discussion question 713

Whether you are a Boomer, a Gen Xer, a Millennial, or even a member of the Silent generation, we are all aware of, and have become increasingly dependent upon, technology. After you read the article “Well-Prepared in Their Own Eyes” in the introduction and in the content of lesson 2, discuss the following questions:

  1. According to the readings and the article, why is it that students are not well prepared in the areas of written and oral communication, critical thinking skills, and creativity?

  2. How does an increasing dependence on technology attribute to these issues?

  3. What might be the long-term consequences of inadequate communication skills, critical thinking skills, and creativity? 

  4. Are you concerned that our dependence on technology could result in a lack of human connection or empathy? Explain your position. 

  5. Share your responses in a 8-9 sentence paragraph per question.
  6. (if further research needs to be done to fully answer the question, please do so

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