50+ Top Business Case Study Topics & Best Essay Examples

This article covers over 50 business case study topics, feel free to go through the entire list and pick a topic that is best suited for you. In it, you will also find exemplar business case studies.


Definition of a Business Case Study

A case study analysis is a typical assignment in business management courses. It focuses on scrutinizing causes and effects. Put simply, it aims to find the core reason for a specific issue in a case and to propose a solution. In case study analyses, a student identifies the aspects of success or failure for a particular business case. This research should then translate into practical recommendations.

Significance of Business Case Studies

Business case studies are a crucial teaching and learning resource for actual business scenarios. They offer a method for deciphering and comprehending complicated business issues and for creating arguments- and critical-thinking-based solutions.

Professional development courses, executive education programs, and business schools are just a few of the places where case studies might be employed. In addition to other courses like marketing, finance, and operations, they are frequently used to educate management, business strategy, and leadership.

Case studies are specifically helpful because they offer a genuine and in-depth look at real organizational issues. They enable professionals and students to observe the practical application of theories and concepts and to gain insight from the perspectives of others.

Case studies also give students and professionals a chance to develop their problem-solving and analytical abilities since they must recognize main business problems, weigh alternatives, and suggest plans of action. In general, the utilization of business case studies may assist professionals and students in better understanding business ideas and procedures and in applying their learned knowledge and abilities in real-world situations.

How to analyze a case study in business

  1. Go through the provided case and/or video.

Occasionally, viewing or reading something a few times may help you remember it better. You can even pause to take notes and then replay certain areas to fully comprehend them.

  1. As you proceed, take notes.

Note critical data, dates, names, roles, significant events, and information about the case.

  1. Take note of everything that stands out.

In the analysis you will write, it is probable that anything that looks unexpected, favorable, or unfavorable will be significant. It will be simpler to detect these anomalies if you read the materials several times and view the videos several times.

  1. Compile your ideas into a concise statement of your viewpoint.

The who, what, where, when, and how questions may help you organize your ideas. Once you have a list of the key elements, you can go on.

  1. Examine the scenario presented.
  • Ask yourself these questions:
  • What actually occurred in the case? 
  • What industry does the case pertain to? Is it a service or a product?
  • What particular circumstance led to the problem?
  • What took place?
  • What choices were taken, and who was involved?
  • What happened as a result? Analyze it.
  • How did the case affect the larger community?
  1. Consider the questions.

As you fill up your paragraphs, see which sections of your notes may individually respond to the questions. Begin your answer with a thesis statement that summarizes the topics you plan to explore. Each paragraph should have a subject sentence.

  1. Consider the number of words required.

If the case study calls for 750 words, divide that number among your replies. Without adding any further details, answer the questions in your response. Don’t use too many words.

50+ Top Business Case Study Topics & Best Essay Examples

Business Case Study Topics

  1. The development and demise of a tech start – up
  2. The successful entry of a business into a new market
  3. The difficulties a corporation has in adjusting to an evolving industry
  4. Making the decision to Initiate Public Offerings
  5. The turnaround plan of a corporation
  6. A company’s moral conundrum
  7. The purchase of a rival by a firm
  8. An organization’s initiatives to enhance supply chain effectiveness
  9. The response of a business to a national calamity
  10. The introduction of a new line of products by a corporation
  11. The implementation of a new pricing model by a business
  12. An organization’s initiative to enhance customer service
  13. Rebranding an organization
  14. The choice of a business to outsource manufacturing
  15. An organization’s initiatives to boost employee engagement
  16. The response of a business to modifications in government regulations
  17. An organization’s initiative to enhance sustainability
  18. The choice of a business to form a joint venture
  19. An organization’s initiative to enhance diversity and inclusion
  20. The reaction of a business to a data leak
  21. The launch of a new product offering by a business
  22. The choice of a firm to shut down a business unit
  23. An organization’s initiatives to enhance quality control
  24. Efforts made by a business to boost sales via digital advertising
  25. The selection of a different geographical market by a business
  26. An organization’s initiative to boost operational effectiveness
  27. The response of a business to a significant rival
  28. An organization’s initiative to enhance financial performance
  29. The adoption of a new Hr strategy by a corporation
  30. A company’s choice to modify its business strategy
  31. An organization’s initiatives to enhance product development
  32. The choice of a business to join a new industry
  33. An organization’s initiative to increase staff retention
  34. The implementation of a new IT system by a business
  35. The choice of a business to broaden its product offering
  36. An organization’s initiative to enhance project management
  37. An organization’s initiative to enhance stakeholder relations
  38. The reaction of a business to a unionization attempt
  39. The choice of a business to outsource services
  40. An organization’s initiative to enhance collaboration and teamwork
  41. An organization’s initiative to enhance internal communication
  42. The selection of a new distribution route by a business
  43. An organization’s initiative to enhance innovation
  44. How a business reacts to a shift in customer preferences
  45. The choice of a business to go for a new market niche
  46. An organization’s initiative to enhance risk management
  47. An organization’s initiative to increase supply chain sustainability
  48. An organization’s initiative to raise product quality
  49. An organization’s initiative to enhance staff training and development.

