Guide on 20 Excellent Commemorative Speech Topics


Commemorative Speech Topics

A ceremonial or commemorative speech is a talk prepared for different special events, for example, to recall something or someone, show respect, etc. You can use it even during your graduation ceremony in college.

A commemorative speech is a kind of speech, mostly created for remembering a person by demonstrating respect towards him. Such a speech is delivered at an exclusive or a special event for celebrating an occasion, a person, a team, a company, or even a concept. Ceremonial speech is another name for a commemorative speech.

A good example would be the kind of speeches delivered at the graduation ceremony of the US colleges. Also, the speech can be delivered by the students to show their gratitude towards their teachers, classmates, and family members. The commemorative speech topics are selected as per the demand of a situation or an event.

It may include your thoughts on the education you received, the challenges you are going to face, the importance of the skills acquired during education, etc. So, it can be applied to many occasions, and you will need a lot of skills to write your ceremonial speech well.

And choosing a good topic for your speech is one of the most difficult challenges. We hope that our helpful tips and the list of the topics divided into categories will help you create a good commemorative speech and impress your listeners.

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Characteristics of a commemorative speech

It is clear from the name of it that it is aimed to commemorate, i.e., praise, celebrate, or recall different memories.

Purpose: it is aimed to unite the listeners, inspire, and remember the past together. The occasions for which you may need to prepare your speech include funerals, memorial services, reunions, dedications, anniversaries, etc.

Define your audience

Now you should understand who your listeners are:

  • What are their reasons for being there?
  • What is common for them?
  • Did they share a common experience, and what exactly?
  • What are their expectations from you?
  • What are their hopes?
  • Do you know anything about their beliefs and values?
  • Do they worry about anything?

How to Choose the Best Topics for Commemorative Speech?

While selecting the best commemorative speech ideas, it is important to first select the subject upon which you will be writing the speech. So, take into account the following things:

Understand the Characteristics of a Commemorative Speech

As clear from the name itself, commemoration means to celebrate, praise, or recall memories. Its main purpose is to unite the listeners and inspire them to recall the different memories altogether.

Understand the Purpose of the Occasion

Before you deliver the speech, you can do a little research work to know for what sort of event you are preparing the speech. For more information on this, you can contact the person who is in charge of the event or the event manager. This speech can be prepared for reunions, memorial services, anniversaries, funerals, dedications, etc. If it is a kind of regular event, then even you can ask some earlier speakers about what they have talked about. However, if it is an event just happening once, then take ideas from your professors or seniors.

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Commemorative Speech Topics
Commemorative Speech Topics

Know Your Audience

While delivering the speech, it is important for you to know who your listeners actually are. It is recommended to do a little bit of research work to know what their expectations are, what their hopes are, do you know anything about their values and beliefs, etc. After you get to know your audience’s preference, then accordingly you need to choose your commemorative speech topic.

Honor the Qualities

The commemorative speech also aims to highlight the qualities of people, organizations, etc., not just by enlisting but also by honoring their qualities. One should highlight such qualities that the audience celebrates, and depending on that, you should opt for your commemorative speech.

Apart from these, it is always recommended to choose an original topic; ensure that it is not that identical with other speakers. Also, make sure that the topics that you have chosen for your commemorative speech are meaningful enough that it delivers a message.

Features of a Good Oral Presentation

A good commemorative speech has to grab the attention of your audience and make them want to listen it to the end, understand it, and be positively impressed by it. That is why your talk should be:

Engaging – This can be achieved in multiple ways – you must either try being creative and avoid clichés, introduce a little controversy (within reasonable limits), trigger powerful introspection and important comprehension, or try being funny while still paying tribute, for instance, consider some funny commemorative speech topics.

Inspiring – it is equally important that your talk is not only entertaining but also highlights values you revere and want to share, the gratitude you want to express, the sanctity and value of what you are talking about. To inspire is often the main purpose of a commemorative speech.

Positive – obviously, an overly enthusiastic discourse can look unnatural, naïve, or boring, so it is important to compromise wisely on this aspect, but delivering a generally positive message is simply a must (in fact, even when commemorating a recently deceased, one should bring out the bright moments shared with him/her, the legacy, inspiring character traits, etc.). When considering commemorative speech topics for college students, the discourse should be both optimistic and empowering.

Relevant – stay maximally connected to the audience, refer to some collective memories (even recent events the US or your community have gone through), or to some relevant individual memories that would resonate with the audience. Always attempt being specific rather than general, mention real people, groups, teachers, events (this will help engage with the audience).

