100+ Best and Creative Economics Topics to Write About

This article covers over 100 Creative Economics Topics to write about. Read the entire article to find out not only the creative economics topics but also the tips to selecting the best economic topic.

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The study of economics is a subject that has been studied for centuries because it deals with the allocation of scarce resources. From ancient times to the modern-day, economists have tried to understand how societies allocate goods and services.

Economics essays are usually found in universities across America as well as in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and many other countries around the world. These essays can be difficult because they often require students to research on their own before writing about specific topics in detail.

Tips for Choosing Interesting Economics Topics

Choosing an economics topic can be challenging. There are many different topics to choose from, and it is hard to know where to start.

When selecting a topic, you should ensure that you have enough resources available for your research to go smoothly. If not, then the research will take much longer than expected, or it might never get done at all.

Here are some tips for finding interesting economics topics:

  1. Make sure you’re choosing a topic that is interesting to you. If it isn’t, the writing process will be difficult and unenjoyable. You don’t want your paper to sound like someone else wrote it for you.
  2. Ask yourself: “Am I interested in this? Why?” This may lead to further research. For example, maybe something about China or India related to the topic of interest might add depth and color.
  3. Or perhaps an analogy can help explain certain concepts more clearly (e.g., compare/contrast dynamics from biology with those from economics).
  4. When possible, consider whether sources outside of economics can explain why people behave as they do when faced with economic decisions.

List of Economics Essay Topics

These general topics explore the specifics of the field, its difference from other studies, and relevant questions in the modern state of this science.

  1. How does economics impact culture?
  2. Economics of information
  3. The economics of non-renewable resources
  4. Economics and environment
  5. The role of economics in modern psychology
  6. Specifics of the economics of entrepreneurship
  7. Common regional specifics of economics
  8. Political economy
  9. Challenges of international economics
  10. Economics of education
  11. The role of experiments in economics
  12. Economics of art
  13. The challenges of the study of dynamic economic systems
  14. Economics of traditional and social media
  15. Philosophy and ethics of economics
  16. Time as a resource in economics
  17. Economics of scientific research and discovery
  18. Labor protection and economics
  19. The economics in the military and defense sector
  20. The economics of justice

World Economics Essay Questions

  1. The economics of world wars
  2. Modern trading system
  3. Importance of worldwide ecological economy
  4. Third-world economics and how it can be boosted
  5. Economics of the globalized world
  6. Cultural economics: the importance of preserving the heritage of our world
  7. The impact of institutional economics
  8. The subject of world trade and its evolution
  9. World food systems: the economics of agriculture
  10. Overexploitation in the modern world economics

Macroeconomics Essay Topics

Macroeconomics deals with economic systems as a whole. It is extremely important to discuss, as it can help to learn more about how well the system is performing and what can be done to improve it.

  1. Macroeconomics and international relations
  2. Problems with modern macroeconomics
  3. Income distribution and its role in macroeconomics
  4. Environmental macroeconomics and sustainable development trends
  5. Interdisciplinary approach towards macroeconomic studies
  6. The role of innovation in the macroeconomy
  7. Theory and practical approach towards macroeconomics
  8. Macroeconomics of emerging markets and developing countries
  9. Macroeconomics and inequality
  10. Macroeconomics in the state of pandemic

Microeconomics Essay Topics

Microeconomics, on the other hand, deals with the economy on an individual scale. Discussing the importance of personal decision making and how it impacts the system is actually just as important as paying attention to the large scale, so let’s take a look at the topics you can explore:

  1. Microeconomics of the banking industry
  2. Microeconomics of new technology applications
  3. Microeconomics and marketing
  4. Microeconomics and customer relationships
  5. The microeconomics look on the insurance industry
  6. Public and private relationships in microeconomics
  7. Potential evolution of microeconomics
  8. Microeconomics of migration
  9. Industrial organization
  10. Microeconomics on violent conflict territories

Healthcare Economics Essay Topics

  1. Economics and regulation of new healthcare technology
  2. The impact of economics on decision making in healthcare
  3. Economics of complicated healthcare systems: resources and talent
  4. Economics of personalized healthcare
  5. Patient profitability: economics and ethics
  6. Healthcare logistics and economic problems
  7. Correlation between healthcare economics and patient satisfaction
  8. Economics of drug development
  9. Healthcare economics in emergency situations
  10. Economics of mental healthcare

