Discussion question (Has the NSA become too Institutionalized?)

Discussion question Has the NSA become too Institutionalized?

Title: Has the NSA become too Institutionalized?

The recent NSA leak is a major issue for several reasons. First and foremost by all accounts the programs and information “leaked” by former employee Edward Snowden is a major deal. The ramifications of this leak will be felt for years. This can very well make the Hansen and Aimes leaks look like child’s play.

Snowden is claiming at this time that he is more of a whistleblower, and less of a traitor. Regardless he clearly broke the law. O’Hara states in Chapter 6 that “Institutionalization draws a curtain around the inner workings of an agency. The more outside critics are headed off before getting within shouting distance, the less likely organization members are to question how they go about doing things.”

Now has the NSA become too institutionalized to the point where they expect not to be accountable or scrutinized for their actions as Snowdensuggests. (Remember this is the agency responsible for keeping and finding secrets,) or is it more likely that Snowden and some others in America have allowed their ideals to interfere with the security of the Nation?

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Title: Have personal ideals taken precedent over National Security (or vice-versa)?

Finally, do you think the government has the appropriate balance between security and privacy or has Uncle Sam crossed the line in this case?

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