How to Choose a Good Commemorative Speech Topic

When you considering commemorative speech ideas for class assignments, ensure you follow these recommendations:

  • Research – research online for potential topic lists, for videos of previous commemorative speeches at your university or other top universities throughout the US (there are dozens of similar performances on YouTube, including from celebrities).
  • Brainstorm – doing this yourself could help you come up with a very individual, original, or personally meaningful topic.
  • Know your audience – as stated, to be relevant and adapt your oral presentation, you need to know who will be present during the ceremony (especially if you plan directly mentioning someone)
  • Ensure topics are meaningful and that you have a message to deliver (the former almost guarantees the latter)
  • Ensure your topic is not identical with that of other speakers – if you can’t check this aspect with your colleagues, opt for a maximally original topic.

Conditions to develop excellent commemorative speech topics

To select the topic of a commemorative speech, it would be significant to focus on the characteristics that the speech should be possessing. Hence, a commemorative speech topic should be meeting the below-mentioned criteria:

Conditions to develop excellent commemorative speech topics

Faking Sincerity

To fake sincerity, a person should be a flawless actor because many people can identify a hypocritical speaker at once. Also, this creates an adverse impact on the influence that the speech was meant to create on the audience. A good recommendation here would be to select a topic that would create the most influence on the speaker. For instance, if it is a tribute speech, then you would be highly recommended to select the person you admire the most, in this case, you will not have fake sincerity.


In case you are celebrating an event, then you should mention the date that is significant in your life. In case you don’t have the responsibility to dedicate the speech to an influential person, then you are free to select any controversial topic. Thus the main motive here is that the topic should be personally important to the speaker as then only the speaker would interact with an open heart to their audience.

Favorable Impression

Commemorative speech topics should be such that it creates a favorable impression on the minds of the listeners. Moreover, being highly enthusiastic will not do justice to the speech, instead, it will sound artificial and create a negative impression on the minds of the listeners. Hence, you should be selecting a person about whom you can deliver positivity and inspirational thoughts.

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Commemorative Speech Topics
Commemorative Speech Topics


Though a commemorative speech is emotional by its nature, the topic chosen should be such that it can be dragged with immense energy till it reaches the milestone. The speaker should ensure that he is not swayed by his emotions or even that the topic he chooses is not monotonous and rigid. Creating the correct balance can be a critical challenge, but it would be fruitful to make all the desired efforts. So, it would be good to choose a topic in which the speaker can be both emotional as well as keep his emotions under control while delivering the speech.

Avoid being monotonous

The topic selected should not include a monotonous official tribute, instead, it should be such that it can be filled with creativity and humor. The topic should be such that it can narrate a story that will leave a long-lasting impact on the audience.

Establish connection with the audience

The attribute of the topic should be such that it can be deeply connected with the audience. To add a fun element to the topic, make use of jokes which can keep the audience hooked to their seats.

Now that we have read enough about the key to select efficient commemorative speech topics, we will explore some of the trendiest topics that have the huge potential to create a huge influence on the target audience.

Let us explore the topics below and decide for yourself that which of those would be the most appropriate topic for you:

1.Paying tribute to eminent personalities

  • Neil Armstrong’s victory race to the moon.
  • Ernest Hemingway- The author I admire.
  • Meryl Streep- The most evergreen actor.
  • Martin Luther King- Achieving his dreams.
  • The Hero of World War II- Winston Churchill.

2. Applauding those around you

  • Paying tribute to my mother for making me the person that I am today.
  • A huge round of applause to my first teacher, who had driven the creativity in me.
  • Respecting the policemen, for whom we are walking safely on the roads.
  • A hardworking person who achieved success because of his extraordinary efforts.
  • Saying thanks to the COVID warriors.

3.Significant historical moments

  • Discovery of antibiotics securing the lives of millions.
  • The Discovery of Facebook brought social networking into reality.
  • Independence Day.
  • Paying respect to the US Constitution.
  • The Paris Agreement- An evidence that all countries will collaborate to fight against global warming.

4.Celebrating personal accomplishments

  • Publication of my first book.
  • The day I became a teacher and entered the path of guiding students to choose their road to success.
  • Winning the best performer award in my high school.
  • How an unfortunate accident changed my life for the better?
  • My personal development plan and the path to achieving success in life.

5.Paying tribute to human attributes

  • Significance of critical thinking skills.
  • Paying tribute to mankind.
  • Respecting loyalty, giving examples of real-life people.
  • How to respect the backbone of modern society?
  • Hard work and its benefits- Something for which we can feel proud.

