100+ Top & Compelling Debate Topics


A debate and speech writing is a process or an activity that involves presenting relevant arguments in support of a viewpoint. Normally, debates take place in academic institutes, public meetings, and legislative and lawmaking assemblies.

It is a common part of our lives, and we all have argued at some point in our lives. Through a debate, a participant tries to cancel the views and arguments of the opponent while safeguarding its own views with solid proof and arguments.

In an academic and scholarly environment, it is considered quite a fun and enlightening activity that engages the audience and adds to their knowledge.

Debate Topics – What are the Types of Debate?

The debate is divided into four types. Each type is used for a specific type of debate, and all of them are conducted differently and could take place for different purposes. Below are the four types of debate:

  1. Lincoln-Douglas Debate
  2. Rebuttal Debate
  3. Oregon-Oxford Debate
  4. One-Rebuttal Debate

No matter what kind of debate you are planning or participating in, you will not need a unique or out-of-the-box type of topic for it. Your topic should be interesting and relatable for your audience, and this is enough to make your debate a winner.

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Debate Topics – How to Choose Good Debate Topics?

Some important factors need to be considered when it comes to choosing a good debate topic. A good debate topic will help the audience understand both sides of the issues and keep them engaged to make better and informed decisions.

Here are a few tips that will help you choose a good topic for your debate.

  1. Interest- It is necessary that you should be interested in your topic since you are the one who is going to write and deliver it to your audience. If you are not interested in the topic, there is no way that your debate will be convincing enough to persuade your audience.
  2. Research– To debate effectively, you should be aware of the pros and cons of your topic. This will help you convince the audience by opposing the opponent’s viewpoints.
  3. Target Audience- This is the essential factor to consider while choosing a debate topic. Your topic should be according to the intellectual level of your audience. Only this way, they will actually understand what you are trying to deliver in your debate.
  4. Argument Potential– Pick a topic that has a solid argument potential. If only one side is right or if there is limited information available, you will face a hard time crafting a good debate.

Debate Topics Based on Different Context

Debate Topics For High School

Below are examples of different debate topics based on different contexts and scenarios.

  1. Final exams should be abolished.
  2. It’s better to be good at academics than to be good at sports.
  3. Students should be required to wear school uniforms.
  4. Private schools are better than public schools.
  5. Year-round school is better for students.
  6. Every student should have to participate in athletics.
  7. All students should be required to volunteer in their community.
  8. Junk food should be banned in school cafeterias.
  9. Single-gender schools are better for students.
  10. Math is the most important school subject.
  11. Letter grades should be abolished.
  12. Teachers should be replaced by computers.
  13. People who get better grades in school will be more successful in life.
  14. Sometimes it’s OK to cheat on homework or a test.
  15. Students who fail a test should be given the chance to take it again.
  16. Students should be allowed to grade teachers.
  17. Everyone should be able to bring their pets to school.
  18. The school day should be shorter.
  19. Schools should eliminate dress codes.
  20. Everyone should be required to go to college.
  21. College should be free for everyone who wants to attend.
  22. Schools should be allowed to ban some books from their libraries.
  23. Book smarts are better than street smarts.
  24. Life skills like cooking and personal finance should be taught in school.
  25. Religion has no place in schools.

Debate Topics for College Students

  1. Social networking sites are used for stalking instead of communicating.
  2. Torture is never justified, no matter what the situation is.
  3. How badly can peer pressure affect an innocent soul?
  4. Violent games should be banned for teenagers.
  5. The modern college education system is better than the traditional one.
  6. Beauty pageants are another way to objectify women.
  7. Cigarettes should not be allowed in public places.
  8. Homework should be banned in schools.
  9. Models are setting the wrong standards of beauty.
  10. Fast-food chains are the major cause of the increase in the obesity rate.
  11. We are living in a dystopian society.
  12. Animals should have the same rights as humans.
  13. Is the Paris Agreement relevant anymore?
  14. How can homework help to abolish learning skills?
  15. How can a college education help you get a good job?
  16. Why should religion be avoided to discuss in schools?
  17. Is history an important subject area?
  18. Why is it important for the students to play sports regularly?
  19. Arts vs. science. Which is better?
  20. Boarding school is harmful to the mental health of the students.

