Distinguish between the origins of natural and manmade disasters

Course major: Public Policy Public Administration
Course Title: Emergency Planning and Preparedness
This course is designed to examine: 1) the nature of hazards 2) human behavior in disasters; 3) various warning systems 4) the principles of effectively planning and preparing for disasters 5) protective action strategies and 6) response management practices.
Students in this course will develop a thorough understanding of emergency planning and preparedness such that they will be able to:
? Distinguish between the origins of natural and manmade disasters;
? Evaluate factors of disaster risk and vulnerability;
? Identify the seminal phases of emergency management;
? Understand the societal and policy context of hazards;
? Evaluate continuity of operations;
? Simulate a collaborative pre-disaster emergency operations plan; and
? Predict relevant trends of emergency management to maximize proactivity of the field.
Midterm- Examination Assignment
Midterm Examination assignment Students will complete a 41-question midterm examination.
Question types consist of 10 multiple-choice 5 true and false 15 matching 10 short answer and 1 brief essay question.
This is an open note/ open book assignment chapters 1-10: The questions for this assignment derive directly from the course materials- book chapters articles and the two documentary videos. Therefore you should be able to completely answer all of the questions in the assignment correctly. Note: when you provide a response for the short answer questions and especially the essay question make sure that you are providing a well thought and elaborated response and not just a quick answer. This is very important.***
Instructions for this order: For this order you are to complete the attached examination assignment as indicated above. The assignment will not be available before November 10 2015. However you must be prepared to answer all of the questions for the assignment when the assignment is uploaded on November 10 2015. It is important that you review all of the attached course materials ahead of time so that you are familiar with the content and able to complete the order accordingly. If you become familiar with the course content The assignment takes about 2-3 hrs to complete
I will be attaching all of the course materials necessary to complete the assignment. Each question of the assignment must be answered correctly and the essay question must be elaborated in a way that it fully responds the question. Also your response should be coherent and not have any grammatical errors. **This is important.
The assignment is based on the book chapters 1-10 and a couple of articles which I will be attaching to this order. Also there are chapter presentations which are a summary of the book chapters. These will also be attached to the order. Note: Keep in mind that the questions could derive from either the book or the presentations.
In addition some of the questions may come directly from the following documentaries. Make sure you watch these ahead of time;
Watch the DHS-based Emergency Preparedness Kit video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4i9cOqTODo
Note what is included in the kit and what essential items may be missing from it. Keep in mind whether or not you would you be able to survive off of the content materials included.
When completed watch the Preparedness Now documentary at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_IWJx-mOw0.
Be prepared to answer questions on the midterm examination from both of these.
1) Course book chapters (Attached) ch.1-10
2) Course articles (attached) 4 articles
3) Power point presentations (Attached) ch.1-10
4) Documentary videos 2- follow the links

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