Essay on Dorothea Lange

Dorothea Margaretta Nutzhorn was an American documentary photographer and photojournalist whose traumatic experiences taught her much about the world in addition to making her stronger and more motivated in her life. An Essay on Dorothea Lange discuss her early life, career, works, and legacy.

Before writing essays on Dorothea Lange, you should read other essays on influential women such as Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, and Amelia Earhart to get ideas on how to present the life of a famous personality. In addition, you should consult reliable sources on Dorothea Lange as well as read examples of essays on Dorothea Lange to learn more about her life and works.,An overview of the early life and experiences of Dorothea can serve as a good introduction for essays on Dorothea Lange. She didn’t have such a fortunate life and it will be interesting to explain the reason why she changed her last name to Lange in essays on Dorothea Lange. Her father’s abandonment of their family when she was 12 years old made her decide to use her mother’s maiden name.

The Essay on Dorothea Lange should then discuss the education and training she underwent to become a photographer. The motivation that Lange had to make a career in photojournalism as well the subjects that interested her such as the Great Depression, poverty, and exploitation should then be discussed in essays on Dorothea Lange.

Essays on nation-building, examine the situations that newly independent nations like Africa undergo in developing their own identity through nation-building.Lastly, the essay on Dorothea Lange should list her famous works like Migrant Mother, The White Angel Breadline, Japanese Boy Awaiting Evacuation among others. Lastly, essays on Dorothea Lange should discuss her legacy which is the inspiration of her works.


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