Business Case Study Research Questions

  1. How does entering a new market affect a company’s overall performance?
  2. What elements made it possible for a business to successfully improve its financial performance?
  3. How were a company’s financial performance and market position affected by acquiring a rival?
  4. What aspects of a company’s choice to outsource production affected it, and what effects did this decision have?
  5. What effects did a firm’s reaction to a natural catastrophe have on its day-to-day operations and bottom line?
  6. What factors influenced a corporation to go public, and what were the results of that decisions?
  7. How did a firm’s rebranding initiative affect its standing in the market and financial results?
  8. What obstacles did a business encounter while diversifying into a new line of products and how did it conquer them?
  9. What effects did a company’s attempts to enhance customer service have on client happiness and adherence?
  10. What prompted a corporation to decide to form a joint venture, and what were the results of that choice?
  11. What effects did a company’s attempts to enhance sustainability have on its earnings and standing?
  12. What obstacles did a business experience and how did it overcome them as a result of a shift in government regulations?
  13. What effects did a firm’s response to a data leak have on its standing and bottom line?
  14. What criteria did a corporation consider before closing a business unit, and what effects did this choice have?
  15. How did a business’s attempt to enhance quality control affect the dependability of its products and customer satisfaction
  16. How did a business’s attempts to increase operational effectiveness affect its financial results?

Business Case Study Essay Examples

1. Capital Structure Decisions: Benchmark – Mini Case 6

Capital Structure Decisions: Benchmark – Mini Case 6: The purpose of this assignment is to analyze a firm’s capital structure and its impact on firm performance.

2. Cost Control Policy: Case of St. Francis Medical Centre-Richmond, VA – Sample Solution 1

Find a facility-specific policy at a health care organization (St. Francis Medical Center-Richmond, VA) THAT PROVIDES DIRECT PATIENT CARE related to cost controls. Summarize the details of the organizational policy

3. United General Hospital Case Study – Part 1: Policy Manual

The practice of effective health record management is imperative in any institution offering health services to ensure quality service delivery. All healthcare professionals know that health records are an essential tool that hospitals need to realize their missions and visions.

4. Case Study: Dealing with Risk and Uncertainty

Select a company of your choice, one that has been dealing with risk and uncertainty within the last six months, and write a 6–8-page paper in which you identify risk and identify comprehensive ways to should minimize its negative impacts and address risk while improving profitability…

5. CSR Case Study: Godrej Industries

Green Business Centre: Spearheading the Green Revolution

6. Organizational Goals Analysis: Case Study on Lockerport Medical Center

This article provides a sample Organizational Goals Analysis based on a Case Study on Lockerport Medical Center.

50+ Top Business Case Study Topics & Best Essay Examples
50+ Top Business Case Study Topics & Best Essay Examples

Related FAQs

1. What are the 3 types of case studies?

Explanatory, descriptive, and exploratory case studies fall under three areas in business research.

2. What makes a strong business case?

A strong business case will outline the issue and all viable solutions, allowing decision-makers to select the approach that will work best for the organization.

3. How do you approach a business case study?

  • Go through the provided case and/or video.
  • As you proceed, take notes.
  • Take note of everything that stands out.
  • Compile your ideas into a concise statement of your viewpoint.
  • Examine the scenario presented.
  • Consider the questions.
  • Consider the number of words required.

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