120+ Best & Interesting Biology Research Topics

This article covers the over 120 Best Biology Research Topics in 2022 for you to choose from.

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Biology is the study of living organisms that covers their origin, anatomy, physiology, development, evolution, and behavior. A biologist could study a wide array of options, such as animal and plant cell structure, human DNA, neurobiology, stem cell treatments, immunology, hormones, and much more.

Biology is often called the science of life. From bacteria to whales, biologists study all kinds of organisms. Have you ever wondered why bees dance? Or how can chickens be the closest modern relatives to dinosaurs? The buzzing world is full of complex wonders like these. That’s why it’s so easy to find a biology research topic of your liking.

If you need to craft a biology essay, this article is for you. Here you can learn about research areas and fields in biology. Besides, you will find 120+ interesting biology topics to write about.

What Is a Good Biology Research Paper Topic?

A good biology research paper topic is one that reveals something interesting that can offer a whole new perspective on life. It should be thought-provoking, attention-grabbing, and relevant to the community.

It doesn’t matter what it’s about – humans, animals, plants, ecology, etc. – as long as it addresses something from a new perspective, makes a new discovery, shows a link between two organisms or phenomena, or potential to lead to a scientific breakthrough.

It’s all about tackling an area or topic that holds great potential and can help us understand life and living organisms better.

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How to Choose Biology Research Topics

To choose a good biology research topic, we recommend following these general tips:

  1. Avoid general topics – The key to choosing a biology research paper topic is ensuring it doesn’t have to do with something general. If your topic is too broad, you may not be able to go into detail, which is crucial for showcasing your knowledge. The sheer amount of information on a broad topic might also overwhelm both you and your reader.
  2. Avoid too narrow topics – If your focus is too narrow, you may not find enough sources to write a paper. The reader may become disinterested as well if there’s no room for overarching questions.
  3. Explore different ideas – Find several topics that interest you before sifting through recent biology research papers. That’s how you’ll get a better idea of the current trends and narrow down your focus to a single topic and idea. There are tons of scholarly articles online that are available to the public.
  4. Conduct thorough research – Just like chemistry research paper topics, for example, biology research topics must be based on hard scientific evidence. So, once you’ve picked a single idea, conduct preliminary research to see if there are enough relevant and reliable sources you could use, along with hard data, to support all your claims.
  5. Make sure your research will derive new findings – The topic you choose and how you want to go about it should add value to the scientific community. So, avoid topics that can’t add anything new to the table.

Best Popular Biology Research Topics to Pick From

Immune System Biology Research Topics

  1. How does the human body’s immune system work?
  2. What factors can strengthen the human immune system to fight disease better?
  3. What things cause the immunological system to be weakened?
  4. Auto-immune diseases and how they affect the body’s immunological system
  5. The global HIV/AIDS epidemic
  6. How to prevent the spread of hives?
  7. Living with auto-immune diseases
  8. Genetic factors that affect the immunological system
  9. How do immune disorders affect the body and what causes them?
  10. Allergies – a mild irritant, or a sign of a big immune disorder?
  11. Is DNA modification in humans in order to remove immune disorders acceptable?
  12. How does stress affect the immunological system?
  13. How do vaccines strengthen the immune response?
  14. The perception of vaccines in society
  15. Why do some people refuse vaccines and put others around them in danger?

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Cell Biology Research Topics

  1. The structure of an animal cell
  2. The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. What does it mean?
  3. Different types of cells in the body and their functions
  4. How do red blood cells transport oxygen?
  5. How do white blood cells fight diseases?
  6. How are plant cells different from animal cells?
  7. What if animals could photosynthesize just like plants?
  8. How do single-celled organisms work?
  9. What is cell division and how does it work?
  10. Bacteria and how they invade the body
  11. Viruses – alive or not?
  12. How do fungi reproduce and spread?
  13. What are cancer cells and why are they so dangerous?
  14. How do we kill cancer cells?
  15. Stem cells and their potential

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DNA Biology Research Topics

  1. The structure of the human DNA
  2. The main components of a DNA chain
  3. Why does DNA have a double-helix spiral structure?
  4. The purpose of chromosomes
  5. What is MRNA and how is it related to DNA?
  6. Do single-celled organisms have DNA?
  7. Do viruses have DNA?
  8. What happens if you have too many or too few chromosomes?
  9. Analyzing the structure of DNA using computers
  10. Uses for the DNA of extinct organisms like mammoths and dinosaurs
  11. Storing non-genetic information in DNA
  12. Can you write a computer program into human DNA?
  13. How does radiation affect DNA?
  14. Modifying DNA to treat aids
  15. Can we fight cancer through DNA modification?

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Molecular Biology Research Topics

  1. The structure and components of a gene
  2. How do molecules move in and out of a cell?
  3. The basic building blocks of life
  4. How are drugs designed for humans?
  5. How is a vaccine designed to target a specific disease?
  6. Dominant genes vs recessive genes
  7. Prion disease – why is it so dangerous?
  8. Hormones and their function in the body
  9. Developing artificial hormones from other animals
  10. How to carry out a western blot?
  11. Testing and analyzing DNA using PCR
  12. The three-dimensional structure of a molecule
  13. What is DNA transcription and how is it used?
  14. The structure of a prion
  15. What is the central dogma of molecular biology?

