150 Best Impromptu Speech Topics Plus Tips On Picking An Impromptu Speech Topic

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Impromptu speeches are a great way to practice quick thinking and concise speaking – you usually have only a couple of minutes to prepare a speech lasting around five minutes. Even in this shorter form of speech, you still need to structure what you are saying to ensure everyone understands your message.

If you struggle with lack of confidence, practicing with these impromptu speech topics can be a great way to build confidence for all types of speeches and conversations, whether you’re talking to someone at a business networking event or speaking at a wedding.

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Impromptu Speech

For an impromptu speech, you’ll generally have 1-3 minutes of preparation for a speech lasting 5-8 minutes. Tougher speech events can reduce this preparation time down to 30 seconds and require you to plan your speech mentally, without any paper to write notes on.

These types of speeches are usually found in public speaking courses, speaking organizations such as Toastmasters, and debating competitions (both professional and student-based).

They are a great way of testing a range of communication skills, from organization to clarity to creativity, and are becoming a popular way to practice general public speaking skills.

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Impromptu Speech Topics – Tips for picking an impromptu speech topic

  1. Here are some quick tips and considerations for picking an impromptu speech:
  2. Pick a topic you are familiar with, have knowledge of, and want to talk about. Personal experience on that topic is a bonus as you’ll be able to speak more naturally about it.
  3. Your organizational skills will be tested to develop a powerful introduction and conclusion in your preparation to back up your argument.
  4. Pick a topic where the scope is limited (or you can easily limit it) as you’ll only have 5 minutes to discuss it.
  5. Your goal is to either inform or persuade your audience, so choose a topic that suits these criteria

Impromptu Speech Topics – Good Impromptu Speech Topics

Here are some topics for impromptu speech for students to improve their communication skills. Simply know your audience and focus on the way you are delivering the speech.

Impromptu Speech Topics for College

  1. How does ROI (Return on Investment) improve?
  2. Social media marketing and its importance
  3. Management strategies to increase productivity
  4. Ways to decrease production costs
  5. Best small business ideas
  6. How to avoid financial scams?
  7. Importance of dress code policy for a professional workplace
  8. Students should have the option of choosing their own roommates
  9. Why are on-campus crimes on the rise?
  10. Scholarships are not always fair
  11. Most professors have a biased attitude
  12. Should you do something about students who seem depressed?
  13. How to look for good internships while studying?
  14. The death penalty shouldn’t be legal
  15. Should students learn how to code from a young age?
  16. How can we make the internet a safer place?
  17. How to save money in college?
  18. How to choose a college major?
  19. Are professional athletes paid too much?
  20. Why do earthquakes happen?
  21. The minimum age must be doubled
  22. Fast food’s popularity relies on marketing
  23. Snooker is a boring sport
  24. Being a vegetarian is healthier than eating meat
  25. Renting a house is better than buying

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Impromptu Speech Topics and Debate Topics

  1. What is it to be young?
  2. Effects of climate change and global warming
  3. Why do teenagers start smoking?
  4. Why should every citizen vote?
  5. When is it ok to lie?
  6. What is the difference between intelligence and wisdom?
  7. Why is humor an important life skill?
  8. How are self-driving cars the future of transportation?
  9. What is the role of CCTV cameras?
  10. Use of the Internet without any geographical restrictions
  11. Importance of medication
  12. Why do good grades matter?
  13. Everyone should become a vegetarian
  14. Will technology save or destroy the world?
  15. Social media has done more damage than good
  16. Parents should be able to pick the gender of their child
  17. Women have always been smarter than men
  18. People should live on Mars
  19. Euthanasia is justified
  20. Effects of Peer-to-peer technology
  21. Intelligence is not enough
  22. Goals are good for you
  23. When I grow up…
  24. If I ruled the world…
  25. Laughter is the best medicine

Persuasive Impromptu Speech Topics

  1. Importance of Manners
  2. Why should the government cut all the foreign aid?
  3. Why should girls be allowed in the football teams?
  4. The need for Calorie counts on the fast-food menu list
  5. How is the current tax system harming the working middle class?
  6. Need for cybersecurity protocols
  7. Is it true that uniforms take away individuality?
  8. Introverts or extroverts
  9. Real learning occurs outside the classroom
  10. Social media destroys a person’s self-esteem
  11. Paying more taxes is a good thing
  12. Humans should have had control over the weather
  13. Immigration laws should be less rigid
  14. Nonsmokers should be at the top when receiving organs
  15. It is impossible to go back to living without technology
  16. The use of painkillers should be limited
  17. Child abuse turns people into psychopaths
  18. Can thriller movies increase your stress levels?
  19. Children should have the freedom to pick their own religion
  20. Motherhood is still valued in today’s society
  21. Colors affect the way how we feel
  22. Discipline is not a dirty word
  23. Team sports build strong individuals
  24. Children learn what they live with
  25. How can money make the world go round?

