John Keats was a British romantic poet who lived a very short life at

John Keats was a British romantic poet who lived a very short life at the turn of the 18th century.  Dying of tuberculosis at the age of 26, Keats had only been writing seriously for about six years, and yet he left behind a wealth of beautiful poetry.  Before writing an essay on John Keats, read reliable sources on Keats such as biographies and criticisms of his works.  When reading biographies of Keats, keep an anthology of Keats’ work on hand so that quick reference can be made to poems as they are mentioned in the biographies.  Writing essays on John Keats or any poet involves carefully analyzing a poet’s work as it relates to the things that were going on in his life at the time.

To see how other students have accomplished this task, read works on other poets such as essays on Robert Frost, essays on Langston Hughes, and essays on Sylvia Plath, as well as other papers on John Keats.,Since Keats lived such a very short life, it may be possible for an essay on John Keats to cover his entire life in the  essay.  However, it may be more desirable for the essay on John Keats to focus on one or two poems that relate to a single episode or period in the poet’s life.  For example, Keats made a gift of his poem “Bright Star” to Fanny Brawne for whom he apparently had deep feelings, even though his poor financial prospects precluded their ever getting married.  Essays on John Keats may show that as Keats neared the end of his life, suffering with the terrible effects of tuberculosis and obsessing over his ill-fated love affair, his turmoil evidenced itself in anguished poetry such as “La Belle Dame sans Merci”.,Other approaches to essays on John Keats may involve examinations of Keats’ style or how he was influenced by classical literature or by his contemporaries and friends such as Lord Byron and Percy Bysshe Shelley.

If your instructor approves, you may choose to compare the life and poetry of Keats and one of his contemporaries in your essay on John Keats.,Michelangelo’s “David” is a prominent sculpture known for centuries all over the world. This masterpiece of the biblical hero was created by Michelangelo when he was just 26 years old. Essays on Michelangelo’s masterpiece “David” discuss the background of the statue, and the description, conservation and location of the statue.,Works of art are full of meaning and inspiration so it is very helpful to read papers on other masterpieces such as descriptive essays on Leonardo da Vinci’s “Monalisa”, descriptive essays on the Sistine Chapel and descriptive papers on the Taj Mahal to learn how to write quality essays on Michelangelo’s masterpiece “David”. By reading sources on Michelangelo’s masterpiece “David” as well as reading examples of essays on Michelangelo’s masterpiece “David”, you gain knowledge about the meaning and purpose of the masterpiece.,Essays on Michelangelo’s masterpiece “David” should begin with a brief discussion of the life and works of the artist. It is very inspiring to note in essays on Michelangelo’s masterpiece “David” that this work of genius along with the Pieta was achieved by Michelangelo before he even turned thirty. Essays on Michelangelo’s masterpiece “David” should then discuss the background of the statue, explaining that it was a project that was left unfinished by Agostino di Duccio. The statue is a symbol of liberty and an inspiration for everyone in Florence. The full description of how the statue was made and what  it looks like should follow in essays on Michelangelo’s masterpiece “David”.

A deranged man once attempted to destroy the statue with a hammer, thus the conservation measures done by restorers to avoid any more damage should be discussed as well. Finally, essays on Michelangelo’s masterpiece “David” should also discuss the Accademia Gallery as the home of “David” along with other works of art, not only for conservation purposes but also as a museum for Michelangelo’s other masterpieces.,Skyscrapers, as we know them today, are a fairly recent phenomenon, though man has been trying to reach the heavens with towers since the Tower of Babel episode chronicled in the book of Genesis.  Feats of building prowess can be seen in ancient structures such as the Egyptian pyramids, but, as research papers on skyscrapers will show, since the pyramids were not intended to be inhabited on a daily basis by live humans, they do not fit the modern day definition of a skyscraper.,Students writing research papers on skyscrapers will want to recount the history of skyscrapers.  In classical Rome, high-rise towers grew to 10-plus stories, while in the 12th century, European cities were known to have a multitude of high-rise buildings, two of which survive today as the Two Towers of Bologna.

These towers – the tallest of which is 319 feet – have survived many natural disasters, fires and wars.,As a basic study in architecture, research papers on skyscrapers should report on building techniques.  Modern techniques have seen the construction of skyscrapers move from load-bearing masonry to steel frame construction in which walls are suspended from the frames.  Most skyscrapers today are built from reinforced concrete.  Besides basic construction, outstanding examples of architecture seen in skyscrapers should be delineated in research papers on skyscrapers. Studying papers on other great works of architecture will give the student a solid background from which to draw when writing research papers on skyscrapers. In addition to other papers on skyscrapers, descriptive essays on the Sistine Chapel and the Taj Mahal are a good place to begin research.,For success in the actual writing of research papers on skyscrapers, the student might well peruse research papers on other topics such as research papers on Egyptian art. Making use of available materials and reliable sources on skyscrapers will help students produce successful research papers on skyscrapers.,Plato was a Greek philosopher known for his association with many brilliant things, like Platonism, the Academy and his Socratic dialogues. “Meno” was one of the Socratic dialogues written by Plato to define virtue. An analysis of Plato’s “Meno” provides an overview, and discusses its characters, themes and definition of virtue.,A brief explanation of how Plato was a student of Socrates, and how this affected his learning and experiences, can serve as an interesting introduction for an analysis of Plato’s “Meno”. The fact that the Socratic dialogues wherein the main character is Socrates are mainly discussions on moral and philosophical problems using the Socratic Method should be noted in an analysis of Plato’s “Meno”. An overview of the dialogue “Meno” which discusses the style used in writing and the use of Socrates as the main speaker should follow in an analysis of Plato’s “Meno”.

