100+ Best, Trendy and Creative Music Essay Topics

This article discusses over 100 Music Essay Topics that you can select for your following music essay. Go through the entire list to find a topic that best fits your interests.

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Music Essays

A music essay describes or analyzes a piece of music, its context, or one’s personal attitude towards it. This type of assignment requires a compelling primary argument and a clear structure.

To write well about music, you don’t have to be a professional musician. All you need is to be able to listen, understand, and evaluate it. You should also provide your interpretation and opinion on it.

Writing about Music: Assignment Types – Music Essays Topics

An essay on music is a popular assignment in high school and college. However, many students find it hard to describe sounds in a written form. In this article, we will give you some tips on writing about music.

Here are the typical tasks that you might receive:

Concert report – It requires describing the music you’ve heard using as many details and terms as you can.

Historical analysis of a piece – Your aim is to describe the historical context of a piece or its relation to the historical setting. For this type of assignment, you may need to do some research.

 Song analysis – In this type of essay, you explore song lyrics’ meaning and show how they work together with the melody.

Performance or media comparison – Here you need to compare several interpretations or performances of one piece of music.

All of these assignments require a different approach and topic. You will find topics for these types of tasks below. (Music Essay Topics)

How to Choose a Music Essay Topic – Music Essays Topics

  1. First things first, you need to find a suitable music essay topic. To accomplish this task, you might want to take the following steps:
  2. Analyze your relationship with music. What role does it play in your life? Your topic choice will be different if you are a musician or merely a listener.
  3. Think about how music influences your everyday life. For instance, you can study how listening to music affects our mental health. Impressing your readers with some historical facts from the world of music is also a great idea.
  4. Try reflecting on the role of different music genres in your life. Whether you prefer rap or classical music, exploring a genre is an excellent topic idea. Topics related to musical instruments are also worth attention.
  5. Narrow your topic down. Otherwise, it will be too difficult to focus your essay on just one idea. (Music Essay Topics)

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How to Write a Music Essay – Music Essays Topics

To write an effective music essay, you must set up your paper correctly with an introduction and thesis statement, then put together at least three body paragraphs that include your main idea in each paragraph. After completing your body paragraphs, craft an argumentative paragraph that provides evidence for your thesis statement and ends with a conclusion that rounds out your essay.

Introduction paragraph

The introduction in your music essay should start with a quote or some type of reference to show the reader that you are familiar with the topic. You should then briefly summarize your main idea and state why it is essential to you or others. Finally, end your introduction by asking a question or introducing an element of doubt that will be answered in the body paragraphs of your essay.

Thesis statement

Craft an argumentative paragraph that provides evidence for your thesis statement. The thesis statement is one of the most important aspects of any essay because it helps inform readers of your point of view on the topic at hand. It should be directly related to your main argument and reflect what you have to say about it.

The body paragraph

Write several body paragraphs, each of which should contain relevant facts, examples, or anecdotes that back up your claims about your thesis statement.

The body paragraphs of your music essay are where you must present all of your arguments and facts. You also need to provide evidence to support .your claims and statements. Then put together at least three body paragraphs that include your main idea in each paragraph.

Argumentative Paragraph

Your argumentative paragraph should present facts and statistics that will support your thesis statement. Furthermore, you must include relevant quotes from famous composers or musicians in your argumentative paragraph since quotes are considered supporting solid materials for any argumentative paper. (Music Essay Topics)

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Conclusion paragraph

The conclusion should restate your thesis and summarize what you have said in the essay. If you are writing a persuasive essay, it’s a good idea to end with a rhetorical question, which prompts readers to think about what you’ve said.