6.Some funny topics of a commemorative speech

  • Significance of Charlie Chaplin in the world of comedy.
  • Significance of Mr. Bean in making the world a happy place to live.
  • An unforgettable experience in the kitchen.
  • The day I fell off the stairs.
  • Celebrating the creative and fun-filled minds behind the Cartoon Network.

7.Few influential commemorative speech topics

  • Respecting the iconic leaders of the United States.
  • Paying tribute to the founders of the civil rights movements.
  • Barack Obama’s contribution to the economy of the United States.
  • Tribute to families of those who ended their lives in the 9/11 attack.
  • Paying tribute to significant environmental activists.

8.Popular commemorative speech topics

  • Tribute to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country.
  • Television shows that shaped our values and ideologies.
  • Respect to a popular blogger who battled for society.
  • Concerning my kindergarten teacher who taught me the true meaning of discipline.

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Commemorative Speech Topics
Commemorative Speech Topics

9.Latest commemorative speech topics

  • Power of a character.
  • Visionaries.
  • Is humanity struggling for peace?
  • How can a person achieve success through hard work?
  • Artistic genius versus scientific genius.
  • Compromises that made me a stronger individual.
  • Role of humility in an egoistic world.
  • What is the history of invention?
  • Significance of a teacher in your education.
  • Is school a second home in its true sense?
  • The best way to pay tribute to your educator.
  • How can I thank my parents for making me the person I am today?
  • I owe my beauty to my grandmother.
  • I don’t believe in love because it doesn’t exist.
  • Should examinations be banned from across the world?
  • Traveling with friends versus traveling with parents.

10.Most Lucrative Commemorative Speech Topics

  • Remember the self-sacrifices made by your parents.
  • Paying tribute to the victims of a mass shooting event.
  • Impact of an earthquake that leads to a massive world disaster.
  • Inspirational shows on television.
  • The day I recovered from an illness that dreaded suspending my life.
  • Respecting men on duties who stood to protect the US capital.
  • Reporting the case studies of visionary leaders in the United States.
  • Important contributions made by Donald Trump in the United States.

11.Commemorative Speech Topics on People

  • Contributions of George W. Bush in history.
  • Life and work of Charles Darwin.
  • Development of computers and Charles Babbage.
  • What impact did Isaac Newton make on physics?
  • An incident of Magellan- Admiring the biggest travelers of this world.
  • How did Columbus develop the United States?
  • Paying tribute to the art of Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • Stories of war comrades of this world.
  • Analyzing how presidents managed disasters in their country.
  • Political leaders who supported their people in a time of major loss.
  • Did sportsmen or sportswomen show loyalty towards their country?
  • Stories of ambassadors who played a significant role in their country.
  • Global leaders who achieved democratic reformations.
  • Twin Tower Bombing- Remembering the first responder.
  • My first salary and the support I have given to my family.

12.Most-rated commemorative speech topics

  • My favorite neighbor when I was in college.
  • A generous shopkeeper who would lend without caring for the return they would receive.
  • The first female doctor in America- Memories of Elizabeth Blackwell.
  • Random actions that have touched lives internationally.
  • Muslim values that influenced the lives of many.
  • Studying the Christian values across this world.
  • Role of the UN in peacemaking missions.
  • Importance of siblings in my life.

13.Very Simple Commemorative Speech Topics

  • Collaboration agreement that improved country relations.
  • Few acts of love that influence life internationally.
  • Respecting the popular philosophers who shaped our ideologies.
  • Amazing artistic portraits of this world.
  • Throw light on the life of significant religious leaders.
  • The story of my first accomplished task.
  • Recalling the time when the world first collaborated together.
  • Remembering the first lady who broke your heart.
  • Teamwork- A case study of the stars of the World Cup.
  • Highlighting the story of Pearl Harbor.
  • World Health Organization- Improvements implemented.
  • First printing press- Various contributions
  • How has human innovation shaped this world?

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Commemorative Speech Topics
Commemorative Speech Topics

14.Topmost commemorative Speech Topics for college students

  • What is the origin of invention?
  • The value of a teacher in your education.
  • Is a school, in the true sense, a second home?
  • The most appropriate way to honor your educator.
  • How can I express my gratitude to my parents for shaping me into the person I am today?
  • My grandmother is responsible for my beauty.
  • Character strength.
  • Is humanity attempting to achieve peace?
  • Taking a trip with friends vs. taking a trip with your parents
  • Men on duty who stood to protect the United States capital are to be admired.
  • Case studies of visionary leaders in the United States are being reported.
  • How does one achieve success through perseverance?
  • Compromises that made me a better person.
  • In an egoistic world, what is the role of humility?
  • Because love does not exist, I do not believe in it.
  • Should examinations be prohibited all over the world?
  • Scientific genius vs. artistic genius
  • Visionaries.

