30 Counter Argument Examples


There are alternative or contrasting positions to any argument or viewpoint. These conflicting viewpoints are referred to as counterarguments. 

A counter argument entails accepting viewpoints that contradict your own and reaffirming your position. This is usually accomplished by stating the opposing side’s argument before proposing yours as the most logical option. The counterargument is a common academic manoeuvre in argumentative essays since it demonstrates to the reader that you can understand and respect many sides of an argument.

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Importance of Counter Arguments

When writing an argumentative paper, including a counterargument paragraph informs your reader that you are aware of and comprehend various points of view, that you have considered them, and that you are prepared to react to them. This offers you credibility and can help you build your own case.

In the context of an argument, a counterargument is when you make a strong case for why someone else’s point of view is wrong. The most important thing to remember while making a counterargument is that it should never be unpleasant or insulting.

The goal of an argument should be to persuade individuals to change their minds, and this will only happen if they come across a compelling and well-supported counter argument.

Counter Arguments Examples

  1. Don’t be so self-centred!

“I understand that you don’t want other people to join us, but why don’t you let them tag along?” “After all, there’s always room for more!” – Example

“No, I’m hardly going to be able to handle the kids who are already coming, so no more today,” –  Counter argument.

2. Consider the children!

“I know you don’t want to help your children with their homework, but why don’t you do it anyway?” It would be best if you led by example for them. – Example.

“Yes, I know, but I have so much more going on right now. Later”- Counter argument.

3. You’re making the proper decision!

“I understand you don’t want to accept this raise in pay, but why don’t you take it anyway?” You’ve earned it!”- Example.

“No, I’m not really comfortable with being paid so much for doing nothing,” – the counterargument.

4. Your pals will be disappointed!

“I know you don’t want to help with the move tonight, but why don’t you come along?” We’re going to have a great time!” – Example.

“Yes, I know, but I have other plans for tonight.”- Counter argument.

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5. Don’t be so self-centred!

“I know you don’t want to take up a shift at work, but why don’t you do it anyway?” They are in desperate need of assistance!” – Example.

“Yes, I know, but I’m just too exhausted to do anything else.”-Counter argument.

6. You’ll come to regret it afterwards!

“I know you don’t want to go on a date with your ex, but why don’t you give it a shot? What could possibly go wrong?”- Example.

“No, I’m not interested in doing that,” – Counter argument.

7. If you don’t take advantage of the opportunity now, it will vanish forever!

“Why don’t you go to that party? It would be a pity to lose out on all of the excitement!” – Example.

“It may sound like a lot of fun, but I’m just not feeling it tonight,” –Counter argument.

8. You don’t want to disappoint anyone!

“I realize you’re under a lot of stress right now, but why don’t you go visit the doctor anyway?” – Example.

“Yes, I know, but I’ve been feeling much better recently, so I think I can simply put up with it for a little longer.” – Counter argument.

9. It would be beneficial to your long-term career!

“I know you don’t want to work on Saturdays, but why don’t you take the shift? You’ll get a bonus for working overtime!” – Example.

“Yes, I know, but I really despise working on weekends.” – Counter argument.

10. You’re not going to be controlled by your anxieties!

“I know you’re scared about getting in trouble with your landlord, but why don’t you just fix that broken window right now?” – Example.

“Yes, I know, but I’m terrified of messing it up!” It’s something I’d instead do later.” – Counter argument

11.You’re not a terrific role model for your peers.

“Why don’t you volunteer at the soup kitchen? It would be beneficial preparation for when you enter the field of physiotherapy.” –  Example.

“I know, but I’m not sure if it’s right for me.” – Counter argument.

12. You had an opportunity to shine, but you squandered it!

“I know you didn’t get the job, but why don’t you try again?”   – Example.

“They definitely did not want to offer me the post because I’m just not qualified enough for it,” – Counter argument.

13. There is nothing you can do about climate change.

“How about cycling to work? It’s a lot more environmentally friendly!” – Example.

