100+ Persuasive Speech Topics & Top Tips on Creating and Delivering a Persuasive Speech

This article discusses over 100 Persuasive Speech Topics that you can select for your next speech. Go through the entire list to find a topic that best fits your interests.

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To write a captivating and persuasive speech you must first decide on a topic that will engage, inform and also persuade the audience. We have discussed how to choose a topic and we have provided a list of speech ideas covering a wide range of categories.

Persuasive Speech Topics – What is persuasive speech?

A persuasive speech aims to inform, educate and convince or motivate an audience to do something. You are essentially trying to sway the audience to adopt your viewpoint.

The best persuasive speech topics are thought-provoking, daring, and having a clear opinion. You should speak about something you are knowledgeable about and can argue your opinion for, as well as objectively discuss counter-arguments.

Persuasive Speech Topics – How to choose a topic for your speech

It’s not easy picking a topic for your speech as there are many options so consider the following factors when deciding.


Topics that you’re familiar with will make it easier to prepare for the speech.


It’s best if you decide on a topic in which you have a genuine interest in because you’ll be doing lots of research on it and if it’s something you enjoy the process will be significantly easier and more enjoyable. The audience will also see this enthusiasm when you’re presenting which will make the speech more persuasive.

The audience’s interest

The audience must care about the topic. You don’t want to lose their attention so choose something you think they’ll be interested in hearing about.

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Consider choosing a topic that allows you to be more descriptive because this allows the audience to visualize which consequently helps persuade them.

Not overdone

When people have heard about a topic repeatedly they’re less likely to listen to you as it doesn’t interest them anymore. Avoid cliché or overdone topics as it’s difficult to maintain your audience’s attention because they feel like they’ve heard it all before.

An exception to this would be if you had new viewpoints or new facts to share. If this is the case then ensure you clarify early in your speech that you have unique views or information on the topic.

Emotional topics

Emotions are motivators so the audience is more likely to be persuaded and act on your requests if you present an emotional topic.


People like hearing about issues that affect them or their community, country, etc. They find these topics more relatable which means they find them more interesting. Look at local issues and news to discover these topics.

Desired outcome

What do you want your audience to do as a result of your speech? Use this as a guide to choosing your topic, for example, maybe you want people to recycle more so you present a speech on the effect of microplastics in the ocean.

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Persuasive Speech Topics – Components of a Persuasive Speech

To make a persuasive speech of utmost effectiveness, it should strike a perfect balance between logical and emotional appeals. Additionally, as a student of persuasive speech, you must understand the difference between these two components.

Logical or reasonable appeals refer to presenting the audience with well-researched facts and figures. A logical appeal contains robust and comprehensive statistics that persuade the audience. Consequently, an effective persuasive speech is full of statistics. Thus, it helps the audience believe the presenter’s point of view.

For instance, if you are delivering a persuasive speech on the negative impact of global warming, statistics about the melting ice caps, danger to marine life, etc, can add value to your speech. Logical appeals aim to accentuate the practical applicability of your speech and motivate the audience to believe your stand.

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Emotional appeals bridge the gap between statistics and a strong audience connection. Best delivered through storytelling, emotional appeals augment the value of your logical statements. For instance, if you simply state that the polar caps are melting at an ‘x’ rate, it might be informative but not yet persuasive.

To persuade the audience with your statistics, wrap them in a beautiful narrative about the consequences of the data you present. Born with the basic human need of emotions, all of us find an emotional appeal to be more persuasive.

For a persuasive speech to be effective, it needs to balance both components. The absence of statistics or storytelling with emotions will only be a half-baked delivery and will defeat the purpose.

Persuasive Speech Topics – How to create and deliver a compelling persuasive speech

Once you’ve chosen your persuasive speech topic and completed your research on the subject, you’ll begin the writing process. Use this step-by-step approach to produce an outstanding speech that easily persuades your audience to adopt your viewpoint.

Determine your thesis – What opinion or belief are you convincing your audience to embrace? Are you asking them to take a specific action after listening to your speech? Just as you do when writing a college essay, make sure your thesis or call-to-action is crystal clear before you start writing.

Organize your main arguments Create an outline of the evidence or points you’ve collected to support your thesis. Make sure your ideas flow logically into each other and build your case.

Support your arguments with facts and examples – You’ll want to use multiple sources for your evidence, with a preference for well-known or reputable sources. You can also get personal by using anecdotes from your own life or the lives of someone close to you. This will increase your persuasive speech’s impact.

