discussion 1125

Okay… here are the instructors directions:

  1. Identify three items that comprise your material culture. Try to identify items that represent you as a person or some aspect of your culture.
  2. Using your smart phone or digital camera take a picture of each item. You will take three separate pictures, one per item.
  3. Download the photos to your computer and name each picture using the following pattern: Lesson3Discussion_nameofitem_Lastname. For example, Lesson3Discussion_metallicaconcertticket_Johnson.
  4. Upload each photo to your discussion post
  5. Describe each item and explain the meaning(s) you place on each item
  6. Identify and share how each item represents a piece of your culture.
  7. Share your response in a 8-9 sentence paragraph per item.

I have already chosen my three items, I’m going to give you a little personal background information behind each so you know what basis to write on.

1. Grips ( Gymnastics ) Grips are a cloth made hand material that protects your hand while also giving you better grip when competing in gymnastics on bars. The bars are my personal favorite element. Gymnastics has been apart of my life since I was 4, this material object represents my years of dedication. As for tying it in with my culture, It has really effected my behavior, gymnastics takes a lot of structure. The whole sport itself is basically reaching for perfection on each element. Perfect score of 10.

2. French Bread and Dipping Oil- This has been apart of my families culture as long as I can remember. Every family event or holiday this was always present and always a favorite of the whole family. In our family we call it “Jackie Bread” , this is because my moms grandmother, Jackie, was the one who began to make it a tradition in our family.

3. Bible- I grew up in a very strong Christian based family, even after my parents divorced we still remained to a church family and still remained attending. God will always be apart of me and christianity has always been apart of my culture.

Im honestly having a hard time making it sound proffesional, Only has to be 8 sentences, will appreciate any help.

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