discussion research design and methods

Discussion: Research Design and Methods

Health information systems used in public health are well known for their quality and breadth. More recently, “Big Data” has captured the attention of health care and public health professionals as a potential powerful source of data not yet fully explored.

This week, you will review a published study that uses secondary data drawn from a large data set. As you do so, remember that research design and methods are often chosen simultaneously, depending on the study population, the purpose of the study, the variables, and the time frame within which data on these variables are to be collected.

For this week’s Discussion, select a published study on public health prevalence or incidence from the Walden Library that uses secondary data, and evaluate its study design and methods.

To prepare:

  • Research the Walden Library and select a published study on public health prevalence or incidence that uses secondary data.
  • Review the study design and methods of the study you have selected.
  • Research for trusted sources of information used in public health and review their structure and content.

By Day 3

Post a 2- to 3-paragraph evaluation of the published study you selected. Include the following:

  • A brief description of the published study you selected
  • An explanation of the study design and methods the authors used
  • An evaluation of whether the selected study design, methods, and secondary data sources were the most appropriate (provide your rationale).

Support your post based on the Learning Resources and current literature. Use APA formatting for your Discussion and to cite your resources.