Add emotional connections with your audience – Make your argument more powerful by appealing to your audience’s sense of nostalgia and common beliefs. Another tactic (which marketers use all the time) is to appeal to your listeners’ fears and rely on their instincts for self-preservation.

Address counterarguments – Rather than waiting for your audience to think up objections to the points you make, do it yourself. Then dispute those objections with additional facts, examples, and anecdotes.

Wrap up your persuasive speech with a strong conclusion – In your closing, restate your thesis, tug on your audience’s heartstrings one last time with an emotional connection, and deliver your decisive call to action.

Persuasive Speech Topics/ Best Topic for Speech in English

Persuasive Speech Topics – Arts/Culture

  1. Should art and music therapy be covered by health insurance?
  2. Should all students be required to learn an instrument in school?
  3. Should all national museums be free to citizens?
  4. Should graffiti be considered art?
  5. Should offensive language be removed from works of classic literature?
  6. Are paper books better than e-books?

Persuasive Speech Topics – Economic

  1. Should all interns be paid for their work?
  2. Should employees receive bonuses for walking or biking to work?
  3. Will Brexit hurt or help the UK’s economy?
  4. Should all people over the age of 65 be able to ride the bus for free?
  5. Should the federal minimum wage be increased?
  6. Should tipping in restaurants be mandatory?
  7. Should Black Friday sales be allowed to start on Thanksgiving?

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Persuasive Speech Topics – Education

  1. Should students who bully others be expelled?
  2. Should all schools require students wear uniforms?
  3. Should boys and girls be taught in separate classrooms?
  4. Should students be allowed to listen to music during study hall?
  5. Should all elementary schools be required to teach a foreign language?
  6. Should schools include meditation or relaxation breaks during the day?
  7. Should grades in gym class affect students’ GPAs?
  8. Should teachers get a bonus when their students score well on standardized tests?
  9. Should children of undocumented immigrants be allowed to attend public schools?
  10. Should students get paid for getting a certain GPA?
  11. Should students be allowed to have their cell phones with them during school?
  12. Should high school students be allowed to leave school during lunch breaks?
  13. Should Greek life at colleges be abolished?
  14. Should high school students be required to volunteer a certain number of hours before they can graduate?
  15. Should schools still teach cursive handwriting?
  16. What are the best ways for schools to stop bullying?

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Persuasive Speech Topics
Persuasive Speech Topics

Persuasive Speech Topics – Ethics

  1. Should prostitution be legalized?
  2. Should people with more than one DUI lose their driver’s license?
  3. Should people be required to shovel snow from the sidewalks in front of their house?
  4. Should minors be able to drink alcohol in their home if they have their parent’s consent?
  5. Should guns be allowed on college campuses?
  6. Should flag burning as a form of protest be illegal?
  7. Should welfare recipients be required to pass a drug test?
  8. Should white supremacist groups be allowed to hold rallies in public places?
  9. Should assault weapons be illegal?
  10. Should the death penalty be abolished?
  11. Should beauty pageants for children be banned?
  12. Is it OK to refuse to serve same-sex couples based on religious beliefs?
  13. Should transgender people be allowed to serve in the military?
  14. Is it better to live together before marriage or to wait?
  15. Should affirmative action be allowed?
  16. Should prisoners be allowed to vote?
  17. Should Columbus Day be replaced with Indigenous Peoples’ Day?

Persuasive Speech Topics – Government/Politics

  1. Should the government spend more money on developing high-speed rail lines and less on building new roads?
  2. Should the government be allowed to censor internet content deemed inappropriate?
  3. Should Puerto Rico become the 51st state?
  4. Should Scotland declare independence from the United Kingdom?
  5. Whose face should be on the next new currency printed by the US?
  6. Should people convicted of drug possession be sent to recovery programs instead of jail?
  7. Should voting be made compulsory?
  8. Who was the best American president?
  9. Should the military budget be reduced?
  10. Should the President be allowed to serve more than two terms?
  11. Should a border fence be built between the United States and Mexico?
  12. Should countries pay ransom to terrorist groups in order to free hostages?

Persuasive Speech Topics – Health

  1. Should minors be able to purchase birth control without their parent’s consent?
  2. Should hiding or lying about your HIV status with someone you’re sleeping with be illegal?
  3. Should governments tax soda and other sugary drinks and use the revenue for public health?
  4. Should high schools provide free condoms to students?
  5. Should the US switch to single-payer health care?
  6. Should healthy people be required to regularly donate blood?
  7. Should assisted suicide be legal?

