200+ Interesting Demonstration Speech Ideas

This article covers a list of over 200 best and Interesting Demonstration Speech Ideas/ Interesting Demonstration Speech Topics based on different contexts.

What is a Demonstration Speech?

A demonstration speech is a speech that aims to teach the audience or listeners about how to do a specific thing. It is one of the easiest speeches ever, and it uses very basic terminologies to make it easy for the reader to read and understand.

It is much like a step-by-step guide that intends to teach the target audience.

In addition, it is an informative speech for the listeners as they get to know about the structure, logic, and method for using a particular item.

To write a demonstration speech, we do not usually follow a demonstration speech outline. Still, there is a definite sequence of steps that we need to follow to keep everything organized.

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How to Create Demonstration Speech Outline?

Creating an outline is not important for your ease only. For a successful and good speech, you must have a detailed outline.

If you are new to speech, you must be thinking about why having an outline is important. An outline organizes your thoughts and helps you stay in line with them.

To make speech writing and persuasive speech writing easy and simple, research the topics carefully and prepare the outline before starting the writing process.

Follow the below sequence of steps to write a perfect demonstration speech outline in no time.

1. Find Out the Duration of the Speech

The duration of a speech is the first thing that you need to consider before making the outline.

It is important because then you will know how much time you will have for your speech. Lengthy speeches that do beyond your allocated time will lose their effect.

Similarly, it will also tell the target audience how they will benefit from the knowledge you are about to share.

2. Know Your Target Audience

Knowing about your audience is necessary if you do not want your hard work and efforts to waste. The topic and speech should be engaging for them, and they should understand it clearly.

For example, the scientific community and students will not be interested in engineering or psychological topics.

Similarly, the people related to the arts will not be interested in the latest science invention or anything.

Therefore, try to choose a topic that may interest them.

3. Describe the Main Topic Briefly

At the beginning of the speech, you should describe the main topic and your point of view briefly.

Give an overview of the subject and why you choose it for your speech topic. After, describe the whole process step by step.

If you are using visual aids like handouts, it is time to hand them out to your audience. Make sure that they are easy to read and understand.

A great way of presenting the overview is by using a diagram that illustrates the steps involved. Along with it, you can also list the prerequisites needed for the task.

4. Proofread the Entire Speech

Just because it is a speech, it does not mean that you should not proofread it. Proofreading is a must.

Read the entire outline and speech to see if everything is going on properly. Review all the points and ideas carefully and make changes, if necessary.

You can also ask someone from your friends or can also hire professionals to proofread it for you.

5. Rehearse your Speech

Before the big day, rehearse the speech. Remember that you will be demonstrating the entire speech.

If you have chosen a simple process like baking a cake or making paper shapes, you can work alone.

However, if the topic is a bit complex or you think that you won’t be able to do it yourself, it is better to have a partner.

Having a partner will make the process even more engaging, and you will be able to demonstrate your speech properly.

How to Choose a Topic For a Demonstration Speech?

You might have plenty of processes or step-by-step guides in mind that would be valuable for others to know. But that doesn’t mean that any topic you choose will be a perfect topic for your circumstances.

You must consider the following tips while choosing a demonstration speech topic.

  • Something Interesting: Choosing something that is not just interesting for you but your targeted audience as well.
  • Consider Your Audience: Audience analysis is really important to deliver a persuasive speech i.e. you can’t talk about politics in front of middle school students. They won’t understand anything, or they have the least interest in listening to you.
  • Time duration: Never underestimate the value of time. Choose your topic according to the time limit.

If you choose a broad topic for 5 min speech, you won’t be able to cover the topic completely. And eventually, you’ll fail to deliver a good quality speech.

Keep these tips in mind while choosing a topic for the demonstration speech. They will help you pick a perfect topic for your demonstration speech.

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Interesting Demonstration Speech Ideas

5-minute Demonstration Speech Ideas

  1. How to enjoy the last sip of wine.
  2. How to make Italian pasta.
  3. How to clean the house quickly.
  4. How to live the day like it’s the last one.
  5. How to move on from a broken relationship.
  6. How to knit a scarf.
  7. How to live in the moment.
  8. How to become a speed reader.
  9. How to cope up with massive consumerism.
  10. Tips to stay economical and save money.

