100+ Best Marketing Research Topics To Choose From

Find out over 100 best marketing research topics that will help you pick the best of the lot and enable you to achieve excellence in the field of marketing.

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If you have enrolled yourself in a marketing course, possibly, you clearly understand the pains of a marketing student. Besides, pursuing marketing requires you to complete several assignments for which you might have to choose exemplary marketing research topics. Since marketing comprises several dimensions, it might put you in a dicey situation if you have to do the assignment.

Moreover, several marketing issues exist in the current world, exploring which might offer you some outstanding marketing research topics. Perhaps, digital marketing is another significant aspect that you might want to consider in your research.

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How to use Marketing Research Topics

Accordingly, any marketing research topics you choose, might convince your audience and drive their interest in your work.

Firstly, you might want to understand your marketing objectives as well as develop a powerful foundation. Also, you might select a marketing company, and based on its objectives and requirement, you might choose your research topic.

Secondly, you make use of your analytical thinking to understand your audience’s interest area. For instance, you might choose a successful product in the market or twist an old product to do your assignment.

Thirdly, you might consider questioning your audience because your audience is using your products. Since your audience is using your products first hand, you might ask them the product type they need or demand.

Lastly, product audit is another alternative that you might consider while choosing your marketing research topics. Perhaps, you might select marketing research topics that are very narrow or very broad, depending on your industry’s position.

How to write Marketing Research Topics?

Of course, a marketing dissertation is not similar to an essay, hence you might not endlessly drift on it. Also, you need evidence to claim your key arguments as well as ensure to have examples and references to back your claim.

However, this is possible only if you conduct comprehensive research on the subject through the internet. Besides internet has extensive information for you to explore, yet you might ensure acknowledge sufficient data before starting your thesis. Furthermore, you might prepare a draft and show it to your professor, obtaining their green signal.

Thus, you might ensure that your work is on the right track and get the chance of improving your mistakes.

Marketing Research Topics

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Amazing Marketing Research Topics

  1. Offshore marketing and the evaluation of best distribution strategies for new companies.
  2. Marketing distribution channels and the mistakes you might avoid.
  3. Online shopping in China- Discuss its influence as well as opportunities.
  4. Starbucks’s international market-entry strategy- Review.
  5. E-shopping cart in the E-commerce industry- Discuss its abandonment.
  6. The impact of augmented reality on your marketing experience.
  7. Impulsive buying exploitation- Role of a brand.
  8. German Christmas Markets promotion- Role of the social media.
  9. The development and execution of investment banking in developing markets.
  10. The impact of European financial supervision on cross-border financial investment.
  11. Consumer purchase decision and the influence of e-marketing.
  12. Customer buying behavior and the sensory marketing role.
  13. Gender influence on the business startups.
  14. Analyze the significance of leadership and culture in organizational change.
  15. Case study of Nike- Evaluate the role of CSR.

Marketing Research Topics for the Experts

  1. HRM and the importance of motivation- Discuss the most motivating factors for future leaders.
  2. The influence of performance management for both huge and diversified organizations.
  3. Supply chain management and the impact of Information Technology.
  4. UK’s manufacturing sector case study- Total Quality Management as a competitive benefit.
  5. Logistic management and its inherent risks- Identify the strategies to reduce it.
  6. Supply chain management and the role of ICT.
  7. A deeper look at Facebook- Applying the marketing mix.
  8. Role of CSR in brand development.
  9. Conventional business marketing techniques and dimensions.
  10. Elaborate on the market segmentation.
  11. Black Friday as a sales driver- Is it effective?
  12. Young adults and the customer’s satisfaction- Evaluate the factors.
  13. Uber versus Netflix- Compare the new market-entry strategies.
  14. The negative impact of advertising on children.

Good Scoring Marketing Research Topics

  1. Radio as a good advertising technique in the current time- Evaluate the statement.
  2. Benefits of a smartphone to understand customer thinking.
  3. Is display marketing sinking? What is your viewpoint?
  4. Relevance of leadership in a marketing team.
  5. Product labels and the significance of the customer’s attention.
  6. Advertising and the application of humor.
  7. Loyalty program as a marketing tool- Evaluate the statement.
  8. The impact of a women’s behavior on their buying behavior.
  9. Application of technology in modern marketing.
  10. Wedding suits and the impact of consumer buying behavior.
  11. Exploring the marketing issues of a family-owned business.
  12. The impact of advertisements on consumer behaviors.
  13. Significance of studying consumer behavior in an international business.
  14. How a customer might protect himself from the impact of direct marketing.
  15. Analyze the recent trends in online marketing.
  16. Telemarketing- Evaluate the concept.