The characters Meno and Socrates should then be described and analyzed in an analysis of Plato’s “Meno”. It is also important to analyze the part where Socrates has a dialogue with Meno’s slave  in an analysis of Plato’s “Meno” as well. The themes of virtue, knowledge and true belief should be discussed and explained next in an analysis of Plato’s “Meno”. Lastly, an analysis of Plato’s “Meno” should define virtue as explained by Socrates in the dialogue.,A thorough understanding of the subject should be acquired by consulting reliable sources on Plato’s “Meno” as well as reading examples of analyses of Plato’s “Meno” to be able to compose a quality paper about it. It is also useful to read other analytical essays on literary works such as an analysis of the Gospel of John, analytical essays on Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” and analytical essays on Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” to get ideas and to become familiar with the proper format to apply to your own paper.,The heart is a very important organ since it is responsible for pumping blood to the other parts of the body. When the heart fails to perform this task many other bodily functions fail as well.

When the heart is not taken care of, it will develop certain diseases that will affect the body to certain degrees. Research papers on heart disease provide an overview, discuss the types of heart diseases and their causes, signs and symptoms, diagnosis and medication.,The heart may seem like a small organ but its parts and functions are vital to the body’s overall function.  Thus one should be concerned when certain conditions are felt which affect the heart. It is very important to learn about these by reading reliable sources on heart disease as well as examples of research papers on heart disease. In addition, reading papers such as essays on cardiovascular health, essays on heart failure and research papers on automated external defibrillators to learn more about the heart, how to take care of it and apply your knowledge, will help you to write research papers on heart disease.,Research papers on heart disease should provide an overview of what heart disease entails as an introduction. Heart disease refers to any condition that affects the heart, and it is the foremost cause of death in most countries. The different types of heart diseases, including coronary heart disease, cardiomyopathy, cardiovascular disease, ischaemic heart disease, heart failure, hypertensive heart disease, inflammatory heart disease and valvular heart disease, should be discussed in research papers on heart disease. The causes of heart disease are very important discussions in research papers on heart disease to educate people that smoking, hypertension, diabetes and a sedentary lifestyle can cause heart disease. Next, research papers on heart disease should discuss its signs and symptoms which include cold sweat, weakness, nausea, chest pains and heart attacks. Lastly, diagnosis and medication should be discussed and explained in research papers on heart disease.,Waiting for the right moment to have sex, making it special and saving oneself for the right one, and doing it after marriage have all been such clichés. It is immoral and forbidden in some countries but as the years have gone by, it has come to be accepted. Essays on premarital sex provide its definition, forms, cultural and religious views and its issues pertaining to teenagers.,Premarital sex clearly means having sex before marriage. Essays on premarital sex provide a clear definition of premarital sex and how the definition has evolved over the years. It is interesting to note in essays on premarital sex that it was referred to as fornication before and this often raised some arguments, hence the other terms given, such as sex before marriage, non-marital sex, adolescent sex and young-adult sex.Forms of premarital sex such as vaginal intercourse, oral sex and anal sex should be discussed in essays on premarital sex.

Next, essays on premarital sex should discuss the cultural and religious views on premarital sex wherein it is considered as taboo and a sin, depending on the values that are inculcated in society, family and peers. Lastly, the issue of premarital sex that has grown rampant in society, opening up to additional issues that teenagers are involved in, should be discussed in essays on premarital sex.,You should read teenage pregnancy essays, essays on birth control and abortion essays to learn about  issues that are closely related to premarital sex and use the information you gather from these reading materials to write effective and informative essays on premarital sex.  In addition, you should also consult reliable sources on premarital sex as well as read examples of essays on premarital sex to gain more knowledge regarding the subject.,Writing a term paper on organizational culture will require a thorough understanding of the issue.  Organizational culture refers to a set of ideals in thought and behavior owned by a specific group.  The ideals are thought to generate from shared values and beliefs that develop as the group learns to negotiate within its environment.

