90+ Expository Essay Topics Based on Different Contexts

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Expository essays discuss topics by using facts rather than opinions, requiring students to evaluate and investigate while setting forth their arguments clearly and concisely. Teachers often include expository essays as part of assessments, especially in college-level courses, so students can help themselves succeed by practicing writing these types of essays. When teachers are integrating writing throughout the curriculum, students can use expository essays to demonstrate what they’ve learned in other courses.

Key Elements of an Expository Essay:

An expository essay should possess some basic elements in it which are essential to write one such, like:

  1. Introduction: The essay introduction must possess a defined thesis statement and it should be clear and concise
  2. Body Paragraphs: There should be a minimum of three body paragraphs where it is described with evidential support. Furthermore, the analysis should be done which connects the evidence to the thesis
  3. Conclusion: The concluding paragraph should support the main ideas and reinforces the thesis.

Types of Expository Essays

An expository essay has so many variations. Five of the main types of expository essays include:

  • Classification essays
  • Definition essays
  • Cause and Effect essays
  • Compare and contrast essays
  • “How to” or Process Analysis essays

You can choose any of the above-described categories while writing your expository essay topics.

Tips for Selecting the Best Expository Writing Topics

High school, college, and university often give their students a choice between topics. Some professors insist on you selecting it from their list, but in most cases, you’ll be given a free reign. That’s where you have to be careful because a wrong choice could turn essay writing into torment and result in a bad grade. For avoiding this situation, follow these tips.

  1. Turn choosing into game. You must know that personal interest is vital as you’re picking ideas for expository essays. Before you start looking for titles, think about yourself. Are there things you wouldn’t mind exploring? Perhaps you could turn favorite hobby into your essay subject. Books, movies, historical events — anything would do. In case you still cannot decide, play a game. Choose a place, go there, give yourself an hour, and observe everything you’re seeing. Birds, passing people and animals, monuments you can catch a glimpse of, excerpts from TV programs you can hear — consider everything, and by the end of the hour, settle on an object, even if it has to be the first thing you see. This is a funny way of deciding what to write about.
  2. Brainstorm some more. When having some rough examples of expository essay topics in mind, start brainstorming. You could do it by yourself or discuss it with friends and family. Break an idea into parts: expand on each one, twist them and turn them until something solid emerges. Maybe you could even talk with classmates about it since they also have the same task — common efforts help with individual solutions!
  3. Pick sources in advance. You will need to find sources before deciding on expository essay topics for college. Pick only credible ones: they should be relatively new and peer-reviewed. Read through them at least partly. Do they support the point you’ve chosen? If they contradict it, maybe you’ll need to re-think your strategy. Or perhaps you’ll see a totally new angle to explore — that’s why sources should be selected as soon as possible.
  4. Try writing a rough outline. When you think there is a topic ready, make a quick outline about the points it’ll have. If your ideas end before the word count, then you should select another subject. Such simple test will show whether you’re prepared for writing a whole essay on topic you liked.

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Write an Expository Essay

  • Prewriting : In this phase, it is essential for you to brainstorm the topic and accordingly proceed to carry out the research work. Then ensure to create a good essay outline and present the ideas in a logical sequence
  • Drafting : While drafting your essay, you must re-check the structure of your expository essay. It should possess an introduction along with a strong thesis statement, three body paragraphs along with evidence to support the thesis, and an essay conclusion.
  • Revision : After the completion of writing the essay, it is important for the students to review and reorganize the work to its best. You need to focus on whether the information that you have presented to the audience have been communicated effectively
  • Proofreading and Editing : Prior to publishing your essay, it is important for you to proofread it in order to find out the mistakes and grammatical errors. After that, make the necessary edits as and where possible
  • Publishing : Once you have completed writing the essay, publish it, or share it with others to make it more exciting for the readers.

Expository Essay Topics

To write a good essay, you need to start with an outstanding topic. And for that, you must spend some time exploring some great topic ideas.

Check out the list of topics given below for creating a good expository essay.

Expository Essay Topics for Middle School

  1. How was your first day at school?
  2. Describe your favorite vacation place
  3. Describe your first work experience and what knowledge you gained during it
  4. Explain how growing up with a sibling influenced your personality
  5. Describe living a life with a pet
  6. Define the meaning of true friendship
  7. Describe your favorite hobby
  8. Explain how your favorite teacher helped you become a better person.
  9. Who was your first teacher?
  10. What is your favorite school subject?

Expository Essay Topics for High School Students

  1. What is an acceptable level of sadness?
  2. Can dogs smell fear?
  3. Is it important to read the book before watching the movie?
  4. Do aliens exist?
  5. Do people really change with time?
  6. How big is the universe?
  7. How can we develop our imagination?
  8. How can one measure happiness?
  9. Consequences of having a job while in high school
  10. Describe your first day at school

Expository Essay Topics for College

  1. The positive and negative effects of the Internet
  2. Steps to saving the planet
  3. List of things to make people happy
  4. How to deal with financial problems?
  5. How to admire a particular person?
  6. Describe the advancement in communication over the last 20 years
  7. Describe the benefits of social media
  8. What book would you like to read, and why?
  9. How to deal with bullying in school?
  10. Is expressing your emotions helpful?