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Economics Topics
Economics Topics

Consumerism Essay Topics

  1. Historical perspectives on consumption
  2. Consumerism and marketing
  3. The role of media in consumerism
  4. Is there such a thing as ethical consumerism?
  5. Romanticizing the consumerism
  6. Consumerism and sustainability
  7. Political consumerism
  8. The philosophy of modern consumerism
  9. Sociological view on consumerism
  10. Boycott in the age of consumerism

Finance Paper Topics

  1. A look at the field of e-finance
  2. Specifics of the corporate finance
  3. Personal finance management
  4. Behavioral aspects of finance
  5. Legal aspects of public and corporate finance
  6. Alternative finance: models with the most potential
  7. The role of culture in financial methods and approaches
  8. Rural and urban finance
  9. The importance of investments
  10. Examples of instability in finance

Socio-Economic Essay Topics

  1. Socio-economics of property: the modern outlook
  2. Socio-economic status of volunteer organizations
  3. Geographical issues in socio-economic relationships
  4. The socioeconomics of fishing and hunting
  5. The look on the habit as a socio-economic term
  6. Ethics and morality in socio-economics
  7. Socio-economic status and mental health
  8. Socio-economics of minority groups
  9. Dynamic social economics of natural disasters
  10. Socio-economic study of tourism

Economic History Topics

  1. Key figures in the history of the economy
  2. Economic history of global powers
  3. A look at the economy of Medieval Europe
  4. The impact of the industrial revolution on the modern worlds
  5. Economic history and technological inertia
  6. The role of gender and culture in economic history
  7. Economic history of colonized nations
  8. Asian economic miracles: Japan, Taiwan, South Korea
  9. Slavery and its influence on the economy
  10. History of the economic analysis and research

Tax Topics for an Essay

  1. The problem of corporate tax avoidance
  2. Optimal tax redistribution models
  3. The impact of foreign tax havens on the local economy
  4. The role of taxes in the justice system
  5. Best tax policy for developing markets

Human Development Essay Topics

  1. The role of education in human development
  2. Cultural aspects of human development
  3. The ecology of human development
  4. The use of art in human development
  5. Human development and economic sustainability

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Economics Topics
Economics Topics

Related FAQs

1. What are some good economic topics?

Saving, Finance, and Social Security

  • The Real Interest Rate and Annuities.
  • Pensions and Social Security.
  • The Economics of Social Security.
  • Basic Financial Calculations.
  • Efficient Markets and the Portfolio Theorem.
  • Futures and Options.
  • Personal Finance.
  • Corporate Finance.

2. What are the subject topics of economics?

Topics studied include foreign trade, government fiscal and monetary policy, unemployment rates, the level of inflation and interest rates, the growth of total production output as reflected by changes in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and business cycles that result in expansions, booms, recessions, and depressions.

3. What is the most important topic in economics?

At the most basic level, economics attempts to explain how and why we make the purchasing choices we do. Four key economic concepts—scarcity, supply and demand, costs and benefits, and incentives—can help explain many decisions that humans make.

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Economics Topics
Economics Topics

4. What are the three laws of economics?

Adam Smith’s 3 laws of economics are Law of demand and Supply, Law of Self Interest and Law of Competition. As per these laws, to meet the demand in a market economy, sufficient goods would be produced at the lowest price, and better products would be produced at lower prices due to competition.

5. What are the 5 concepts of economics?

Here are five economic concepts that everybody should know:

  • Supply and demand. Many of us have seen the infamous curves and talked about equilibrium in our micro- and macroeconomic classes, but how many of us apply that information to our daily lives?
  • Scarcity.
  • Opportunity cost.
  • Time value of money.
  • Purchasing power.

6. What are the 4 Principles of Economics?

The four principles of economic decision-making are:

  1. People face tradeoffs
  2. The cost of something is what you give up to get it
  3. Rational people think at the margin
  4. People respond to incentives.

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