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Reflection is an essential part of the practitioner’s activity as it aims at stimulating the professional to improve the skills and learn how to deal with difficult situations (Eaton 2016). When reflection is applied, the practitioner becomes more experienced and confident of his/her abilities (Jasper 2006, Blair & Deacon 2015, Howatson-Jones 2016).

(Reflection Nursing Essay)

A reflective person is open to communication in the way of gaining the best outcomes for the patients. Critical thinking is considered an inseparable part of reflective practice (Lillyman & Merrix 2012, Thompson & Pascal 2012). Inability to accept criticism may be an obstruction to reflective practice as it often presupposes admitting one’s fault and being ready to improve one’s methods. On the other hand, being too much critical is also bad as it undermines the practitioner’s confidence in his/her knowledge and skills (Ely & Scott 2007).(Reflection Nursing Essay)

The reflective cycle proposed by Gibbs is considered one of the most efficient models (Ely & Scott 2007, Scaife 2010, Bulman. & Schutz 2013). It includes the following stages: description, thoughts and feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion, and action plan (Ely & Scott 2007, p. 187). I shall apply this model when describing my reflection on the mentioned practice issue. The type of knowledge informing the practice is personal experience (Freeman& Sturdy 2015).(Reflection Nursing Essay)

Reflection Nursing Essay -Reflection on an Identified Practice Issue


I noticed that two of my colleagues often neglected the rules of hand hygiene. They did not always wash their hands or change gloves when switching from one type of work to another. Sometimes they disrespected the hygiene requirements because of the lack of time (for instance, when there was a patient delivered by an ambulance, and there was no time to spare because the person’s life was in danger and every minute was crucial).

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However, frequently such disregard took place when there was no hurry (for example, they did not wash their hands after using the bathroom). After a careful decision-making process, I decided to let the charge nurse know about the situation. However, I also warned my colleagues about my decision and asked them to be more responsible. My resolution gave them time to realize their mistakes before being invited to the charge nurse’s office and asked for an explanation of their behavior. I also asked the charge nurse not to be too harsh on them but at the same time let them know that even minor misconduct in a health service work may lead to damaging outcomes for the patients.

Thoughts and Feelings

As a health practitioner, my first concern was about the patients’ wellbeing and health. If a medical worker disregards the simplest hygiene requirements, he/she may disobey other rules which are much more crucial and the breaking of which may lead to dramatic outcomes for the people’s health. I felt rather disappointed and disturbed. I did not know how to find a way out of the situation which would satisfy all the stakeholders. I realized that the patients’ health is the first and foremost concern for me as a health practitioner.

(Reflection Nursing Essay)

At the same time, I understood that I needed to maintain a good relationship with my colleagues. This situation frustrated and upset me. I had a feeling that my colleagues did not value the people’s lives to the necessary extent. I also had a hard time thinking that I would set them up by telling the charge nurse about the incidents.


The experience allowed me to make both positive and negative conclusions. I realized that I did a good thing when I noticed the situation and decided to take measures. My basic professional instinct is taking care of the patients, and in this case, I was thinking about their health and wellbeing. On the other hand, I was disturbed because I was doing some harm to my colleagues by pointing out their wrong behavior to the charge nurse. It would have negative outcomes on them. However, taking into consideration all the sides of the situation, I think I did the right thing.

(Reflection Nursing Essay)

Maybe my colleagues will be punished, but they must not forget about their highest priority as healthcare practitioners. This case will teach them a lesson. I hope that they will be more considerate about their hygiene in the future. Additionally, this minor case will teach them to be cautious about major cases. As a result, they will remember that someone’s health is in their hands, and they must conform to all the rules in order to provide the patients with the best care.

(Reflection Nursing Essay)

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This situation taught me several lessons. First of all, it is vital to remember one’s responsibilities under any circumstances. Even though I did not want to hurt my colleagues, I was thinking of the patients’ welfare in the first place. I realize that as notice someone’s misbehavior, other people might see mine.

(Reflection Nursing Essay)

Therefore, this case taught me to be more cautious about the rules and obligations. Another thing I took from this issue is that it is necessary to keep on good terms with one’s colleagues. While I disapproved of some practitioners’ misconduct, I did not just go and report on them. I explained the situation to them and emphasized the significance of their correct behavior. I did everything possible to maintain favorable relationships with my co-workers.


There were two other resolutions I could have made. I could either tell my colleagues that I noticed their wrong conduct and ask them to stop, or I could complain to the charge nurse and not warn the people why she would have a conversation with them. In the first case, I would most likely earn the co-worker’s respect and hear a promise that such situations would never repeat. However, I could not be sure about their conscientiousness in the future.

(Reflection Nursing Essay)

In the second case, my colleagues would consider me a traitor who reported on them without explaining the situation. These two decisions are worse than the one I made because they only view the case from one angle. My resolution was the most suitable and included consideration of every side of the situation. (Reflection Nursing Essay)

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Reflection Nursing Essay
Reflection Nursing Essay

Action Plan

In the future, if an identical situation occurs, I will develop a similar strategy. If I see any violations which may put the patients’ wellbeing under threat, I will let the authorities know about that, but at the same time, I will reveal my intentions to the colleagues involved. I believe that this is the most suitable way out of such a practice issue. Patients’ health is my priority interest, but I also want to have good relationships with my co-workers.

(Reflection Nursing Essay)


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Related FAQs

1. How do you start a reflective nursing essay?

A reflective nursing essay usually consists of the following elements:

  1. Introduction. It explains the whole purpose of the essay and tells readers what to expect.
  2. Description of the situation.
  3. Sharing of personal feelings.
  4. Evaluation of experience.
  5. Reflection and opportunities for learning.
  6. Conclusion.

2. What do you reflect on in nursing?

Five written reflective accounts

You should explain what you learnt, how you changed or improved your practice as a result, and how these real-life experiences link to the four key themes of the Code (prioritize people, practice effectively, preserve safety, promote professionalism and trust).

3. How do you write a healthcare reflection?

Guided reflection

  1. Keep a journal of experiences over the year.
  2. Write up the journal entry/incident.
  3. Below the entry write up your reflections / analysis notes of the situation.
  4. Write up experiences the same day if possible.
  5. Use actual dialogue wherever possible to capture the situation.

4. Why is reflection important as a student nurse?

Reflection on experiences by students provides the grounds for the formation of inner positive feelings and modification of professional behavior. The results of this study can be used to develop educational interventions in order to improve clinical learning among nursing students.

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