profiling: How does it affect society?
  3. Discrimination in sports
  4. Hate speech in the job market
  5. White privilege in society
  6. Perception of same-sex couples

Social Issues Topics – Cultural Property Topics

  1. Cultural heritage theft
  2. Protection of cultural heritage
  3. Food culture and the differences it stirs in society
  4. Illiteracy Topics:
  5. Illiteracy in the digital age
  6. Problems caused by illiteracy
  7. How does emotional illiteracy affect families?
  8. Examples of illiteracy and how they affect American society

Social Issues Topics – Violence Topics

  1. The effect of political unrest on domestic violence.
  2. Rape culture in society
  3. How gangs and violence affect Miami

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Social Issues Topics – Consumption and Development Topics

  1. Overconsumption in the US
  2. The consumption culture in America
  3. Consumption in different industries.

Related FAQs

1. What are 10 social issues?

Here are the top 10 social problems teens struggle with every day.

  1. Depression.
  2. Bullying.
  3. Sexual Activity.
  4. Drug Use.
  5. Alcohol Use.
  6. Obesity.
  7. Academic Problems.
  8. Peer Pressure.

2. What are types of social issues?

Types of social issues

  1. Social stratification.
  2. Economic issues.
  3. Social disorganization.
  4. Public health.
  5. Age discrimination.
  6. Social inequality.
  7. Education and public schools.
  8. Work and occupations.

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