200+ Top Literature Research Topics / Literary Research Topics

This article covers more than 200 top-notch Literature Research Topics which you can go through abd select the one that best suits your interest.

Literary research paper topics are among the most interesting to write about. Books are the best teachers for most learners. Students love reading interesting literature books, but, when asked to write research papers, most students have difficulties choosing their topics.

That’s because many issues can be investigated and written about.

For instance, literary topics can be about characters’ personalities in certain works. They can also be about particular characteristics of specific literary genres.

Learners can also choose literary analysis topics that focus on the life story of famous writers or poets. But, regardless of what a learner opts to write about, they should choose interesting topics.

What is Literary Research?

To select suitable literary research topics, first, it would be important to understand the meaning of literary research. Also, if you don’t understand its meaning, then it would be problematic for you to choose the appropriate topics.

A literary research paper is different from other types of papers. In a literary research paper, the viewpoints of other people are not important, but the interpretation made by the person writing the research paper plays a crucial role.

A major portion of the paper would include the interpretation of the author, the language, visuals, rhythm, structure, choice of words, repetitions, and the portrayal of characters, feelings, places, and events.

Also, the core task of the writer here would be to evaluate the literature piece and offer his interpretation on the same or even by taking a stance to write the paper. 

Tips for Brainstorming Essay Writing Prompts

1) Writing a good research paper will require extensive research. Read up on the topic and highlight any facts or statistics that catch your eye.

2) Write down any questions that come to your mind while doing this research. Also, add any thoughts from class discussions or lectures.

3) Brainstorm connections between facts, questions, and your initial thoughts.

4) Write down any exciting connections you find between sources of inspiration for your essay.

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Literature Research Topics

Best Literature Research Topics

Getting an ideal literature research paper topic can consume a lot of time. In this category, you will get some of the best literature research topics.

  1. Discuss the American dream in literature.
  2. How do religion and literature correlate?
  3. Discuss the “stream of consciousness” style of literature.
  4. Examine artificial languages in literature.
  5. How is mythology termed in literature?
  6. Discuss why Harry Potter became that popular.
  7. Is it advisable for literature to be gendered?
  8. Evaluate between utopian and dystopian literature.
  9. Discuss the work of Shakespeare.
  10. How can you rate the feminist literature – does it have a ground?
  11. Evaluate the impact of the work of Shakespeare.
  12. Can fan fiction be considered an independent part of literature?
  13. How do clichés work in literature
  14. How are the Byronic characters in literature?
  15. Discuss the good and evil of studying literature.
  16. The literary work during WWI
  17. Evaluate the portrayal of war and peace by George Orwell.
  18. The correlation between psychology and literature.
  19. How is the construction of social identity?
  20. How can you describe the settler nationhood and the wilderness in North American poetry?
  21. Why does place matters to a poet?
  22. Evaluate travel writing in the 20th century and 21st century.
  23. The influence of animals in children’s literature.
  24. Evaluate the importance of humor in children’s literature.
  25. Discuss the best children’s novels from 1900.
  26. How does young adult literature represent disability?
  27. How to read to under five years old children to develop relationships and imaginations?
  28. Evaluate the modern novel and psychology.
  29. Define the cross-disciplinary boundaries between archaeology and English literature.
  30. Evaluate the 19th-century novel and science.
  31. Evaluate how history is important in deciphering modern literature.
  32. How is philosophy important to literature.
  33. English Literature Research Paper Topics
  34. In English literature, it focuses on how various novels, classics, or books are written to explain a certain phenomenon. Here are some literature topics that you can start with:
  35. Evaluate the methods of teaching English literature.
  36. Investigate modern Indian literature in English translation.
  37. Evaluate women writers and the survey of English literature.
  38. Investigate the impact of the Bible on English literature.
  39. Evaluate the impact of the Classics on Literature.
  40. Define the scope of English literature in Educating people.
  41. Explain the influence of Darwin on Literature.
  42. Explain medieval English literature.
  43. Examine Women studies and Feminism in India.
  44. Evaluate the short history of the Norton Anthology of the English language.
  45. Evaluate the English Renaissance study.
  46. Investigate medieval feminism in middle English Studies.
  47. Evaluate women in Indian English Literature.
  48. Discuss feminism and modern Indian literature.
  49. Discuss the evolution of English in North America.

