Human Interfaces, ORGB(601) Job Redesign

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Job Redesign is an effort where job responsibilities and tasks are reviewed, and possibly reallocated among staff. Redesigning jobs can lead to improvements in both productivity and job satisfaction. Hence, concepts of job design can be used to both make positions more efficient and effective as well as being more rewarding for employees in any organization. To better understand some of the job design concepts, you are requested to read the following articles:

1. Campion, M. A., Mumford, T. V., Morgeson, F. P., & Nahrgang, J. D. (2005). Work redesign: Eight obstacles and opportunities. Human Resource Management: Published in Cooperation with the School of Business Administration, The University of Michigan and in alliance with the Society of Human Resources Management, 44(4), 367-390.

2. MSG (Management Study Guide) (2011, August 2). Job redesign – Meaning, process and its advantages. Retrieved from:….

Now select a job or department or a position you are familiar with from your organization or through your personal network. In this assignment, you are requested to examine ways that this job/position/department could be redesigned to improvement in both productivity and job satisfaction by addressing the following questions. Your answers must reflect your personal interpretation:

1. Describe the current major components or responsibilities including the title of the selected job/position/department, include number of hours are required to perform that action and other interactions may occurred within the organization.

2. Identify the issues and why should this job/position/department be redesigned?

3. What recommendation would you make to the ways this job/position/department could be changed? This must be included the description of tasks that could be added, removed, shared, or refocused.

4. Describe the major advantages that this redesign provides for both employees and the organization.

5. Identify any problems or issues that may arise during this redesign process. Can they be avoided and how?

6. Recommend an implementation plan of the redesigned job/position/department into the organization. To this aspect, consider major factors that might impact the intrinsic or extrinsic motivation of an employee.