Nurse Practice Act in New Jersey – Week 2 Assignment Solution

Discuss the nurse practice act in your state(Nurse Practice Act in New Jersey) and the scope of practice for advanced practice nurses. Is the scope of practice in your state defined by statutes or regulatory through the board of nursing? Are collaborative agreements with physicians required in your state? Do APRNs have full prescriptive authority in your state? Is there any pending legislation which would alter the scope of practice for APRNs in your state?


Nurse Practice Act in New Jersey

The Nurse Practice Act (NPA) outlines regulations determining nurses’ scope of practice and responsibilities by ensuring they are competent and qualified to practice and effectively perform their duties (Huynh & Haddad, 2021). The NPA in New Jersey (NJ) compels patients to seek nursing care from Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN).

The act authorizes nurses in NJ to pronounce the death of patients while waiting for physicians to determine the cause of death. They are also tasked with receiving, requesting, and dispensing pharmaceuticals. Generally, Graduate Nursing (2021) illustrate that the nurse’s scope of practice in NJ is regulated by a board of nursing that verifies their licenses before they commence practice. It allows new graduates to practice before the national nurse practitioner certification examinations.

Notably, the NPA covers regulations requiring APRNs to observe a joint protocol with physicians before prescribing medications such as system II up to V and other controlled substances like opioids (Graduate Nursing, 2021). This means that they have partial authority in prescribing the medications. As a result, they must review the joint protocol to determine the necessity of consulting with a physician before making prescriptions.

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Nurse Practice Act in New Jersey
Nurse Practice Act in New Jersey

Consequently, Senators Joseph Vitale and Troy Singleton introduced legislation to the State of NJ on February 10, 2022 (LegiScan, 2022). The bill focuses on eliminating practice restrictions for APRNs, such as those limiting their ability to prescribe medications and anesthesia, and eliminating the joint protocol requirement for APRNs with more than 24 months of active nursing practice.

It also gives APRNs the authority to endorse any state law requiring endorsement by a physician. In this case, passing the legislation will extensively change the scope of practice for APRNs by giving them excess authority to administer prescriptions. These changes will improve the provision of care to patients by reducing the burden and time wasted while seeking physician approvals.


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