Funny Demonstration Speech Ideas

  1. How to remember to turn off the iron every time after use.
  2. How to clean up the mess after a secret house party.
  3. How to kill time in college.
  4. How to master the art of lying with an innocent face.
  5. How to bypass some rude friends.
  6. How to take a power nap in a class.
  7. How to get the best grade in homework while chilling at home.
  8. How to avoid nail-biting in a critical and stressful situation.
  9. How to watch a horror movie while being alone at home.
  10. How to pretend that you were actually surprised by a surprise birthday party.
  11. How to memorize lectures as easily as lyrics?
  12. How to lie keeping a straight face?
  13. How to win a food-eating challenge?
  14. How to pretend to pay attention in class?
  15. How to cheat in an exam?
  16. How to blame everything on your horoscope?
  17. How to change a baby’s diaper?
  18. How to be impolite with someone you don’t like?
  19. How to plan your wedding without losing your mind?
  20. How to dress like barbie?
  21. Ways to identify if a Louis Vuitton bag is authentic.
  22. How to learn breakdance tricks and street moves?
  23. How to make twirling confetti eggs for parties and events?
  24. How to choose tasty French champagne?
  25. How to get rid of roaches, mice, and other pests?
  26. How to avoid making eye contact with your ex?
  27. How to learn breakdance?
  28. How to dress like a princess?
  29. How to prepare a presentation you forgot all about?
  30. The best way to eat a deviled egg without being messy.
  31. How to choose the perfect pet?
  32. How to change a baby’s diaper?
  33. Ways to perform a magic trick.
  34. How to make mango pudding?
  35. How to choose the right running shoe?

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Demonstration Speech Ideas for College

  1. How to paint on a canvas using the acrylic pouring technique
  2. How to find the perfect motivation to complete a project.
  3. How to avoid burnout in college.
  4. How to find good communication ground with a strict teacher.
  5. Ways to survive the lecture on the subject you hate the most.
  6. How to decorate the classroom for better productivity.
  7. How to get out of bed in winters.
  8. How to become representative of your class.
  9. How to prepare for an exam overnight.
  10. How to get the highest grades in college.

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Interesting Demonstration Speech Ideas
Interesting Demonstration Speech Ideas

Easy Demonstration Speech Ideas

  1. Make paper carnations creatively.
  2. How to improve public speaking abilities.
  3. Make Ice cream with home ingredients.
  4. How to keep your checkbook in a balance.
  5. How to program your cell phone.
  6. Creating a web page easily.
  7. How to apply fake nails on toenails.
  8. How to make a presentation using PowerPoint.
  9. Riding a skateboard for the first time.
  10. How to replace a punctured tire.
  11. How to teach a parrot to talk?
  12. How to write an informative speech?
  13. How to train your emotional support animal?
  14. X simple steps to create an Instagram account
  15. How to DIY greeting cards?
  16. How to make a perfect rose bouquet?
  17. How to use a telescope?
  18. Tips for memorizing lectures fast
  19. How to build a treehouse?
  20. How to decorate a Christmas tree?

Nursing Students’ demonstration Speech Topics

  1. Ways to obtain a nursing course degree in abandoned children abuse in the USA?
  2. Injury prevention techniques
  3. How to ace in fetching good marks in the nursing examination?
  4. Cancer symptoms’ cure for patients
  5. The beneficial techniques of teeth cleaning
  6. How to treat patients suffering from allergic attacks?
  7. The heal problems of the nurses and their treatments
  8. Nursing career pros and cons
  9. To tackle disorders in nursing treatments
  10. How one should choose one’s future in the nursing program?

Craft Related demonstration Speech Concerns

  1. Various aspects of the gardening art
  2. How to start up a handicraft business?
  3. Pairing up an evening dress with sleek fashion jewels
  4. The art of graffiti and street paintings
  5. Jewellery-making ideas
  6. Blanket sewing techniques
  7. Interior designing ideas
  8. Paper flowers making business
  9. Procedures to make a beautiful Easter tree

Demonstrative Speech Ideas for Sports

  1. How to hold a baseball bat.
  2. How to take off a swimsuit.
  3. How to choose the best soccer shoes.
  4. How to use a yoga mat.
  5. How to avoid a bouncer
  6. Difference between soccer and football.
  7. How to hit a strike in baseball.
  8. How to double score in tennis.
  9. What is a foul in boxing?
  10. Important steps for good bowling.

