Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence

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Week 1: Resonant Leadership and the Neuroscience Behind It

1 Question

What is leadership? (Select all that apply.)

Leadership is command and control.

Leadership is a resonant relationship.

Leadership is being cool and reserved.

Leadership is being a boss.

2. Question

What characterizes a resonant relationship? (Select all that apply.)

Having clear roles of authority and obedience

Being from the same race, gender, or age group

Being able to harmonize vocal pitch while singing

Being in tune or in sync with one another

3. Question

Resonant leaders create relationships in which those involved experience the following conditions. (Select the answer that does NOT apply.)



Hope, purpose or vision



4. Question

fMRI studies at Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University found the Social Network (part of the Default Node Network) in the brain is activated by. (Select all that apply.)

Working independently

Taking a test

Remembering moments with resonant leaders

Remembering negative interactions