60+ Best Macroeconomics Term Paper Topics

This article covers over 60 Macroeconomics Term Paper Topics to write about.

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All finance students are required to take the macroeconomics course throughout their studies. Although the subject is crucial and useful, it is pretty challenging. In particular, it can become a problem if you want to nail an original macroeconomics project. Topics to write about can be tricky to find for students regardless of their school level.

 What Is Macroeconomics?

Of course, you could go straight away to the essay ideas search. But are you familiar with essential economic terms? If no, then the topic selection process can turn into huge trouble.

 Macroeconomics & Microeconomics

In essence, macroeconomics and microeconomics are two fundamental parts of economic science. They perfectly complement each other and provide a wide range of opportunities for economists. Nevertheless, the microeconomic and macroeconomic objectives differ to a great extent.

Macroeconomics is a field of economics that studies the economic performance of countries. Employing it, governments can analyze the financial situation within a country. Macroeconomic theory’s concepts help to predict and prevent possible economic obstacles. Generally, the field presents the big picture. That is to say, it shows the economic development on a national and international level.

In contrast, microeconomics focuses on specific firms or companies. It analyzes the business owners’ decision-making process. Microeconomics does not interact with the national or even international economic problems. It mainly investigates enterprises and their internal issues.


For many students, settling on a heading for their macroeconomics research paper is quite challenging. If you’re struggling with the same, we have useful tips for you.

Learn them out below.

Check Assignment Requirements

The first thing to do is to go through your macroeconomics research paper specifications. This way, you can identify the topics that best fulfill what is required by your teacher. If you’re unsure about anything, consult your professor.

Identify Exciting Topics

Always go for macroeconomics topics that pique your interest. Working with such headings ensures that you stay engaged throughout the assignment writing process. And when you don’t lose interest in your assignment while working on it, you’ll craft a compelling work.

Examine the Scope of Your Title

You want your heading to be just right, a perfect balance between narrow and broad. If your title is too narrow-focused, you’ll find it challenging to find supporting facts and figures.

On the other hand, if it is too broad, it’ll be tricky finding info that is focused and relevant.

Choose a Topic that You Have a Background in

Don’t pick a macroeconomics topic that you haven’t done a course in or have prior knowledge of. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of time reading on the macroeconomics topic before doing the actual research. Choose such topics only if you have enough time to do the preliminary reading.

Consult Before Making a Final Decision

You don’t want to work hard on a macroeconomics research paper to hear negative feedback about your topic.

So, once you have decided on a topic, ensure that you consult more experienced individuals. If not your supervisor, approach a lecturer who you trust to give you the go-ahead.

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Macroeconomics Term Paper Topics
Macroeconomics Term Paper Topics

Economics Research Paper Topics & Ideas

  1. Economic incentives for environmental protection and sustainable resource use
  2. Utilitarianism and corporate social responsibility
  3. Natural resources management: a case study of the US
  4. Which country should the US invest in, Australia or Mexico?
  5. The quality of living: the biggest economic challenges of the past decade
  6. Why do the wages grow so slowly compared to productivity?
  7. Economic growth in Kenya: causes & effects
  8. Does having a college education mean higher wages?
  9. Oil prices impacts on consumer behavior in Turkey
  10. What are the major root causes of wage stagnation?
  11. Climate change and international trade
  12. The ways unions protect workers’ rights and wages
  13. Decline in oil prices: causes & effects
  14. How do changing monetary policies influence the workers’ living standards?
  15. Unemployment of the youth in Saudi Arabia
  16. Globalization: the benefits of the excellent trade agreement for workers
  17. Modern imperialism and economic globalization
  18. The most effective methods of controlling currency manipulations
  19. Low-cost economy: companies benefits and drawbacks
  20. How do different countries regulate unpaid overtime?
  21. The role of corporate lobbyists in American future
  22. In what ways the current retirement program is unfair?
  23. Child labor role in westernization and globalization
  24. Public opinion matters: suggestions to improve social security in the US
  25. The role of Swiss Gold Referendum
  26. Great Recession and its effect on unemployment rates nowadays
  27. Adam Smith and his revolutionary ideas
  28. The failing of the housing sector as an economy’s issue
  29. The rise of interest rates in South Africa: causes & effects
  30. How to secure workers’ benefits and protect the environment at the same time?
  31. Hedging strategies: restrictions and problems
  32. The issue of ethnic minorities as workers in the US economy
  33. World Trade Organization and Doha Declaration
  34. Income inequality and its correlation with the minimum wage
  35. Poverty as a worldwide economic issue
  36. How does the minimum wage affect the economy: a case study?
  37. Advantages of globalization
  38. What are the main differences between underemployment and unemployment?
  39. The issues of exploitation & underpayment of wages
  40. Studying the effect of long-term unemployment on the economy
  41. The pace of US Federal Reserve tapering
  42. Great Recession: still fighting off the poverty
  43. The pace of US Federal Reserve tapering
  44. Pros and cons of the immigrant workers for the US economy
  45. Industrialization in the USA: causes & effects
  46. What would be the effects of free health insurance: a case study
  47. Tariffs on car imports in Ukraine
  48. The sustainable economy in the future: managerial approaches
  49. The concept of perfect competition: theory & practice
  50. The effect of economic inequality on the learning outcome of students
  51. Inlation 9n Malaysia: causes & effects
  52. What is the connection between the living standards and financial situation?
  53. Post-materialism lifestyles in the time of globalization
  54. Renewable energy and economic growth: the future of our world
  55. International legal and ethical issues in business
  56. Federal budget as a tool: a case study
  57. Real estate investments in Germany: political and legal factors to consider
  58. What are the economic tools to study the benefits of alternative actions considering environmental issues?
  59. The US economy: main trends
  60. What are the effects of the economy on the social aspects of the US?
  61. Economic stakeholders and their role in change-making
  62. Economy functions: production, consumption, distribution
  63. What are the responsibilities of the president in the field of the economy?
  64. The factors of economic success in the 21st century
  65. The role of macroeconomic policies in microeconomics: a qualitative research
  66. Labor economics: the campaign of Obama
  67. How to determine a growing economy: a case study?
  68. The US macroeconomics after the 2008 economic crisis
  69. The correlation between technological development and economic growth
  70. Singapore globalization: criteria and ranks

Related FAQs

1. What are the topics in macroeconomics?

Macroeconomists study topics such as GDP (Gross Domestic Product), unemployment (including unemployment rates), national income, price indices, output, consumption, inflation, saving, investment, energy, international trade, and international finance.

2. What are the 3 major concerns of macroeconomics?

Macroeconomics focuses on three things: National output, unemployment, and inflation.

3. What are the 5 macroeconomic objectives?

High and sustainable economic growth. Price stability. Full employment. Balance of payments equilibrium.

4. What are examples of macroeconomics?

Examples of macroeconomic factors include economic outputs, unemployment rates, and inflation. These indicators of economic performance are closely monitored by governments, businesses and consumers alike.

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