Persuasive Topics about Mental Health

  1. Do psychological health issues have results on your physiology or physical health?
  2. Is obsessive-compulsive disorder curable?
  3. Should there be the formulation of law to incorporate the mental status of criminals while construing a trial?
  4. Is any color associated with improvement or deterioration of one’s mental health condition?
  5. Is the basis of mental or psychological issues genetic?
  6. Do obese people have more mental health problems?
  7. Could holocaust survivors be saved from getting mentally unstable?
  8. Does denial of abortion rights influence the mother and child’s mental health?
  9. Are there individuals who lost consciousness?
  10. Can surrogate pregnancy result in psychological stress?
  11. Is Homeopathic treatment based on pseudo-scientific knowledge?
  12. Would it be possible to cure diabetes and related mental conditions in near future?
  13. Could robots have any mental condition?
  14. Is the cosmetic surgery craze ruining the young generation’s mental condition?
  15. Do drug abusers have normal mental status?
  16. Is Religion a kind of psychological disorder?
  17. Is there any link between drug use and mental health?
  18. Do environmental factors influence the mental health of an individual?
  19. Are the social effects of psychological disorders bearable?
  20. Are Emotional Support Animals helpful in curing your mental conditions?
  21. Is there any mental disorder that is most prevalent among youth in the US?
  22. Could e-health technology assist in regulating mental health issues?
  23. Could racism influence mental health?
  24. Is education one of the key stressors nowadays?
  25. What age could be apt for commencing dating?

Persuasive Speech Topics – Religion

  1. Should religious organizations be required to pay taxes?
  2. Should priests be allowed to get married?
  3. Should the religious slaughter of animals be banned?
  4. Should the Church of Scientology be exempt from paying taxes?
  5. Should women be allowed to be priests?
  6. Should countries be allowed to only accept refugees with certain religious beliefs?
  7. Should public prayer be allowed in schools?

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Persuasive Speech Topics – Science/Environment

  1. Should human cloning be allowed?
  2. Should people be allowed to own exotic animals like tigers and monkeys?
  3. Should “animal selfies” in tourist locations with well-known animal species (like koalas and tigers) be allowed?
  4. Should genetically modified foods be sold in grocery stores?
  5. Should people be allowed to own pit bulls?
  6. Should parents be allowed to choose the sex of their unborn children?
  7. Should vaccinations be required for students to attend public school?
  8. What is the best type of renewable energy?
  9. Should plastic bags be banned in grocery stores?
  10. Should the United States rejoin the Paris Agreement?
  11. Should puppy mills be banned?
  12. Should fracking be legal?
  13. Should animal testing be illegal?
  14. Should offshore drilling be allowed in protected marine areas?
  15. Should the US government increase NASA’s budget?
  16. Should Pluto still be considered a planet?

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Persuasive Speech Topics
Persuasive Speech Topics

Persuasive Speech Topics – Sports

  1. Should college athletes be paid for being on a sports team?
  2. Should all athletes be required to pass regular drug tests?
  3. Should professional female athletes be paid the same as male athletes in the same sport?
  4. Are there any cases when athletes should be allowed to use steroids?
  5. Should college sports teams receive less funding?
  6. Should boxing be illegal?
  7. Should schools be required to teach all students how to swim?
  8. Should cheerleading be considered a sport?
  9. Should parents let their children play tackle football?

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Persuasive Speech Topics – Technology

  1. Will robots reduce or increase human employment opportunities?
  2. What age should children be allowed to have a cell phone?
  3. Should libraries be replaced with unlimited access to e-books?
  4. Overall, has technology helped connect people or isolate them?
  5. Should self-driving cars be legal?
  6. Should all new buildings be energy efficient?
  7. Is Net Neutrality a good thing or a bad thing?
  8. Do violent video games encourage players to become violent in real life?

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1. What are the best persuasive speech topics?

  1. Prisoner’s right to vote.
  2. Voting rights should not be universal.
  3. Guns should be banned from college campuses.
  4. Death penalty should be abolished.
  5. Substance abuse is a cause of social evils.
  6. Underage alcohol consumption should lead to prison time.

2. What are easy persuasive topics?

  1. Freedom is the ultimate human right.
  2. Life on Mars is possible.
  3. Obsession with diets is dangerous.
  4. School uniform should be a must.
  5. Vegetarianism is not a healthy lifestyle.
  6. Atlantis didn’t exist: the ultimate proof.
  7. Ten reasons why people should play PC games.

3. What are 3 types of persuasive speeches?

There are three types of persuasive speech that are commonly used: policy persuasive speech, value persuasive speech, and factual persuasive speech. All are persuasive speeches, but have different subject matter and content.

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