Debate Topic on Education

  1. A college degree is needed to get a good job.
  2. Are learner loans exploitative?
  3. All learners should have to purchase a laptop.
  4. Boarding school is harmful to learners.
  5. Cell phones should be banned in schools.
  6. College should be free for everyone.
  7. Contact sports should be required in school.
  8. Do you need homework in order?
  9. Education should be privatized.
  10. Education should focus on math and science rather than music and art.
  11. Fast food should be banned in schools.
  12. Girls should be encouraged to enter STEM fields.
  13. Homeschooling is better than traditional schooling.
  14. Public schools are better than private schools.
  15. Religion should be taught in schools.
  16. Should free STD testing be offered in schools?
  17. Schools should have armed guards.
  18. Should schools teach abstinence-only sex education?
  19. Should schools teach LGBT+ inclusive sex education?
  20. Should standardized testing be abolished?
  21. School uniforms should be mandatory.
  22. Studying a second language should be compulsory.
  23. Teachers should be given guns to defend learners.
  24. Teachers should be paid as much as doctors.

Controversial Debate Topics

  1. Alcohol should not be sold on weekends.
  2. Pharmacists should not be allowed to prescribe medicines.
  3. Animal testing should be banned.
  4. Public speaking boosts the confidence of students.
  5. Children are not supposed to play video games.
  6. Beauty pageants are setting ridiculous standards in society.
  7. Obesity in children is increasing because of parents’ lack of control over their children.
  8. Children should not be allowed to use gadgets.
  9. There should be no advertisements on kids’ channels.
  10. People should be fined according to their income.
  11. Can drug addicts deal through help or punishment?
  12. Police should be allowed to use lethal force.
  13. Are men stronger than women?
  14. Obese people should pay more for healthcare.
  15. Healthcare should not be free for everyone.
  16. Rich people should pay more taxes.
  17. Women should be paid less than men,
  18. Wars are never justified.
  19. Marriage is no longer necessary.
  20. Celebrities should earn less.

Debate Topics About Social Media

  1. Is social media addictive?
  2. Should children be allowed to use social media?
  3. Is social media destroying creativity?
  4. Is social bad for mental health?
  5. Is Facebook too powerful?
  6. Should news be allowed on social media?
  7. Is social media a force for good or bad?
  8. Is social media a threat to democracy?
  9. Should social media companies be allowed to show advertisements?
  10. Does social media make us less social?
  11. Should politicians be banned from social media if they spread misinformation?
  12. Should social media companies take responsibility for spreading fake news?
  13. Does social media help or hinder free speech?
  14. Is social media healthy?
  15. Is social media making us stupid?
  16. When is it okay for social media companies to ban people from their platform?
  17. Can news on social media be trusted?
  18. Is social media out of control?
  19. Is social media ruining society?
  20. Should social media be allowed to limit free speech?

Funny Debate Topics

Following fun debate topics are great if you are looking for topics that are light in mood and offer humorous matters.

  1. Women are much more complicated than men.
  2. Which one is better? Eat to live or live to eat?
  3. Children should not be allowed to watch cartoons as they portray violence.
  4. Why can men date younger women, but women can’t date younger men?
  5. Are there some discrete messages in nursery rhymes?
  6. Morals or money? Which one is necessary to survive?
  7. Which gender is better? Male or female?
  8. How does sunlight affect vampires?
  9. Can vampires get AIDS?
  10. How will life be after death?
  11. Barbie is a good role model for young girls.
  12. Do fairy tales affect children’s reality perception?
  13. Has the #MeToo movement gone too far?
  14. Which is the better pet? Dogs or cats.
  15. What comes first? Chicken or eggs.
  16. Winters are better than summer.
  17. Do you want to live forever?
  18. What is a better dessert? Cake or ice cream.
  19. What is the best topping for pizza?
  20. No one should ever tell a lie.

