Reflections on Oman History & Evolution

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1. Discuss the historical events in Oman that occurred between period of 134 Hijri – 177 Hijri. [minimum 150 words]

2. Write a brief essay about the first Imam of Bani Kharus – Imam Alwarith bin Kaab Al Kharusi emphasizing the following aspects: [minimum 150 words]

• His personality

• Duration of his Imamate

• His achievements

• His death

3. Among several Imams mentioned in Chapter 5: Nabhani and Yarubi Dynasty, choose one who you think contributed significantly to the geo-political scenario in Oman. Write a brief essay about his contribution. [180 Words]

*** Words count = 480 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

*** I have uploaded three videos which have details.