Interesting Literature Topics

Did you know that there are interesting literature topics? They deal with the evolution of literature and how it has grown till the present time.

Thinking of literature topics for a research paper is challenging, so here are some more options.

  1. How can you term irony and sarcasm in literature?
  2. How can literature be termed as an instrument of propaganda?
  3. Discuss madness in literature.
  4. The influence of trickster characters in literature.
  5. Discuss travel writing in the 20th century.
  6. Evaluate narrative nature and verse since 1900.
  7. How has city living changed since 1900?
  8. Evaluate literature as part of modern culture.
  9. How are social issues exposed in literature?
  10. The relation between literature and psychology.
  11. The influence of European culture in the Midwest literature.
  12. The differences between the literature of different countries.
  13. The effect of European culture on modern literature.
  14. The impact of feminism on modern culture.
  15. Evaluate Japanese literature in the 20th century.

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Literature Research Topics
Literature Research Topics

Great World Literature Research Topics

Perhaps, you’ve been asked to write a literature research paper with a global perspective.

Well, here are some of the literary analysis research paper topics that you can consider.

  1. Explain how the supernatural and spirituality help in furthering the development of the plot in the Latin American literature of the early 20th century.
  2. What themes are common in the Japanese poems of the early 20th century? How do they differ from those of the early 19th century?
  3. Compare the early Chinese literature works and European literary works of the middle ages. How different or alike are they?
  4. How were the European literary works in the early 20th century shaped by the revolutionary works of Engels and Marx? What examples can demonstrate this influence?
  5. Explain how the Muslim philosophers’ work of the 15th century led to new ideas and inventions across the globe.
  6. Compare and contrast different anti-British works that originated in India in the 19th century with pro-colonialist works that came from England at the same time.
  7. How did the nightmarish utopian future ideas of Aldous Huxley influence the modern-day science fiction writers across the world?
  8. Explain how the Antigone play by Sophocles deals with the conflict between the central characters while relating to the state laws and individual conscience.
  9. How are the sentiments of the authors reflected in Animal Farm by George Orwell and concerns about the October Revolution?
  10. Explain some of the examples of the literary fiction pieces that have shaped cultures in the world. Have historic, societal, and cultural factors played some roles in shaping these literature pieces?
  11. Being a prolific writer in the early and mid 19th century, Charles Dickens’s works were published in serialized forms. How and why has this approach become less fashionable?
  12. Compare and contrast the early Japanese literature works and the early Chinese literature works. How do they differ in terms of values and culture?
  13. Explain how comedy differs in literature across cultures. What comedy appeared in the early theatrical performances and it’s still present in modern literature?
  14. Analyze chivalry and honor critically in the Green Knight and Sir Gawain. What are the qualities of these works from a similar period?
  15. Compare and contrast the Odyssey and Iliad by Homer the Ancient Greek. Explain how cultures across the world have adapted the themes presented in the poem.

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Best Literary Research Topics for the University Students

  1. Influence of digital media on the traditional literary forms.
  2. Importance of reading behavior on the development of literature.
  3. Analyzing the challenges of the publishing industry.
  4. Influence of digital media on the consumption and dissemination of literature resources.
  5. How to win the hearts of the intellectual people with reading?
  6. Interrelations and patterns existing between fables and human stories
  7. How domestic violence and sexual abuse portrayed in novels and short stories?
  8. Violence and women in Raymond Carver’s stories
  9. How digital innovations changed the global literature?
  10. Impact of literature on the development of civilization, political system and justice system

British Literature Research Paper Topics

Students have many topics to choose from when it comes to British literature essay topics. Here are some of the best literature topics from the works of British authors.