Finally, never forget to proofread

Many writing is done under pressure, and many writers do not proofread their work. This is especially true when students are asked to write essays on topics they know little about or care little about. Don’t let this be you! Always. (Music Essay Topics)

Tips on the Writing Process and How to Select the Best Music Essay Topic – Music Essays Topics

Writing a great music paper depends on how you plan and put together your ideas. You can draft your paper by following the procedure below;

  1. Conducting thorough research: You need to evaluate a variety of topics to discover one that is of great interest to you as well as the readers. You can then consult relevant information from your school library or the internet about the topic.
  2. Planning of the essay content: Do not just get into writing straight away. Ask yourself important questions first. What exactly do you want to include in your introduction, body or the conclusion section of the essay? Clearly indicate this down on paper, and you can use it as a roadmap so you can be able to come up with a nicely organized and interesting essay.
  3. Introduction: You can then start to write the introduction of the essay, make sure the first paragraph clearly brings out the topic and why you are discussing it. The introduction paragraph should end with the thesis statement so you can tell the reader what they should be expecting from the essay.
  4. Body: The paragraphs of the body should express different aspects of your narrow topic. Each paragraph should discuss and present information regarding a separate aspect of the topic.
  5. Conclusion: You can conclude your essay by restating the thesis and summarizing the main points.
  6. Proofread the essay: Revise your paper to make sure you eliminate all mistakes. You can do this several times to be safe. (Music Essay Topics)

 Music Essay Topics

  1. The history of American Southern Rock music.
  2. Genesis as the pioneers of progressive rock.
  3. Romantic nature of Antonio Vivaldi’s music.
  4. How has rap music affected modern social movements?
  5. The perceptions of music by the dolphins.
  6. The use of classical music when teaching autistic children.
  7. Does metal music lead to violent behavior?
  8. How can playing a musical instrument help a person’s mental state?
  9. The use of neuroscience in the creation of synthesized music.
  10. The role of AI-based tools in the creation of musical instruments.
  11. The heritage of Baroque composers.
  12. The role of music education in the United States.
  13. The perception of music by the modern youth.
  14. How can cultural conflicts be settled down with the help of music.
  15. Hans Zimmer – the peculiarities of cinematic soundscapes.
  16. Nirvana and Soundgarden: the history of grunge music.
  17. How the music tastes of our parents and grandparents shaped our taste.
  18. The protest music of Northern Ireland.
  19. Elvis Presley’s cultural heritage.
  20. The perception of music by infants.
  21. The role of musical collaborations during pandemic times.
  22. How has rock music changed since the 70s?
  23. The college underground bands (choose any example).
  24. Exploring the culture of punk rock in the United Kingdom.
  25. The tones and scales of Middle Eastern music.
  26. Why is “praise and worship” a separate genre of music?
  27. The most popular misconceptions about country music in the United States.
  28. How do modern college students perceive classical composers?
  29. John Lennon: from children of the flowers to strong political statements.
  30. The songs of war and protest in the United States.
  31. The use of music for rehabilitation purposes.
  32. Military matters: the presence of music in the military.
  33. Popular music and its effect on the distorted body image model.
  34. Copyright issues and protection of intellectual property.
  35. Has the role of record companies become obsolete?
  36. Why are the physical mediums to produce music still important?
  37. The stress relief through the lens of extreme styles of metal music.
  38. The use of music education in elementary school curriculums.
  39. The sounds of nature for treatment of mental health conditions.
  40. Should music created by the computer be considered art?
  41. The use of music in political campaigns.
  42. Can a person’s character be identified by their musical tastes?
  43. Does playing a musical instrument lead to better writing skills?
  44. Trap music: analysis of the subculture.
  45. Dance and music.
  46. The history of garage rock in the United States.
  47. The history of Moog synthesizer.
  48. Why are Gibson guitars so popular among American youth?
  49. The ethics in the production of music albums.
  50. The use of profanity in rap vs rock music. (Music Essay Topics)

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Music Essay Topics
Music Essay Topics

Music Argumentative Essay Topics – Music Essays Topics

Since the importance of argumentation has already been mentioned, these essay topics on music that pose a clear argument will help you choose something challenging, yet inspiring and competitive:

  1. Can rock stars be a positive influence on young people?
  2. The influence of record companies on the quality of music.
  3. Does social media ruin music?
  4. Does listening to music via streaming services actually help the artists?
  5. K-Pop leads to equality for female and male performers.
  6. The use of vocaloids in music eliminates the necessity for vocals per se.
  7. Hard rock has its roots in classical music.
  8. Should students be provided with assistance when starting a college band?
  9. Should radio stations ban performers with negative and aggressive lyrics?
  10. Christian metal music: pros and cons. (Music Essay Topics)

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World Music Essay Topics – Music Essays Topics

Those who would like to focus on music research paper topics can consider this helpful list:

  1. The peculiarities of Middle Eastern Maqam in music.
  2. The history of blues music and the African American heritage.
  3. The religious significance of Oud for Muslim culture.
  4. Unique rhythmic patterns in South African jazz music.
  5. Sufi music: the devotional aspect.
  6. Percussion and harmonium of music and poetry.
  7. The use of music in Hindi cinema.
  8. Balkan Gypsy performers: from tribal music to modern times.
  9. The history of Klezmer music.
  10. The use of AI-based tools in sampling the world’s instruments.
  11. Discuss the influence of Western Culture on World Music.
  12. Is world music a new phenomenon in the history of music, or has it been around for ages?
  13. Discuss the contributions of Africans to the development of world music.
  14. The cultural exchange between Western and non-Western countries is becoming more evident in today’s world music, but why do you think this is happening now?
  15. How have non-Western cultures influenced western culture and vice versa?
  16. What are some examples of musical instruments used in World Music?
  17. Are there any downsides to musical globalization or benefits?
  18. Are there any controversies surrounding World Music? If so, what are they, and why do they exist?
  19. What does World Music mean to you? What does it represent?
  20. Do you think the popularity of World Music will continue to grow, and if so, why? (Music Essay Topics)

Hip Hop Essay Topics – Music Essays Topics

People always argue about the similarity of hip hop to rap and define it as a sub-genre, yet since its birth in the 1970s, hip hop became a genre of its own by implementing more of disco music than rap alone. Therefore, the subjects that you choose should cover these aspects as well. Here are some bright ideas to consider:

  1. The differences in rapping styles implemented by hip-hop artists.
  2. The importance of clothes for the hip-hop music style.
  3. Old school rap vs modern hip hop.
  4. The culture of graffiti and dance.
  5. How has hip hop shaped the youth of the 90s in the United States?
  6. Commercial success vs staying true to the culture of hip hop.
  7. Is hip-hop music suitable for younger children?
  8. The role of rapping in hip hop music: not an obligatory element.
  9. Hip-hop music as a way to overcome insecurities and low self-esteem.
  10. Distribution of hip-hop music across the world. (Music Essay Topics)

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Related FAQs

1. What is a good topic for music?

Music Essay Topics

  • Compare different recording formats.
  • The purpose of music.
  • Ternary and rondo: compare and contrast.
  • Music as a lifestyle.
  • The benefits of singing.
  • Ethnomusicology as a career.
  • Evolution of the radio.
  • The importance of school musicals.

2. How do I start an essay about music?

Tips for Writing an Essay About Music

  1. Listen and Understand the Music You’re Going to Write About. …
  2. Research the Background Information About the Music. …
  3. Come up with the Skeleton of Your Essay. …
  4. Create a Strong Topic for Your Essay. …
  5. Work on Making Your Introduction Stand Out.

3. What is a good title for a music essay?

Simple & Easy Music Essay Titles

  • Technology and Music Industry.
  • Lucky Dube as the Icon in the Reggae Music Industry.
  • The History of Mambo Music.
  • The Steel Pan Music History.
  • Hip Hop Infiltrates Asian Music Industry.
  • Music as an Independent Art.
  • Music in the United States Culture.
  • Baroque Music: Brandenburg Concerto No.

4. What are the main notes in music?

Most musicians use a standard called the chromatic scale. In the chromatic scale there are 7 main musical notes called A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. They each represent a different frequency or pitch. For example, the “middle” A note has a frequency of 440 Hz and the “middle” B note has a frequency of 494 Hz.

(Music Essay Topics)

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