Demonstration Speech Ideas Related To Technology

  1. How to build a website?
  2. How to create an email account?
  3. Usage of multimedia projector
  4. How to use an iPhone – a beginners guide
  5. Benefits of advanced technology
  6. Demonstrate how technological advancement has made our life comfortable?
  7. How to install WordPress?
  8. How to use Microsoft Word?
  9. How to add widgets into WordPress?
  10. Discuss the advancement of computer science.

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Creative Demonstration Speech Topics

  1. How do you apply table manners before the royal house even if you’re not a member?
  2. Describe a scene you feel an actor could have done better and act like you expect the actor should have
  3. Describe the most innovative ways to write an essay
  4. Demonstrate how to train a dog using any specific process if your choice
  5. Describe how to draw an animal
  6. Describe how to build a snowman
  7. Demonstrate how to deliver an effective speech without fear or stage fright
  8. Explain how to get rid of stage fright
  9. Describe how to organize a prom for students within and outside your class
  10. Demonstrate how to prepare for a job interview
  11. Describe how to secure your home from burglars
  12. Describe how to access a satellite TV without paying for it
  13. Demonstrate the best way to make a snack if your choice
  14. Demonstrate how cheerleaders perform their tasks in the public
  15. Demonstrate the activities anyone can do to burn some calories and lose weight
  16. Describe the best ways to pack your suitcase
  17. Describe money-saving habits and the best methods to save money
  18. Describe the best ways to avoid a fight using five scenarios that could cause anyone to fight
  19. Describe the process required to wash a car
  20. Describe the process required to clear the soil
  21. Describe the process required in registering a business in the country
  22. Demonstrate how to change your flat tire while traveling
  23. Describe how to create an app for iPhone and Android
  24. Describe how an image can be inserted easily using Google Doc
  25. Describe how to print a photo
  26. Describe how to arrange your application papers and apply for scholarships
  27. Describe how to find a part-time job and stay in the job
  28. Discuss the best work ethics and practices for any part-time worker
  29. Describe the simple ways to design a website
  30. Demonstrate the best strategies to apply makeup for the first time without messing it up

Demonstration Speech Ideas Related to Life

  1. How to be an obedient child?
  2. Why should we avoid lying to our parents?
  3. How to save money?
  4. What is the real meaning of life?
  5. What is the basic purpose of life?
  6. X ways to be happier
  7. X tips to beat insomnia
  8. How to be successful in life?
  9. How to deal with stress and anxiety?
  10. How to organize a wardrobe in 10 minutes?

Short Demonstration Speech Ideas

  1. X basic table manners
  2. How to make a tasty french toast?
  3. How to lose weight safely and never gain weight ever again?
  4. How to prepare for a job interview?
  5. How to learn salsa in a week?
  6. How to make a video for youtube?
  7. How to upload a picture on Facebook?
  8. How to make DIY jewelry?
  9. How to make sushi?
  10. How to become a musician?

Demonstration Speech Ideas Related to the Visual Aid

  1. What is the purpose of visual information and visual media?
  2. What is a visual aid in a presentation?
  3. How does visual aid help in speech?
  4. X characteristics of a useful visual aid
  5. X types of visual media
  6. Why are visuals important?
  7. How to improve visual communication skills?
  8. How do humans process visual information?
  9. What makes a good visual aid?
  10. What are the sources of visual information?

Demonstration Speech Ideas Related to Food

  1. How to make scrambled eggs?
  2. How to bake Italian pizza?
  3. How to make 2-minute instant noodles?
  4. How to make soup?
  5. How to make Dalgona coffee?
  6. How to bake a cake in the cooker?
  7. Why should we eat healthy food?
  8. How to make restaurant-style Thai fish?
  9. How to lose weight while eating more?
  10. The best Chinese restaurant in town

Unique Demonstration Speech Topics for College Students

You also need to be able to act fast on some demonstrative speech topics.