Influential Marketing Research Topics

  1. The influence of globalization on the consumer’s behavior.
  2. Business sales and marketing research- How it relates to one another?
  3. Relevance of Corporate Social Responsibility in brand development.
  4. How to increase your followers on Instagram?
  5. Analyze the most effective techniques to produce leads.
  6. Significance of CSR- Adidas Group.
  7. Identify the most powerful promotion techniques.
  8. Coca-Cola and its consumer’s behavior.
  9. Briefly explain the content promotion of Pinterest.
  10. Tips to develop engaging content.
  11. Benefits of following competitors in the social media platform.
  12. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of social media platforms.
  13. E-Mail marketing- Analyze the significance of an email in marketing.
  14. Video marketing is a new marketing trend- Review the statement.
  15. Is influencer marketing the most powerful form of marketing?

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Top-Notch Marketing Research Topics

  1. Social media and its give-away technique- Is it worth it?
  2. Business to consumer marketing, social media marketing, and advertising- Pros and Cons.
  3. Instagram versus Facebook- Which is a better marketing platform?
  4. Small business products versus popular business products- A comparative analysis in its quality.
  5. Lead generation from Facebook versus lead generation from Instagram- A comparative analysis.
  6. The impact of Brexit on the UK’s financial institutions.
  7. Social media management and marketing.
  8. Multinational company’s distribution system versus small-scale company’s distribution system- A comparative analysis.
  9. How Facebook helps a business to grow?
  10. Buying products online- What do the customers look for?
  11. Discuss the best remarketing strategies for small-scale companies.

Impactful Marketing Research Topics

  1. Analyze the influence of celebrity endorsement on ROI for the CPG brands.
  2. Discuss the steps to implement Efficiency e-CRM.
  3. The influence of Automated Service Interaction in retaining the existing customers as well as attracting new ones.
  4. Evaluate the importance of organizational support programs to improve employee behavior and performance outcome.
  5. Supply chain challenges and trends- The influence of globalization and the digital revolution.
  6. Study the influence of multinational trade agreements on the growth of developing economies.
  7. Attitude and perception of UK’s shareholders making an investment in developing markets.
  8. Factors promoting Foreign Direct Investment in the Asian economies- Analyze the case study of India.
  9. Consumer purchase decision and the influence of e-marketing- Discuss the case study of India.

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Marketing Research Topics
Marketing Research Topics

Final Marketing Research Topics List

  1. The impact of UK’s policies for online marketing.
  2. How marketing content in online marketing gets viral?
  3. Analyze the functions of mobile marketing.
  4. Internet security and online marketing.
  5. Which social media platform is the best for baby products?
  6. Social media and the survival of a business.
  7. Significance of competitor’s analysis in marketing a brand.
  8. Political campaigns and brand marketing.
  9. Centralized marketing and international brands- Is it a good idea?
  10. Brand salience and in-store branding.
  11. Social class and the distinction of a company’s service.
  12. Explain the concept of Artificial Intelligence in marketing.
  13. The influence of advertising on the recession period.
  14. The fashion industry and its marketing strategy.
  15. The impact of Covid-19 on the global economy.
  16. How television advertisement does impacts the customer’s top mood?
  17. Impact of Covid-19 on marketing endeavors of the organization
  18. How the emergence of Covid-19 affects business communities
  19. How the emergence of Covid-19 influences marketing activities
  20. Brand promotion and the use of celebrities- Discuss its impact on the ROI.

Related FAQs

1. What are some good research topics in marketing?

Here are a few research paper areas that you can explore:

  1. Distribution.
  2. Consumer Behavior.
  3. Relationship Marketing.
  4. Brand Management.
  5. Nonprofit Marketing.
  6. Market Segmentation & Targeting.
  7. Internet Marketing.
  8. Marketing Planning & Forecasting.

2.How do you write a marketing research paper?

Now, here are some concrete steps and guidelines for writing a marketing research report.

  1. Step 1: Cluster the Data.
  2. Step 2: Prepare an Outline.
  3. Step 3: Mention the Research Methods.
  4. Step 4: Include Visuals With Narrative Explanation.
  5. Step 5: Conclude the Report With Recommendations

3. What are the 7 types of marketing research?

  1. Customer decision journey.
  2. Pricing.
  3. Competitive analysis.
  4. Brand awareness.
  5. Marketing message testing.
  6. Market segmentation.
  7. Product development.

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