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Funny Impromptu Speech Topics

  1. Your favorite nickname and how you got it
  2. Three things you are scared of
  3. Favorite cartoon character
  4. How to impress your boss?
  5. Ways to overcome phobias
  6. Procrastinating is beneficial for psychological health
  7. Why do people hate Monday?
  8. How to make your parents proud?
  9. Important reasons to laugh
  10. How love differs from romantic movies?
  11. If I could time travel…
  12. The worst household chore
  13. There is no such thing as normal
  14. Famous people who have been fashion victims.
  15. Fools are always broke
  16. Laughter is the best medicine
  17. Plants have feelings just like us
  18. Things cartoon characters taught us
  19. My most profitable mistake
  20. How to deny reality?
  21. Cities are for people, not cars
  22. A good sense of humor is essential
  23. Tell us how to become a millionaire
  24. If cats/dogs ruled the world
  25. If I could design a school

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Impromptu Speech Topics
Impromptu Speech Topics

Impromptu Speech Topics for Public Speaking

  1. Peace is possible
  2. Art is essential to life
  3. Tips to prevent fraud
  4. Uniforms stifle individuality
  5. Victims of the fashion industry
  6. Being young is overrated
  7. Plants have feelings too
  8. Conservation is survival
  9. Funny terms and phrases
  10. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
  11. Summer is the best of times. Why?
  12. Children should not watch television
  13. Who is an average person?
  14. The most important lesson of my life
  15. Explain the best way to teach an old dog a new trick
  16. Describe the life cycle of a frog or butterfly
  17. My three favorite animals
  18. What would you find in my closet?
  19. Three things that scare me
  20. Great things about snow days
  21. Things you can make out of the snow
  22. How to spend a rainy day?
  23. How to walk a dog?
  24. Great things about the sea
  25. The best parts of a parade

Creative Informative Speech Topics

  1. The economic growth of China
  2. Role of market research before starting a business
  3. How to handle dissatisfied customers?
  4. How to start a conversation?
  5. Deaf people use emotions to communicate
  6. Enlist famous parliamentary debates
  7. Global leadership is an unrealistic dream
  8. Progressive taxation in social services
  9. Disastrous economic crisis
  10. Tax saving knows it all
  11. Buying a house? A complete process
  12. Effective strategies for smart investments
  13. Tips and tricks to save money in college
  14. How to deal with money problems?
  15. History of currency
  16. Insomnia and its types
  17. Is the media biased to the left-wing?
  18. What is Photojournalism?
  19. Role of artificial intelligence in rehabilitation
  20. Role of the family during the process of rehabilitation
  21. The morality of zoos
  22. Three keys to a happy life
  23. You are what you eat
  24. Why is it important to meditate?
  25. What are you grateful for?

Entertaining Impromptu Speech Topics

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  1. How to confuse someone?
  2. The story of the perfect husband
  3. How to irritate someone?
  4. Inappropriate gifts by a stranger
  5. Ten things you better not say in court
  6. The biggest lie on the work floor
  7. Fun games to play at the beach
  8. Short girl problems
  9. Eating things you don’t like
  10. How to escape from trouble?
  11. Five ways to annoy your parents
  12. Three bad business slogans
  13. Strange New Year resolutions
  14. Fun houseplants in your home
  15. Funny facts about women
  16. Funny facts about men
  17. Why I could never be a doctor
  18. The ugliest fashions of today
  19. If women had mute buttons
  20. The advantages of being a man
  21. Love is a choice
  22. Ghosts I’d like to meet
  23. Real love is not the stuff of pop songs
  24. If I were an animal, I’d be a…
  25. How to annoy an older sister?

Impromptu Speech Topics – Related FAQs

1. What is the best topic for public speaking?

What Makes a Good Persuasive Speech Topic?

  • Health. …
  • Religion. …
  • Science/Environment. …
  • Sports. …
  • Technology. …
  • Do Your Research. …
  • Consider All the Angles. …
  • Know Your Audience.

2. Which topic is best for 1 minute speech?

1-minute Speech Topics

  • The Best Day of My Life.
  • Social Media: Bane or Boon?
  • Pros and Cons of Online Learning.
  • Benefits of Yoga.
  • If I had a Superpower.
  • I wish I were ______
  • Environment Conservation.
  • Women Should Rule the World!

3. What is a good impromptu speech?

Closing the speech without any rumbling and getting the point straight across to the audience is a memorable way to end the speech, which is why this is one of many perfect examples of an impromptu speech.

4.How can I be a good impromptu speech?

How to Give an Impromptu Speech

  1. Grab a pen and a piece of paper.
  2. Highlight a few interesting or significant points.
  3. Try to memorize key points.
  4. Hijack the topic.
  5. Remember you’re in charge of this time.
  6. Feel free to acknowledge that you have not prepared for a speech.

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