These are topics you need to know about to give a natural and stress-less demonstration on. These are:

  1. Demonstrate how thermometer instruments work
  2. Demonstrate how a peacemaker mediate peace amongst fighting countries
  3. Demonstrate how artificial pacemakers stimulate the heart without casualties
  4. Describe how fragrances are founded and designed
  5. Give an impression on any funny president of your choice
  6. Describe how rubber stamps are made
  7. Describe how to explore fireworks without avoiding the precautions
  8. Describe how to effectively job hunt
  9. Describe how your espresso machine produces your coffee or tea
  10. Demonstrate how to resuscitate someone whose breathing is getting complicated
  11. Describe how to detect lies without using lie detectors
  12. Demonstrate how to pass IQ tests online
  13. Demonstrate how to organize a political party
  14. Describe how political propaganda works
  15. Describe how the media use art as a tool of social change
  16. Describe how religion is used to influence public opinion
  17. Describe how the UN organize and execute its activities
  18. Describe the tricks money launders use
  19. Demonstrate how to create an electoral convention
  20. Demonstrate how to be a good citizen
  21. Describe the economic recession of the 1930s
  22. Demonstrate the low point in the life of Benito Mussolini or Adolf Hitler
  23. Describe why Winston Churchill said there is an iron curtain over Europe
  24. Demonstrate how to avoid being called out for a crime effectively
  25. Describe the ways through which you can develop a story
  26. Describe how to write a good song
  27. Demonstrate how to play a game of your choice
  28. Describe how duct tape is being used
  29. Demonstrate how to read atmospheric pressure with any object of your choice
  30. Describe how Billy Barr has survived alone in the woods for over 40 years.

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Demonstration Speech Ideas Related to Health

  1. How to do yoga?
  2. Benefits of squats
  3. How to keep yourself healthy while eating less?
  4. What food should a diabetes patient avoid?
  5. How to maintain your blood pressure?
  6. How to get health insurance?
  7. The fundamentals of weight loss training?
  8. Why are compound exercises better than simple exercises?
  9. What are the benefits of Pilates and yoga?
  10. How is obesity related to other health problems?

Humorous demonstration Speech Topics

  1. How should a college pass extra time in the institution?
  2. Oysters eating competition
  3. How to find contentment in the job one is assigned already?
  4. Tips to become a vegetarian
  5. Dancing shows ideas
  6. Dress sewing task
  7. Why do people start serving foods with white wine at the beginning?
  8. Biceps broadening techniques
  9. How to enamor people?
  10. Ways to boost up attention level in class

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Interesting Demonstration Speech Ideas
Interesting Demonstration Speech Ideas

Rules for Presenting Your Speech

Create a PowerPoint Presentation – When you give people something to look at, you take the attention away from you. You’ll be more relaxed, and the presentation will be more fun for them in comparison to long demonstration speech.

Use Visuals – Graphs, videos, and pictures will add great appeal to your lecture.

Get Assistance from Audience – If, for example, you show how to prepare a recipe and you say it’s easy, get someone from people to prepare it. That way, you’ll prove it’s easy.

Breathe – When your breath is calm during the demonstration speech, you’ll sound more confident. Practice breathing! Attend some yoga classes before the presentation; that will help a lot!

Be Funny – Even the most serious topics can bear some humor. If you can subtly infuse jokes in lecture, do it.

Related FAQs

1. What is the purpose of demonstration speech?

This speech is a type of informative speech. A demonstration speech is where the speaker’s purpose is to educate the audience on how to complete a set of tasks. It can also mean to educate the audience on how to finish a task being given or to educate about the process.

2. How do I choose a demonstration speech topic?

Get your audience blown away with help from a professional speechwriter. Free proofreading and copy-editing included. Interests – Both you and your audience’s interests are an important factor when deciding on a demonstration speech topic. Your excitement and enthusiasm is needed to inspire the audience to care about what you are teaching.

3. How to write a good thesis statement for demonstration speech?

Thesis statement is main part of demonstration speech. It should provide your own position regarding the chosen topic, list arguments that will be used to support ideas. Audience must know what speech is about from very beginning. Create descriptive statement that’s clear enough to guide all ideas in right direction.

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