create customer feedback form and discuss

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After completing the required reading in the text book and review of this week’s folder including the articles and videos consider and respond to the following questions by creating a thread in the discussion forum.

Premise for the Discussion:

Using the same business you selected in the; How to Hire the Appropriate not the “Best” Employee discussion design a customer feedback tool which can be used to analyze and apply conclusions to improve service delivery.

Your discussion submission:

Responding to the premise above I want you to create customer feedback form and discuss; why you chose the questions to ask, how they relate to the expected level of customer service, how you plan to gather the data, and specifically what you will do with the results.

Format and criteria required to include in your submission:

Please restate and post each of the questions with your answers.

  1. What are the main topics you want the customer to tell you about?
  2. What questions do you plan to ask in your survey and why?
  3. How long should it take the customer to complete?
  4. How are you going rate and measure the responses? (1-5, poor to great, yes no, not satisfied to extremely satisfied)
  5. After you receive the data (the answers to you questions) explain how it will be used to maintain or improve service standards.
  6. Create an example of your customer feedback form as described in #1-5 and post it as an attached file. Make sure you include a set of instructions for the customer to properly fill out the form.
  7. What is your delivery plan for customer feedback? (Paper and pencil, use of technology, one-on-one interview)
  8. Which customers will you ask to take the survey? If you think all please explain why.
  9. Will you offer a reward for participation? What will you offer? Please explain why you would or why you would not.
  10. Please respond with further insight to at least two (2) fellow learner’s posts. Remember quality counts here just saying “good post” does not constitute a response.
  11. Provide a works cited reference list at the end of the posting.