15.Commemorative Speech Topics for College Students

  1. Paying tribute to one of the best professors on campus
  2. Commemorating the first day you came to college
  3. The significance of major scientific innovations to the world today
  4. An academic success that changed your perspective about life
  5. Values and virtues we can draw from the life of George Washington
  6. Remembering doctors who courageously kept the coronavirus pandemic at bay
  7. Milestones made by medical engineers in the field of medicine
  8. Remembering to keep crusaders for the abolition of the slave trade
  9. The role of teamwork: A case study of the winners of the World Cup
  10. Reflecting the colossal improvements made by the World Health Organization
  11. Remembering the Pearl Harbor event
  12. The contribution of the first printing press to the world
  13. Examples of people who showed the importance of determination

16.Good Commemorative Speech Topics

  1. Commemorating men and women who portrayed loyalty to their countries
  2. Celebrating the end of slavery in the world
  3. People’s challenges that acted as an inspiration to the whole world
  4. Courageous soldiers who fought with determination
  5. Celebrating the global eradication of polio
  6. Paying tribute to the doctors who made the first coronavirus vaccines
  7. Celebrating political leaders who championed equity
  8. A tribute to Nobel Peace Prize winners: A case of Nelson Mandela
  9. Human actions that saved the world from disasters

17.Commemorative Speech Topics List

  1. Remembering personal achievements that shaped your life to this day
  2. A tribute to influential leaders in the world
  3. The first victory you had in your life
  4. The day I recovered from a disease that threatened to paralyze me
  5. Reminiscing the first wedding I ever attended
  6. A tribute to the pioneers of the United States’ national anthem
  7. Inspiring events that aired on television
  8. The role of human courage in causing a development
  9. Remembering a time when the world first came together
  10. Paying tribute to the lives lost during the World War
  11. Recognizing the part of the UN peacekeeping missions
  12. An earthquake that caused a significant world disaster
  13. Remembering the victims of a mass shooting event

18.Hot Topics for Commemorative Speech

  1. Remembering some of the self-sacrifices of a parent
  2. Tribute to single parents who have successfully raised their children
  3. Commemorating persons with disabilities who impacted the world
  4. Remembering the astronauts who lost their lives in the space
  5. Tribute to the pioneers of women right’s movements
  6. Placing some of the best Christian values in the world
  7. Tribute to an eminent person fighting for human rights
  8. Placing some courageous police officers during terrorist attacks
  9. Tribute to the men in uniform who stood to defend the US Capitol
  10. Remembering police officers who supported the Black Lives Matter movement
  11. The life and contribution of George Floyd
  12. A case study of visionary leadership in the United States
  13. Significant contributions of Donald Trump in the US

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Commemorative Speech Topics
Commemorative Speech Topics

19Commemorative Speech Topics on People

  1. Paying tribute to a professor who impacted your life
  2. Remembering your best friend who stood by your side
  3. Paying homage to a teaching staff who affected your life
  4. Remembering the life and work of George W. Bush
  5. Paying homage to a sibling who helped you
  6. Commemorating the role of a particular religious leader
  7. Remembering the part of Charles Darwin in History
  8. How Charles Babbage helped in the development of computers
  9. Reflecting the position of Isaac Newton to physics
  10. Paying tribute to some of the great travelers in the world: A case of Magellan
  11. The role of Columbus in the formation of the United States
  12. Remembering the part of Leonardo Da Vinci in art
  13. The inspiring commitment of war comrades in the world

20.Famous Commemorative Speeches

  1. Student leader who showed exemplary leadership styles
  2. Celebrating the role of scientists in innovations and technology
  3. A tribute to your mother for raising you in the best way possible
  4. Remembering my kindergarten class teacher who taught me discipline
  5. Television shows that shaped our values and morals
  6. Wrestling champions who exemplified determination
  7. The role of a famous preacher in unifying the society
  8. A tribute to a popular blogger who fought for the society
  9. Remembering the first responders of the Twin tower bombing
  10. A tribute to famous philosophers who shaped our thinking
  11. The first time you earned a salary and helped your family
  12. A tribute to my favorite neighbor while in college
  13. The shopkeeper who would generously lend without asking for anything in return


I hope that this guide has provided you with some successful commemorative speech ideas, but the truth is that these are restricted to your imagination. If you don’t find the topics good enough, then also you can consider it as your primary suggestion and brainstorm your mind to be on the right track.