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Biostatistics is a field of applied statistics that is directed amongst the application in the branch of health, science, and biology.  Primarily, biostatistics is a word that has been framed with a combination of two words named biology and statistics.

It is also known as biometrics or biometry. Biostatistics is an application of statistics that offers numerous range of biological issues, such as public health, clinical trials, medicines, ecology, Genetics, and environmental issues.

Both inferential, as well as descriptive statistics, are utilized in the branch of biostatistics.

The role of the biostatistician is extremely crucial in dealing with the data of biology. Applying the ideal statistical methods or analysis to medical data, one can easily develop and identify accurate treatments for the disease and also the effect of such kind of treatment.

Moreover, the statistician’s responsibility is not just to identify the risk that is dependent on the result of the clinical studies.

Different kinds of statistical procedures are available to check the issues that are coming from the data being used in the field of health and biological-related issues are regression, correlation, odds ratio, logistic regression, chi-square, survival analysis, discriminant analysis, and much more.

The role of biostatisticians is very much important in dealing with biological data. By applying suitable analysis or statistical methods to the medical data, one can identify and develop appropriate treatments for disease, and also the effect of such treatment on subjects can be examined.

In addition, the biostatistician should not only identify risk factors for the disease but also should design, observe, analyze, interpret and produce a report based on the results of clinical studies.

Various statistical methods are available to address queries arising from the data related to medical or public health issues.

The most popular analysis used in the field of biological and health-related problems are Correlation, Regression, Logistic Regression, Odds Ratio, Chi-square statistic, Discriminant Analysis, Survival Analysis, and so on.

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Biostatistics Assignment Help

Following is the list of comprehensive topics in which we offer quality solutions:

Probability in Health and Medicine

  1. Medical uncertainties and probability
  2. Elementary laws of probability
  3. Bayes’ Rule
  4. Sensitivity-specificity of a medical test
  5. Positive and negative predictive value
  6. Effect of prevalence

Confidence Intervals

  1. Sampling distributions and SEs
  2. Large sample CI for one-sample mean and proportion
  3. Exact CI for proportion and median
  4. Large sample CI for differences between means and proportions
  5. The sample size for estimation

Statistical vs. Medical Significance

  1. P-value and level of significance
  2. The concept of statistical power
  3. Medical vs. statistical significance
  4. The sample size for significance and power analysis
  5. Chi-square test for simple situations

Some Statistical Tests for Quantitative Data

  1. Student’s t-test for one-sample and two-sample situations
  2. ANOVA for one-way and two-way tables
  3. Tukey test and Bonferroni procedures for multiple comparisons
  4. Test for medically significant gain and equivalence test

Introduction to Designs for Clinical Trials

  1. Control group
  2. Randomization and matching
  3. Blinding and masking
  4. One-way, two-way, and repeated measures designs
  5. Cross-over design

ROC Curves

  1. Review of sensitivity-specificity
  2. Serial and parallel tests
  3. ROC curve
  4. Predictivity-based ROC curve
  5. Clinical gains from a test

Relative Risk (RR) and Odds Ratio (OR)

  1. Definitions and applicability of RR and OR
  2. CI and test of hypothesis for RR
  3. CI and test of hypothesis for attributable risk
  4. CI and test of hypothesis for OR

Introductory Survival Analysis

  1. Censored durations and need for special methods
  2. Life table method
  3. Kaplan-Meier method

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Biostatistics Assignment Help
Biostatistics Assignment Help

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Related FAQs

1. How can I get help with my biostatistics assignment?

We provide Biostatistics Assignment help through email where a student can quickly upload his Biostatistics Homework on our website and get it done before the due date. Biostatistics Homework Help covers all homework and course work questions in Biostatistics.

2. What are the applications of Biostatistics in biology?

The most popular analysis used in the field of biological and health related problems are Correlation, Regression, Logistic Regression, Odds Ratio, Chi-square statistic, Discriminant Analysis, Survival Analysis, and so on.

3. What is Biostatistics and biometry?

Biostatistics is a branch of applied statistics directed toward applications in the field of health sciences and biology. Biostatistics is a word framed by combining the two words – Biology and Statistics. It is also referred to as biometry or biometrics.