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Biology Research Topics
Biology Research Topics

Neurobiology Biology Research Topics

  1. An overview of the Nervous system
  2. The shape of a Neuron and how it is different from other cells
  3. What is the maximum reaction speed in a human?
  4. Is it possible to improve reaction speed?
  5. Organic Farming Neurobiology Research
  6. Alzheimer’s Disease
  7. Why do we feel happy or sad?
  8. Headaches explained by Neurobiology
  9. Neurobiological degeneration due to old age
  10. Is it possible to fix Amnesia?
  11. Causes and Consequences of Alzheimer’s Disease
  12. Therapy to fix Spinal Cord injuries
  13. Causes of Narcolepsy and Insomnia
  14. The Relationship between Mental Health and Neurobiology
  15. How are emotions formed in the brain?

Abortion, Human cloning, Genetic Biology Research Topics

  1. Is Abortion ethical? Should it be legal?
  2. Safe abortion
  3. Human cloning – reality vs science-fiction
  4. The goals of cloning humans
  5. Is human cloning and transplantation ethical?
  6. Is it ethical to have a ‘perfect child’ through gene therapy on a fetus?
  7. Should we remove undesirable traits using gene therapy on a fetus?
  8. Advantages and disadvantages of gene therapy
  9. How gene therapy can help beat cancer
  10. How gene therapy can eliminate diabetes
  11. Gene editing using CRISPR
  12. DNA modifications in humans to enhance our abilities – an ethical dilemma
  13. Will expensive gene therapy widen the gap between the rich and poor?
  14. The disadvantages of cloning

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Environmental and Ecology Biology Research Topics

  1. The theory of evolution
  2. How does natural selection work?
  3. The adaptation of living organisms to their environment
  4. Divergent and convergent evolution
  5. Building a sustainable environment
  6. Development of environment-friendly cities
  7. Controlling population growth
  8. The importance of recycling resources
  9. Plastic and the environment
  10. Deforestation and its effects
  11. The consequences of losing biodiversity
  12. Is it possible to reverse ecological damage?
  13. GMOs and their effect on ecology
  14. The ecological consequences of cloning endangered or extinct species
  15. How climate change is disrupting ecologies

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Biology Research Topics
Biology Research Topics

Plant Pathology Biology Research Topics

  1. How do plants combat diseases?
  2. The importance of disease resistance in plants
  3. How do plant diseases spread?
  4. The banana pandemic
  5. Herbicides and their effect on other plants
  6. Corn blight
  7. Can any plant diseases affect humans?
  8. Stem rust and its effects on wheat
  9. Targeting invasive plants and weeds with diseases
  10. Do fertilizers affect plant disease?
  11. Genetic components of a plant disease
  12. Are ecological changes making plant diseases worse?
  13. The impact of plant diseases on food production
  14. Fungal vs viral diseases in plants
  15. The sweet potato virus

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Animals Biology Research Topics

  1. Classification of animals
  2. The evolution of land-based life
  3. Is it ethical to keep animals as pets?
  4. The ethics of testing drugs and products on animals
  5. Nature reserves versus zoos
  6. Why did prehistoric aquatic animals grow so big?
  7. Can all animals become vegan?
  8. Social behavior in animals
  9. Primate behavior
  10. How intelligent can other primates be?
  11. How intelligent can wolves and dogs be?
  12. Domesticating animals
  13. Hibernation in animals
  14. Why animals migrate
  15. Should we bring back extinct animals?

Marine Biology Research Topics

  1. How acidification affects aquatic environments
  2. Evolution in the deep sea
  3. Camouflage mechanism in sea life
  4. Consequences of oil spills on marine life
  5. Oldest marine species
  6. How do whales communicate with each other?
  7. How blind fish navigate
  8. Are marine shows and aquariums ethical?
  9. The biology and life cycle of seabirds
  10. How jellyfish are immortal
  11. Plankton ecology
  12. Difference between freshwater and seawater marine life
  13. Coral reefs – why are they important and how are they formed?
  14. Saving and restoring coral reefs
  15. Life in the deep-sea ocean trenches

Related FAQs

1. What are 5 topics of biology?

Biology is a branch of science that deals with living organisms and their vital processes. Biology encompasses diverse fields, including botany, conservation, ecology, evolution, genetics, marine biology, medicine, microbiology, molecular biology, physiology, and zoology.

2. How do you start a biology research topic?

7 Tips for Choosing an Interesting Biology Research Topic

  1. Biology research topics often cover a wide array of subjects. …
  2. Narrow Down the Subject. …
  3. Go Through the Current Research Papers. …
  4. Brainstorm a Single Area. …
  5. Conduct a Preliminary Research. …
  6. Make a list of Keywords. …
  7. Check its Uniqueness. …
  8. Refer Relevant Examples.

3. What is the easiest topic in biology?

Easy Biology Topics to Research

  • Animal behavior caused by ecological factors.
  • The role of the environment in human behavior.
  • The threat of global warming.
  • The mechanism of resistance in animals.
  • The reason for environmental changes.
  • Fast food factory danger activity and outcomes.
  • Animal behavior caused by evolutionary factors.

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