Thorough research must be done on the subject so that a proper definition may be given in a term paper on organizational culture. Since definitions vary, this will likely require a synthesis of ideas, or an analysis of several proffered ideas.,Writing a term paper on organizational culture is an especially beneficial exercise for those whose long term goals involve business leadership, classroom management or politics.  One of the major reasons for obtaining an understanding of the idea of organizational culture is that it greatly impacts a leader’s ability to influence his organization.  When would-be leaders attempt to introduce a new vision to a group without an understanding of that group’s culture, he may fail to foster a trust and following among that group.  Term papers on organizational culture may include a sidebar on ways to learn about a group’s culture.,Another topic of interest to be considered in term papers on organizational culture is the way that culture can affect the success of a business.  A leader can garner a shared commitment to the success of the company by promoting an atmosphere in which each individual is valued for his contribution to the “family”.,In order to achieve the best results in a term paper on organizational culture, research widely in related topics such as management and leadership, classroom management, and change management.

Use reliable sources on organizational culture and study other papers on organizational culture.,Slavery was such a big part of Olaudah Equiano’s life that he later became  involved in the abolishment of the slave trade. He is also known as Gustavus Vassa, an African slave born in a village in Nigeria. He was also the author of his own slave autobiography entitled “The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, the African” which was published in 1789. Essays on Olaudah Equiano discuss his early life, enslavement, message in his autobiography, his part in the abolition of slavery and his legacy.,Essays on Maya Angelou, essays on Robert Frost and essays on Blaise Pascal are essays on some famous personalities that you can read about to learn useful tips on how to format an essay and write about a specific personality. It is also very important that you consult reliable sources on Olaudah Equiano as well as read examples of essays on Olaudah Equiano to get an in-depth knowledge of his life and works, which will enable you to write quality essays on Olaudah Equiano.,Essays on Olaudah Equiano should start with a brief discussion of his early life. The time when he was kidnapped together with his sister should be relayed in essays on Olaudah Equiano. That was when his journey in slavery began, which should be discussed in essays on Olaudah Equiano and related to the events he wrote in his autobiography.

His message in his autobiography should be discussed next in essays on Olaudah Equiano,  focusing on the cruelty of slavery. His part  in the abolition of slavery is another important discussion which should also impart his thoughts on slavery and freedom, and how he bought his own freedom. Lastly, essays on Olaudah Equiano should discuss his legacy in the anti-slavery movement and how his voice impacted the lives of many slaves in Britain.,Dr. Martin Luther King was an icon of the American Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s.  He is hailed as a leader – if not the leader – of the movement and his speech entitled I Have a Dream is probably the most well-known speech in America.  An analytical essay on Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream will involve breaking down the speech to discover King’s motivation and purpose for delivering the speech and to examine its artistry.,Writing an analytical essay on Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream requires a certain knowledge of the man himself as well as of the history surrounding the August 28, 1963, date when the speech was given.  Dr. King was devoted, of course, to the cause of civil liberties for all people, but his methods were peaceful.  Reading essays on nonviolence and civil disobedience essays will give you a firmer grasp on how a peaceful revolution is accomplished, and may help broaden the scope of your analytical essay on Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream.,Knowing biographical information about Dr. King will be essential for analyzing the artistic and literary elements of the speech for an analytical essay on Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream. King was a Baptist preacher and the speech was delivered like a sermon.  Additionally, King’s education shines through in the many allusions to other great works such as Shakespeare, the Emancipation Proclamation, the Constitution and the Bible.  Comparing I Have a Dream to Letter from a Birmingham Jail will also assist the student in analyzing King’s style in preparation for writing analytical essays on Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream.,Reliable sources on the I Have a Dream Speech will aid research and give further ideas for analytical essays on Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream, as will reading other students’ evaluations of I Have a Dream.,”Bill of Rights” is the collective name for the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution which were approved by Congress in 1791.  Students may take one of several approaches to essays on the Bill of Rights, depending on the desired length and scope of the paper.

One quite natural approach to an essay on the Bill of Rights would be an analysis of its history.  Since there was much controversy surrounding the ratification of the Bill of Rights, essays on the Bill of Rights may center on describing the differing views of those who favored and opposed the amendments.  Another historical approach might be a study on James Madison and his role in the adoption of the Bill of Rights.  A careful analysis of Federalist Paper No. 10 will give insight into what motivated Madison’s bold thrust for the Bill of Rights.,Another course that students may take in writing essays on the Bill of Rights would be to focus on the amendments themselves and their historical importance.

If possible, one or a group of amendments may be chosen for in-depth analysis on the historical impact that the Bill of Rights has had on the United States and the world.  Other essays on the Bill of Rights may prove useful, such as victims’ rights essays or freedom of speech essays, if the essay on the Bill of Rights is to take this path.,When taking into account the events of the time, it is easy to understand that the Bill of Rights was originally instituted as a protection against abuses by a strong, central government.  In the current political arena, however, there are some who would advance varying interpretations of the amendments today.  The study of reliable sources on the Bill of Rights and conflicting interpretations will lead to a highly provocative essay on the Bill of Rights.Essays on John Keats,Essays on Michelangelo’s Masterpiece “David”,Research Papers on Skyscrapers,Analysis of Plato’s “Meno”,Research Papers on Heart Disease,Essays on Premarital Sex,Term Papers on Organizational Culture,Essays on Olaudah Equiano,Analytical Essays on Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream”,Essays on the “Bill of Rights