Does the claim provide inductive support for the arguments conclusion?

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Please include these info.
(1) background on the issue ( two side)
(2) breakdown the argument and the source
*Credibility of sources
*Presence of fallacies and rhetoric
*You must name conclusion and premise precisely
(4) is the claim you chose to evaluate a premise in the arguments? What is it exactly ? How did you evaluate it ?
(5) who are some of the people and sources making this claim ?
(6) what are the interested parties for this claim?
(7) references should include websites book or magazine
Research paper
Essay content guidelines:
1) The issue: what is the question at hand? What is the history and significance of the debate?
2) The source and the argument: who offered this argument? What was he/she responding to? What was the ultimate conclusion of the argument? The major premises?
3) The claim: which specific claim (as offered in the argument) do you wish to evaluate? This must be quoted in boldface in the text of your essay.
4) Evaluation of credibility: to what extent
a) Is the content of the claim consistent with personal observation and background knowledge?
b) Does the source possess relevant experience and education (expertise)?
c) Is the content of the claim supported or refuted by other expert sources?
d) Does the claim provide inductive support for the arguments conclusion?
e) Does the source rely on rhetorical devices and logical fallacies to sway the audience?
5) Significance: how have our research and reflection changed your relationship to the issue the argument and the source? What are the broader implications for you as a critical thinker?

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