Should We Give Participation Trophies to Young Athletes?

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Choose a rhetorical mode that differs from your first two essays. Here are some examples of different modes:

The topic I wrote about over the past 2 weeks: Should We Give Participation Trophies to Young Athletes?

A proposal Compare and contrast Cause and effect Personal narrative Synthesis You may choose any of the above rhetorical modes, or any other mode, with approval from your instructor. Write a 700- to 1,750-word essay on the same topic as the one you wrote in Week 1, but this time, in a different rhetorical mode than you wrote either of the first two essays. As you make your argument, support your points fully with properly cited evidence. Although there is no specific requirement for the number of outside sources, you should use as many sources as you need to support your argument. You may reuse sources used in your first two essays or add new sources, as appropriate. You may also find it useful to change tone, vocabulary, organization, or style for the new rhetorical mode.