Does the sample reflect the population as identified in the problem or purpose statement?

Continuing your research for reliable evidence to support your research proposal, visit online library and identify a research study that uses a quantitative methodology (must be from a nursing scholarly journal and no older than 5 years).

Share your reference using APA style and respond to the following:


How was the sample selected?
What type of sampling method is used? Is it appropriate to the design?
Does the sample reflect the population as identified in the problem or purpose statement?
Is the sample size appropriate? Why or why not?
To what population may the findings be generalized? What are the limitations in generalizability?

Research design

What type of design is used?
Does the design seem to flow from the proposed research problem, theoretical framework, literature review, and hypothesis?

Analysis of data

What level of measurement is used to measure each of the major variables?
What descriptive or inferential statistics are reported?
Were these descriptive or inferential statistics appropriate to the level of measurement for each variable?
Are the inferential statistics used appropriate to the intent of the hypotheses?
Does the author report the level of significance set for the study? If so, what is it?

The Link Between Professions and Cultures
The purpose of this exercise is to explore the relationship between culture and profession as it plays out in display rules for emotions. What professions in our culture are both desirable and reflective our dominant culture s display rules? Are these professions the same in other cultures? What happens when someone from a minority culture enters one of these professions?

Which professions, if any, have display rules that contradict our dominant cultures display rules? How are these professions valued? What types of people are considered to practice these professions? What happens if a member of the nondominant culture tries to enter these professions? What do you think might be the potential for misunderstanding when people in the helping professionals work with diverse clients who have varying display rules? Discuss.

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