  1. Discuss Victorian England’s picture with the works of Charles Dickens in mind
  2. Discuss the theme of Orphans with the Oliver Twist character in mind
  3. Explain how British Literature has influenced different cultures
  4. Explain how British literature has addressed gender issues
  5. Explain how King Lear highlights differences between anti-heroes and villains
  6. Explain William Shakespeare’s personality- Highlight facts and myths
  7. Choose two famous British novels and then compare characters in them
  8. Explain the viewpoint of different writers about the Utopian civilization idea
  9. With Harry Potter books in mind, explain why some literature books are considered classics
  10. Explain how love and romantic love are presented in Charlotte Bronte works
  11. Explain how modern literary works have been affected by the Victorian period works
  12. Discuss the adultery theme in Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne
  13. Who are the main characters in Lake Poets’ works?
  14. Explain how violent imagery was used in World War I poetry
  15. Explain talent as a theme in Milton’s on His Blindness
  16. Explain innocence loss in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies
  17. Explain the theme of individualism versus collectivism in Oliver Twist
  18. Explain why the popularity of detective novels increased in the XIX century
  19. What role did supernatural play in Macbeth: a case study of three witches
  20. Class demarcation in XVII century- The vengeance theme

Literature Research Paper Topics for College Students

Are you a college student looking for an ideal literature research paper? Here are some topics for you!

  1. Provide your understanding of censorship in American Literature.
  2. Evaluate black American women writers and their influence on the world.
  3. Architectural imagery in 20th century African American literature.
  4. How do characters lose their innocence in literature?
  5. The different modes of communication in literature.
  6. The conversation of American Sign Language in literature.
  7. How are dialects and death shown in literature?
  8. How does Literature portray American culture?
  9. How does self-verification occur in African American Literature?
  10. The generational divide and impact on modern literature.
  11. The establishment of traditional excellence.
  12. Explore the modern literature.
  13. How can you define masculinity in literature?
  14. The impact of World War I on American literature.
  15. The significance of African American literature addressing the black experience.
  16. The male and female characters in Beowulf.
  17. The relationship between mother and daughter in Beloved.

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Literature Research Topics
Literature Research Topics

Literacy Research Topics for Debate

  1. Did the lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic create an impact on American Literature?
  2. Should the government be blamed for not inculcating reading habits among its citizens?
  3. Analyzing the influence of humans and technology on print media.
  4. Can there be a book review without bias?
  5. Is American literature an incentive of violence?
  6. Are there any restrictions or barriers for female authors?
  7. Freedom of speech and expression and its misuse by authors

Most Trending Literacy Research Topics

  1. Life of a poet in the innovative era.
  2. Recent types of copyrights in the technological era.
  3. Analyzing the collision between religion and literature.
  4. Influence of culture on literature in the American perspective.
  5. Role of literature in shaping the morals of society.

