Discuss your philosophy and process.

Your Module 4 assignment will have two parts:

1. Discuss your stock performance for your portfolio and how you allocated your cash within each position within the constraints above. Discuss your philosophy and process. Eg did you pick stocks based on your personal interest in their products or services.

2. Please focus on one stock (Apple Inc.) to write your final journal for Module 4:

a. How did this stock perform during the term? How does it compare to your total portfolio and the S&P 500?

b. Discuss some reasons the stock performed the way it did using research from sources provided in beginning of term. Find research done by analysts covering the stock. Eg Seeking alpha.

c. What are the key things you learned from your Stock Market Game experience?

d. How will your experience influence your personal investing in the future?

e. What sources did you use to help you in your experience?

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