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Political Debate Topics

  1. Monarchy should end worldwide.
  2. Everyone should be allowed to keep weapons.
  3. Free speech is an individual right.
  4. Religious schools and churches should also be charged with taxes.
  5. Is freedom of speech necessary for a nation to grow?
  6. What should be the penalty for illegal immigrants?
  7. There should be more members of the jury.
  8. Refugees should not be allowed to acquire any sort of nationality.
  9. Is it ethical to carry an automatic weapon?
  10. Is patriotism a good or a bad thing?
  11. Is the US Constitution a living document?
  12. Political campaigns must be organized on money borrowed by corporations.
  13. Limiting terms for US senators and representatives brings more harm than benefit.
  14. Why should churches pay more taxes?
  15. Police should use deadly force. Discuss why.
  16. Why must the royal family be abolished?
  17. People should own guns. Why?
  18. Why are automatic weapons legalized?
  19. Voting should be made mandatory for everyone.
  20. Importance of freedom of speech.

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Debate Topics
Debate Topics

Public Forum Debate Topics

  1. Abortion is the right of every woman.
  2. Genetic engineering is not a natural process and should not be legalized.
  3. Birth control pills should be accessible to teenagers.
  4. There should be an equal ratio of male and female employees in the workplace.
  5. Barbie is not a practical example of a role model.
  6. Feminism is causing more harm than good.
  7. Gay couples should be allowed to adopt children.
  8. Marijuana has its advantages.
  9. The MeToo movement is being misused, forgetting its real purpose.
  10. The media should be free to express their opinions and criticism.
  11. Public prayer should not be allowed in schools.
  12. Smoking should be banned worldwide.
  13. The form of government should provide free birth control.
  14. Can we trust banks?
  15. Financial issues destroy a nation.
  16. Is taxation good or bad?
  17. How can humans affect animals?
  18. Discuss the importance of financial stability.
  19. We should lower the voting age for everyone.
  20. Mobile banking is not a safe procedure. Why?

Interesting Debate Topics

  1. Is sex education necessary for middle school students?
  2. Nuclear powers are the major cause of wars.
  3. Same-sex marriage should not be allowed.
  4. Gay relationships are against nature.
  5. Students are becoming way too dependent on technology.
  6. Money is a major source of motivation in the workplace.
  7. Girls should be encouraged and supported to enter the STEM research field.
  8. Is money a key factor in getting exoneration from crimes?
  9. Alternative energy resources should be explored and used to preserve natural resources.
  10. Censorship should be made less lenient for educational documentaries.
  11. Gay couples should be allowed to adopt children.
  12. The sale of fur must be banned.
  13. Reality television is harming society.
  14. Why is paintball a real sport?
  15. Sports are more important than arts.
  16. What are the differences between cricket and hockey?
  17. Why is it important to ban late-night alcohol sales?
  18. Unpaid internships should be made illegal.
  19. Beauty contests should be banned.
  20. Gay couples should not be allowed to adopt children.

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Related FAQs

1. What are some good debatable topics?

  1. All people should have the right to own guns.
  2. The death penalty should be abolished.
  3. Human cloning should be legalized.
  4. All drugs should be legalized.
  5. Animal testing should be banned.
  6. Juveniles should be tried and treated as adults.
  7. Climate change is the greatest threat facing humanity today.

2. What are the most controversial topics 2022?

  • Every American should have the right to own a gun.
  • Human cloning should be banned.
  • The government should legalize all drugs.
  • The government should abolish the death penalty.
  • Global warming is the biggest threat facing humankind today.
  • Animal testing should be legalized.

3. What is the most debated question?

  1. Is There Life After Death?
  2. Is There Life on Other Planets?
  3. Is It Ethical to Eat Meat?
  4. Should Murderers and Other Brutal Criminals Be Executed?
  5. Does God Exist?
  6. Is Animal Experimentation Justified?
  7. Should Drugs Be Legal?
  8. Is Torture Ever Justified?

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