“Yes, I know, but I can’t afford it right now. Furthermore, more people should take advantage of public transportation.”- Counter argument.

14. You don’t want your reputation to suffer as a result of this

“I know you’re not interested in acting, but why don’t you come down to audition for the play?”- Example

“It’s not my style, but thanks anyway!” – Counter argument.

15. Don’t hind behind the crowd.

 “You should really come to this party tonight, all of our friends will be there, and you can catch up with everyone.” – Example:

 “I know, but I’m not sure if I feel like going out tonight.” – Counter argument.

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16. Don’t use the same excuse over and over again.

 “Why are you late to work all of the time? I really wish that you would take this seriously.” -Example

“I know, but there is always going to be traffic at 8 am, it’s not like I can help that!” – Counter argument.

17. Don’t let others decide your life for you.

“I know that you want to start travelling the world, but don’t you think it’s a little risky right now?” – Example.

 “Yes, it is something that I have been thinking about for a while, and I’m sure that this will be the right time for me to go!”- Counter argument.

18. Don’t settle for less.

 “I don’t know why you are so upset about this break-up. She wasn’t the one for you anyway.” – Example.

 “But I loved her, and it just takes time to get over something like that.”- Counter argument.

19. Don’t settle for second best.

 “You know that you are a great waitress, but I’m not sure if this is the right place for you anymore.” – Example.

 “I know, but I have spent so much time here now. It’s a struggle to find a good job right now!”-  Counter argument.

20. Don’t rush into things.

“I know that you are excited about going abroad, but don’t you think that it’s a little risky at this point?” – Example.

 “I know, and I’ve thought about it for a while now. I’m sure that this is the right time to go!” – Counter argument.

21. Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

 “Why didn’t you book your holiday in October as I asked? You could be away by now.” – Example.

 “I know, but the closer it gets to Christmas, the more expensive everything gets. I’ll save a lot of money this way.” – Counter argument.

22. Don’t forget to think about your family.

 “Why do you need to go backpacking for three months? You should stay here and take care of your mother.” – Example.

 “I know, but I want to enjoy my life while I’m still young. This is the perfect opportunity for me.”- Counter argument.

23. Don’t quit when you are down.

 “I know that this is hard for you, but don’t you think that it’s time to move on?”- Example.

 “It’s not easy, and I realize that but if I just keep going, then I will be a lot better off in the long term.” – Counter argument.

24. Don’t be rash when it comes to important decisions.

 “Why don’t you take a few days off? You’ve been working so hard that I’m sure you need to rest.” – Example.

“I know, but this project has been going on for too long, and I really want to get it finished.” – Counter argument.

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25. Don’t throw away your chance because of fear.

 “Why don’t you go out and meet new people? You’ve always said that it was something that you wanted to do more of!” – Example.

 “Yes, I know, but meeting so many people at once takes some getting used to.” – Counter argument.

26. You want to get attention.

“Why don’t you come out and show your support?” – Example.

 “Well, why does it matter so much? I’m not going to be the main speaker.”- Counter argument.

27. You’ll regret this decision later on in life.

“Why don’t you apply for that job in London? You would be so much better off there.” – Example

 “Yes, I know, but I really want to buy a house here and have my family around me.” – Counter argument.

28. You’ll never find anything as good as this.

 “I know that you wanted to go for an MBA abroad, but don’t you think that it’s risky?” – Example.

 “Yes, I know, but the experience that I would get here is not going to be as good.”- Counter argument.

29. You’ll feel stupid later on if you don’t ask now.

“Why don’t you go out tonight? I’m sure there are plenty of people who are going to be happy to see you!” – Example.

 “Well, I’m just not sure if I can spend so much time out in the evening.”- Counter argument.

30Health comes first

“Why don’t you stop smoking and drinking? I’m sure that it would do your health a world of good!” – Example.

“I know, but I’ve tried to quit so many times now. One more day won’t make a difference.”- Counter argument.