Unique and Fresh Ideas of Literary Research Topics

  1. The policy of English in African literary content.
  2. What is the role of leadership in literature?
  3. Evaluate the methods that have been used to create styles in the literature.
  4. Analyze the impact of Asian theaters on conventional literature.
  5. Do you think literature has made any development from the past to the current time?
  6. How can language diversity impact the growth of a country?
  7. Explain the importance of revolution and music.
  8. The provocations made by language on national development.
  9. The distinction between grammatical theories and linguistic theories.
  10. Discuss the communication mediums used in the field of literature.
  11. Importance of a sentence structure in literature.
  12. Societal norms versus personal happiness in Victorian literature.
  13. Assessing word development in literature.
  14. Impact of a native language on the selection of a second language for a person.
  15. Literature of different countries of Europe.
  16. The best literary masterpiece of all time.
  17. Famous women in literature.
  18. Discussing the personality of Don Quixote.
  19. Comprehensive analysis of European literature.
  20. Medieval time in Europe- Critical Analysis.
  21. The specifications of Irish Poetry.
  22. Compare and contrast US classical literature and European literature.
  23. Most powerful social problems in modern times.
  24. What is the role of ethnicity in literature?
  25. The specifications of travel writing in 2021.
  26. American dream in literature- Discuss its significance.
  27. What is the “stream of consciousness” in literature?
  28. Do you think literature should be gendered?
  29. Analysis between dystopian and utopian literature.
  30. How would you rate the feminist concept in literature?
  31. Evaluate the way in which clichés functions in literature.
  32. Describe the Byronic characters in literature.
  33. Elaborate on the languages developed in the literature.
  34. Analyze Japanese literature in the 20th
  35. Explain cultural production in the context of Latino writers.
  36. Learn about the most popular work of Ernest Hemingway.
  37. What do you mean by madness in literature?
  38. Change in the life of a city since 1900.
  39. Portraying the life of a city- Development.
  40. The transformations made in verse and narrative from 1900.
  41. African literary journalism.
  42. The rites of reaching adulthood- Literary journalism.
  43. The role played by names in the children’s literature.
  44. What did Oliver Twist state on individualism?
  45. Lost in the Funhouse- Significance of fiction.
  46. How can reading develop the imagination of a child?
  47. Role of an artificial language in the literature work.
  48. Few Unforgettable Topics
  49. Drawbacks of ignorance in a novel.
  50. The significance of graphics in WWI poetry.
  51. Sonnet on His Blindness by John Milton- Key theme.
  52. The emergence of detective novels in British literature.
  53. What is the connection between soul and sin?
  54. Significance of unconditional love in the world of poetry.
  55. Influence of war and peace on poetry.
  56. Learning about the comfort after death comfort.
  57. Significance of comedy in Western literature.
  58. Is literature a part of Western literature?

American Literature Research Paper Topics

Some teachers ask students to choose American literature research topics for certain reasons. If asked to write on such topics, here are some of the American literature research paper topics to consider.

  1. Analyze key aspects of American ideology, particularly in the literature written before the 20th century.
  2. Determine thematic concerns and literary styles of the major historical period of American literature between the colonial period and post-modernism.
  3. Show the American identity uniqueness of texts
  4. Propose connections between the American literature concerns and themes in the larger historical development and social issues that face the present world
  5. Examine major concerns and themes that reappear across the American literature
  6. Highlight the major themes in Absalom, Absalom by William Faulkner
  7. Explain the African American Experience on female authors like Alice Walker, Zora Neal Hurston, and Toni Morrison
  8. Explain the predominant theme in The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton
  9. Explain how Jonathan Edwards epitomizes Puritan definitions in his sermons
  10. Explain the use of historical personalities and events by Washington Irving as the background for his works
  11. The Crucible demonstrates how a community can be torn apart by hysteria. Explain
  12. Explain how Sylvia Plath demonstrates the social pressure faced by women in the 1960s in the Bell Jar.
  13. Explain how John Knowles demonstrates the impact of war on everyone
  14. Explain the strong belief in the education power by Maya Angelou as depicted in I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
  15. Explain how Thornton Wilder conveys life as a gift in Our Town
  16. Discuss the themes of anger and pity in the Grapes of Wrath
  17. Explain how Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck portrays the Great Depression struggles
  18. Discuss the portrayal of the unconquerable spirit in Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway.
  19. Plays by Eugene O’Neil are tragically realistic. Explain
  20. God is humanized in The Creation poem by James Weldon Johnson. Explain

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Related FAQs

1. What are the top research topics in literature?

Top Literature Research Topics: Heroes And Characters. Many students believe that it is easier to write an essay about a certain person or character rather than a particular trend in literature. By the way, creating an academic paper about a hero requires being precise and sticking to the chosen topic.

2. What is the purpose of literary studies?

Literary study encompasses a whole range of practices that sometimes work together and sometimes against each other with the goal of understanding how literature was/is created, how it produces meaning, for whom, to what effect, impacted by what cultural practices, etc.

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