Expository Essay Topics Related to Social Problems

  1. Is teen pregnancy the new norm?
  2. Describe the problem of ‘glass ceiling’ and know how you can address it well
  3. Is there anything named tolerance and does it work in the way it should do?
  4. Describe all the possible effects in regard to voting or not to vote
  5. Why there should be a school uniform or why there should not be?
  6. Discuss the consequences of drug addiction
  7. Discuss how the addiction to the internet badly affects the children
  8. If you have become the president of your country, what changes would you have brought
  9. What leads to alcohol addiction among youngsters and teenagers

Expository Essay Topics Related to Health

  1. What is the correlation between AIDS and poverty? Why this fatal disease haunts mostly poor nations?
  2. Discuss some strategic tips on how to deal with ADSD
  3. How a college student can live a healthy life?
  4. Discuss some recommendations on how one can stay fit
  5. Is it true that music affects our mental state and health?
  6. What are the consequences of eating healthy food?
  7. What is the interrelation between IQ level and health?
  8. Is there any possibility that the World Health Organization (WHO) can cure ‘incurable’ diseases?
  9. Are consuming fast food and snacks in excess harmful? If so, then why?
  10. If mental health is considered, are patriotism and heroism taken as ‘normal’?

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Expository Essay
Expository Essay

Expository Essay Topics Related to Literature

  1. Briefly discuss the role played by the secondary characters in a play
  2. John Snow: A noble bastard
  3. How you can characterize a female character in a famous play “A Doll’s House”
  4. Discuss the consequences with regard to the “Time Machine” by H. Wells
  5. Analyze the poetic style by William Wordsworth in his famous poem “The Daffodils”
  6. Discuss the comic characters and the means of comedy in “The Golden Compass”
  7. Was Dorian Gray was a victim or a villain?
  8. Describe in brief the impact of epic on the image of a hero with reference to Beowulf
  9. Discuss the consequences of being the chosen one with reference to Harry Potter

Expository Essay Topics Related to Ethical Issues

  1. Death penalty: Why and how to get rid of it?
  2. How can you stop racism?
  3. What do you mean and understand by the term ‘code of ethics’?
  4. Should abortion be prohibited?
  5. Consequences of application of gun control
  6. Express what you understand by the term ‘morality’
  7. When divorced, which parent will you be with, and why so?
  8. In our present society, is there any notion of ‘honor’?
  9. Will you agree that your loved one getting assisted suicide?

Expository Essay Topics Related to Science and Technology

  1. What is the impact of “The theory of general relativity” on Modern Physics
  2. Discuss the consequences of the invention of the internet
  3. Why it is impossible to Time Travel?
  4. How radio has shaped the modern universe?
  5. What is the reason behind that the inventions made by Elon Musk seem so detrimental?
  6. What are the causes and effects of people getting addicted to social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram?
  7. When the Latin and Arabic numerals are compared, why the Arabic numerals always won?
  8. Discuss the impact of Stephen Hawking on Astrophysics
  9. Is there any rare possibility that we will ever land on Mars?
  10. iPhone: A sudden important leap in the field of mobile technology

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Organizational Structure of Google
Expository Essay

Expository Essay Topics Related to Education

  1. Public school vs. Private school: Which one is better and why?
  2. Should athletes get scholarships? Is it fair enough to other students?
  3. How an advancement or improvement can be made in the education sector of your country?
  4. What is the impact of higher education on the future career of students?
  5. What does it mean to be a good teacher?
  6. Does ‘smartness’ mean the same as ‘educated’?
  7. Discuss the causes as well as its effects of adult illiteracy
  8. Is it possible that a person gets an awesome education at home?
  9. Discuss the subjects that should be taught at schools
  10. Which are the subjects that should be restricted to include in school education?

Related FAQs

1. How do you choose an expository essay topic?

For an expository essay, make sure the topic is something that you can explain. In addition, consider what type of expository writing would be most appropriate to explain the topic. Narrow the focus. After you choose a topic, you should focus on a specific aspect of the topic.

2. What are some examples of an expository essay?

Some examples of an expository essay include: 

The how-to or process essay, which provides readers with a step-by-step guide on how to do something or the steps it takes to finish a job. The descriptive essay, which will be loaded with details. This type of expository essay describes something.

3. What expository easy?

The expository essay is a genre of essay that requires the student to investigate an idea, evaluate evidence, expound on the idea, and set forth an argument concerning that idea in a clear and concise manner.

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